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Las novedades de Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr. Una vez con la descarga de Ubuntu 14.04 LTS y cía en marcha, es buen momento para comentar las novedades que trae esta nueva versión en todos sus sabores, o en los más importantes al menos, léase Ubunt, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu y Ubuntu GNOME.

Las novedades de Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr

En el apartado de generalidades nos encontramos con el kernel Linux 3.13, Xorg 1.15 y Mesa 10.1.0, además de Firefox 28 y LibreOffice 4.2 como navegador web y suite ofimática por defecto, por citar dos de los pesos pesados de GNU/Linux. Nada sorprendente, aunque los cambios bajo el capó son numerosos. Lo más interesante, sin embargo, son las novedades que presenta cada una de las ediciones de Trusty Tahr, comenzando por la propia Ubuntu, la más llamativa en cuanto a novedades, valga la redundancia… Ubuntu 14.04 Y aquí aparece la primera nueva característica de utilidad: menús integrados en el borde superior de la ventana. Kubuntu 14.04 ¿Qué hay de nuevo en Kubuntu 14.04? Xubuntu 14.04 No es lo único, por supuesto. Lubuntu 14.04 Ubuntu GNOME 14.04. ¿Un Mountain ideal para Ubuntu 14.04? Things to do after installing Ubuntu 15.04. The latest edition of Ubuntu, version 15.04, was released last week.

Things to do after installing Ubuntu 15.04

It’s a great upgrade, though it still doesn’t showcase all the goodies Canonical has been developing, such as Mir and Unity 8. Just like any other operating system (sans Windows or Mac OS X), Ubuntu comes with a decent stack of applications pre-installed. They have done a great job at pre-installing applications such as Thunderbird, Firefox and LibreOffice. These are the best of the breed open source applications which are quite popular even on Windows and Mac OS X. However, defaults are not for everyone. These are not mandatory. Kubuntu 15.04 With Plasma 5.3 - A Totally Different Kubuntu.

The latest version of Kubuntu, 15.04, aka Vivid Vervet was released last week and it's available for free download.

Kubuntu 15.04 With Plasma 5.3 - A Totally Different Kubuntu

With this release it has become the first major distro to ship Plasma 5 as the default desktop environment. There are chances that some users may still have bad memories of Kubuntu. It's true. Install Easy Hosting Control Panel (EHCP) In Ubuntu. About Easy Hosting Control Panel Easy Hosting Control Panel, also known as EHCP, is an open-source and powerful hosting control panel that lets you to host any websites, create email accounts, create additional (sub) domains, and create FTP accounts and many more via a web browser.

Install Easy Hosting Control Panel (EHCP) In Ubuntu

It is only the first hosting control panel that provide the built-in support for nginx with PHP-FPM. Prominent features EHCP has many unique features compared to other control panels. Here is the list of general Features of EHCP: Starting with Vagrant on Ubuntu 14.10 - A Beginner's Guide. This tutorial will cover the installation of Vagrant on Ubuntu 14.10, explain the basics of this great virtualisation tool and will guide you trough the creation of your first Vagrant instance.

Starting with Vagrant on Ubuntu 14.10 - A Beginner's Guide

Why do you need Vagrant? To start with, I am sure this must be first question in every beginner's mind, that Why do I need it? To answer this, Vagrant is a piece of software through which you can create and configure virtual development environments. It is an highly efficient tool for managing virtual machines via CLI. Transferring Files And Folders Over Network In Ubuntu. Transferring files and folders over network is becoming so easy nowadays.

Transferring Files And Folders Over Network In Ubuntu

We already have featured an awesome, cross platform file transfer tool called “Dukto”. Today, we would like to share two more tools that will help you to share files and folders over network. ¿Cómo configurar Virtual Host de Apache en Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? Ubuntu 15.04 review, from a Plasma user's point of view. Ubuntu 15.04 is finally here.

Ubuntu 15.04 review, from a Plasma user's point of view

I am a known KDE Plasma user so my reader may assume that I don’t run Ubuntu (with Unity) on my desktops. Which is not true. I love technology so I use almost every possible technology, which I can afford or use (including Mac OS X and iOS). Vivaldi Web Browser Makes It Easier to Multi-Task Online. The team behind the Vivaldi web browser have made a new development snapshot available for download.

Vivaldi Web Browser Makes It Easier to Multi-Task Online

Vivialdi features a number of “nice improvements and bug fixes“, including better extensions support and a new look progress animation. But it is a brand new feature called ‘Web Panels’ that has us excited. Web Panels – like window snapping for websites Let’s imagine you want to keep an eye on two websites at the same time. To do this in Google Chrome or Firefox without resorting to extensions you would (assuming you’re like me) open one of the sites in a new browser window and position this on the screen, in view, next to the other one.

Not elegant but it works. ▶ Linux to the rescue! How Ubuntu can help a computer in distress. This may sound like sacrilege, but it's not: Ubuntu Linux can be useful even if you’re a hardcore Windows user.

▶ Linux to the rescue! How Ubuntu can help a computer in distress

That's because there’s no way to boot a full Windows system from a USB stick to troubleshoot your PC—well, not without an Enterprise version of Windows and Windows To Go—but anyone can make a free Ubuntu USB drive, CD, or DVD. A Ubuntu live drive can be used as a digital Swiss army knife to troubleshoot all sorts of problems with any PC, whether you need to recover files from a failing computer, diagnose hardware problems, perform a deep virus scan from outside Windows, or even reset a forgotten Windows password. We’ll be getting our hands dirty with some Linux terminal commands here, but don’t worry—the Linux terminal won’t bite. Is Ubuntu moving away from .deb packages? Here is the complete story. Canonical loves to shake things up.

Is Ubuntu moving away from .deb packages? Here is the complete story

After introducing Unity, HUD, Mir, Click and Snappy the sponsor of Ubuntu is now contemplating moving away from just .deb based desktop and adopting its own Snappy. Will Cooke, Ubuntu Desktop Engineering Manager, posted on Google+ "Our plan for 15.10 (which is still being finalised, and will be discussed in more depth at UOS in a couple of weeks) is to have a build based on Snappy Personal and so the current .deb based Desktop Next image will be going away and will be replaced with the new Snappy version. " 8 Helpful GNOME Shell Extensions For Linux Users. If you are looking for switching Windows, launching applications and check your notifications, then GNOME Shell is the solution for you. It is powered by some useful modern graphics hardware and its interface is highly user-friendly. There are several extensions which make the job of GNOME Shell easier.

Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides. ¿Qué permisos debe tener mis sitio web archivos o carpetas en un servidor Linux? - Cuando se decide qué permisos para usar, necesitas saber exactamente quiénes son los usuarios y lo que necesitan. Basic Linux Commands Examples - Linux Tutorial. The Top 11 Best Linux Distros for 2015. Elementary OS is the most beautiful Linux-based distro. Linux is omnipresent, even if you don't realize it. I have been using Linux as my only OS since 2005 and with every passing year I come to realize that it has much more to offer than I initially, back in 2005, understood. There is something for everyone. In this article, I have picked some of the best Linux distros to help you get the job done.

Distribution Upgrade or Fresh Installation? Linux Storage Stack Diagram, diagrama de planificación IO en Linux. La planificación de entrada/salida, mejor conocida como IO scheduling, es el método con el que un sistema operativo organiza las peticiones de lectura/escritura en disco. Es, asimismo, un dato interesante para revisar de vez en cuando, dado que puede servir de indicativo del rendimiento en aspectos muy concretos.

How to Manage Printers in Linux. Linux often gets a bad rap when it comes to certain peripherals. Printers are no exception. As someone who worked as a remote engineer for a large managed service provider, I can happily confirm that printing, as a whole, is a horrible system. In the Windows environment, printing breaks often – and although Windows might enjoy a larger, more mainstream, selection of drivers, it doesn't have nearly the level of administration tools as does Linux. Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribution. How To Make Your Linux Server More Secure. I run a couple of Linux servers; one at home as a file server and three live servers for my site, my mail, and my cloud storage, respectively.

Although I don't worry about the home server because it doesn't talk to the external world, the other three servers need to be maintained, all the time. Those who are new to Linux and want to run their own servers must keep a few points in mind...which is the focus of this article. New and amazing features of Linux. The Linux operating system has been around since the beginning of the first computers and the first operating systems. Since its first formation in the form of a small operating system running on the command line interface it has been constantly evolving into a much more powerful and robust operating system capable of sustaining heavy workload and performing multiple tasks at once.

Different companies and programmer groups have developed and borrowed the base Linux kernel and have developed their own versions of Linux distros with thousands of additional capabilities for their intended users. Now you can also play your favorite games on most of the Linux distros available in the market. Teoría de las particiones y la disposición de tus particiones Linux. Limpieza de archivos temporales y del sistema en Linux. Posted by P-Joe on Domingo, septiembre 11, 2011 · 0 Comments Una de las cosas más importantes de Linux, es que el Sistema Operativo ocupa bien poco, pero ese tamaño va creciendo con el tiempo por ejemplo con los archivos temporales guardados en /temp, la cantidad de logs que guarda el sistema en paquetes comprimidos, los historiales y cookies y demás de los navegadores, los paquetes no instalados y que en cambio si que fueron descargados, etcétera.

How to Install, Remove, and Manage Fonts on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Whether you want to use a new font in a Word or just change your operating system’s system font to give it a different look, you’ll first have to install the font on your operating system. The installation process makes the font available to all programs on your operating system. Most applications don’t allow you to simply load a font file and use it — they provide a list of installed fonts for you to choose from. Warning: Too Many Fonts Can Slow Down Your Computer Having too many fonts installed can slow down your computer. Don’t go out of your way to install a large number of fonts for no particular reason — install only fonts you actually want to use.

This slow-down happens with all operating systems — Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Windows To install a font on Windows, download it in OpenType (.otf), PostScript Type 1 (.pfb + .pfm), TrueType (.ttf), or TrueType Collection (.ttc) format. Evitar que WordPress haga miniaturas de las imágenes al subirlas - Linux Hispano.

Installing Fresh WordPress on Nginx Server (Minimal Configuration) The Power User's Guide to Better Virtual Machines in VirtualBox. Downloads. A Simple Way to Become Familiar with Oracle VM VirtualBox (OTN Garage) Linux Veda. Linux Voice. Hacking With Kali Linux. DevOps: An Introduction. News Archives. 25 Best Linux Apps. ¿Malas prácticas de seguridad en Linux Mint? Linux Kernel Security (SELinux vs AppArmor vs Grsecurity) 50 Most Frequently Used UNIX / Linux Commands (With Examples)

Linux file system hierarchy v1.0 - blackMORE Ops. The Linux File System - Explained. Directorios públicos (public_html) en GNU/Linux CentOS 5. Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel. Linux Command: List All Users In The System. Behind the App: The Story of Kali Linux. 4 Free Shell Scripting eBooks for Linux Newbies and Administrators. Linux Disk Space: How to Visualize Your Usage. 7 Neat Linux Tricks That Newbies Need to Know. How to Run Your Own Git Server. 10 Essential Skills for Novice, Junior and Senior SysAdmins.

A collection of useful Linux commands for cleaning malware from WordPress sites. Top de los mejores juegos para Linux - Proyecto pingüino. 7 Command Line Tools for Browsing Websites and Downloading Files in Linux. How to Use KDE Plasma Desktop Like a Pro. Sync: New Linux Build Available. Getting The Most Out Of Linux Mint With These Cool Tips And Tricks. Geeqie: ligero visor de imágenes para Linux. How to Record Your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS Screen. How to Boot Linux ISO Images Directly From Your Hard Drive. How to run SQL queries against Apache log files on Linux. As Public Cloud OS Instances Grow, So Do Security Admin Challenges. Why You Really Want a Linux Virtual Server Instead of a Private Server.

The Very Best Linux Desktop Environment For Programming: The Secrets Of The Pros. Using PuTTY and Xming to get a linux GUI to a Microsoft Desktop. How to manage remote MySQL databases on Linux VPS using a GUI tool. Aptly - A Debian Repository Management Tool. The Quickest Way To Install Windows Software: From The Command Prompt. How To Install WordPress Locally With Vagrant. The Anatomy of a WordPress Install. The Anatomy of a WordPress Install. Cómo migrar Wordpress de servidor. Migrar WordPress a otro servidor. Poniendo Git en un Servidor. Configuraciones del servidor.