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BitTorrent Live. Labs. BitTorrent Bundle. Deluge BitTorrent Client. The Official BitTorrent Blog. TurboBT - BitTorrent Download Client. Future Folk X BitTorrent Bundle. Visitors from space discover music, save the world. Future Folk feels like the last dive bar band: bluegrass, unserious, and in-between-worlds. They’re also from space, which explains the outfits. If you’ve never heard of alien-roots music before, The History of Future Folk breaks it down. The acclaimed micro-budget indie film directed by J. Anderson Mitchell and Jeremy Kipp Walker tells the story of two dudes from planet Hondo who fall from space, discover bluegrass, and save the world.

General Trius (Nils d’Aulaire) is sent down to earth as an assassin. In a film full of weird and poignant moments, maybe there’s none more than this: the totally alien feeling of hearing music for the first time. As a thank you to all the fans who made this DIY project possible, Future Folk is releasing the Future Folk Vol.1 album, art, and live videos (including an exclusive live performance of “Space Worms”) as a BitTorrent Bundle. Future Folk X BitTorrent Bundle Instant Download Unlocked Download. The Deleted City: BitTorrent As Archives.

Sync Hits 2 Million User Mark. 2013 will be remembered as 1984: the year we woke up to the reality of server farms and stacks. Our personal information is now property of a few corporations; subject to dragnet data collection by our own government. Today, we rely on centralized cloud services. We don’t have to. Decentralized technologies can change the way the Internet works, for good: hardcoding privacy, security, and speed into data exchanges. Turns out, many of you agree. In November, we introduced Sync 1.2: an updated version of our server-less file syncing tool. Today, Sync is moving over 20 gigabytes per person. This is how Sync works. Take Sync for a test drive, and let us know what you think. About Sync and Privacy Sync was built for secure sharing. This is the only information we collect, and we left it open intentionally: so that people could see the data we’re collecting. Sync Hacks: secure messaging with BitTorrent Sync.

In Sync Hacks, we spotlight cool uses of Sync from the creative minds of our users. Sync is our free, unlimited, and secure file-syncing application. If you have an interesting use or how-to, shoot us an email at sync[at] Can’t wait to hear what you guys cook up. In this week’s Sync Hacks, Alec Perkins shows us how he used BitTorrent Sync as a secure, distributed messaging system. Adapted from his original post here, you can read the entire how-to. Missive is a plaintext protocol for using BitTorrent Sync as a secure, distributed messaging system. The Missive tool is a viewer and editor for convenience, and all that’s needed is to put text files in folders and exchange read-only keys.

This is a basic proof-of-concept of BitTorrent Sync-powered, distributed, secure messaging. Mechanism Each contact — message channel — gets a folder that contains an inbox folder and an outbox folder. One-to-one messaging One-to-many messaging Security The messages are as secure as BT Sync is. BitTorrent Sync Windows Client Config ← Tribler un cliente BitTorrent totalmente descentralizado. Ha nacido una nueva versión de Tribler que ha sido publicada hoy mismo. Vale diréis que es otro cliente de BitTorrent más, pero siento llevaros la contraria. Tribler es el primer cliente de BitTorrent totalmente descentralizado, esto es que no requiere de servidores ni de trackers para realizar las descargas. BitTorrent es una gran tecnología para compartir archivos de forma rápida y eficiente, pero como todas las otras tecnologías P2P tiene un talón de Aquiles.

El proceso de descarga se basa en parte en el acceso a servidores centrales que pueden no funcionar, estar desactivados, ser privados, utilizarlos para transmitir virus o incluso espiar a quienes se descargan los ficheros. Aunque BitTorrent es considerado una tecnología Peer to Peer la realidad es que en gran medida seguía dependiendo de estos servidores para su descarga, ademas de necesitar motores de búsqueda como podía ser The pirate Bay o IsoHunt que eran necesarios para poder encontrar el fichero y comenzar su descarga. BitTorrent for Beginners: Protecting Your Privacy. Photo by Benjamin Gustafsson Anytime you’re making connections to anything outside of your network, security should be a concern, and this is doubly true for users of BitTorrent, who are getting data from all sorts of unknown sources.

Here’s how to protect yourself. Note: This is the third part in our series explaining BitTorrent—be sure and read the first part of the series, where we explained what BitTorrent is and how it works, and then the second part, where we explained how to create your own torrents. Security Threats It’s important to understand what types of threats are out there in order to effectively block them, so let’s take a look. Viruses and other forms of malware are the most basic of threats. Photo by fitbloggersguide On the more serious side, it shouldn’t be any surprise that your IP address is very easy to trace. Encryption One way to help alleviate these problems is to enable encryption for your connections. This is not a perfect solution, however. IP Blockers. Behind the Scenes: The Making of BitTorrent Sync. BitTorrent Sync is a simple way to sync files across your devices; free from the speed, security, and size limits that come standard with traditional cloud-based solutions.

Today, people around the world have synced over 8 petabytes of data using the app. But not so long ago, it was just an idea we were kicking around. Here’s how Sync went from whiteboard to real world, in a little under a year. Sync started with a common problem… Like most families, my parents and I are constantly sending each other updates. Usually, these took the form of large photos and videos. I noticed that my family was the rule, and not the exception. I had friend who’d recently had a kid. So we got together and talked about our pain points. …that the Internet had yet to solve. When we figured out what we wanted to do, we were shocked to learn no product existed. Our work began with a Palooza hack. For a few days each quarter, all of BitTorrent stops work on regular projects, and starts in on the fun stuff. 1. 2. BitTorrent Premieres New Live Streaming Platform.

After years of development BitTorrent has now released its live streaming service to the public. BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen is one of the main developers of the new protocol which he expects to revolutionize online streaming. BitTorrent Inc. sees its BitTorrent Live product as the ultimate tool for creators to reach an audience of millions with minimal bandwidth costs. In 2001 BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen unleashed a small revolution by creating the first widely adopted technology that made it possible to download large videos online in a timely fashion. A decade later and downloading almost seems like an ancient technology. In 2005 video streaming was brought to the mainstream thanks to YouTube, and not much later it became possible to stream content live over the Internet. The downside of live streaming is that the more people use it, the most costly it gets and the harder it is to guarantee smooth playback for all viewers.

“It’s based on the principles of the BitTorrent protocol. Sync Announces Support for Network Attached Storage (NAS) I love NAS devices, as long as they’re simple, automated, responsive and require little to no maintenance. At my previous company, I worked with a great team of people and built a NAS device that met all these attributes; its value came from its ability to store and serve up lots of data on a local network, while providing a safeguard for disk drive failure.

But, what NAS does not naturally provide is a means to easily move data to another device, inside or outside the environment that it lives in. The alternative is to put your data in the cloud, but then you sacrifice capacity, performance and affordability. Most of all, you sacrifice the privacy of your data. BitTorrent Sync already offers the safest and most efficient way to sync data between devices.

NetGear is our first partner to launch a native BitTorrent Sync app, which can be accessed from the ReadyNAS Add Ons page today. We remove the risks and loss-of-control that comes with cloud-based solutions. Sync Hacks: BitTorrent Sync Powered, Headless Drupal Photo Gallery. Sync Hacks is a column dedicated to exploring new applications for Sync, as built by users like you. BitTorrent Sync is a free, unlimited, secure file-syncing app. (And now, it’s 2X faster.) If you’ve got an epic Sync idea, use-case or how-to, shoot us an email at sync[at]

In this week’s Sync Hacks: Realityloop‘s Stuart Clark shows us how to make a headless Drupal photo gallery using the BitTorrent Sync API. Read on for the full how-to, and check out Stuart’s original Realityloop post here. From Stuart: A headless photo gallery My father is a hobbyist photographer, and like many other web developers out there I have at one time in my past tackled the job of building a website for a family member, both pre and during my time working with Drupal; pre-Drupal with a manual process of image resizing, and using ImageCache/Image styles to automate the process with Drupal. This tutorial will cover: 1. This tutorial assumes you have: 1. For this tutorial I used the following modules: Sync Hacks: Complete Guide to BitTorrent Sync for Filmmakers. Photo credit: Government Press Office In Sync Hacks, we spotlight cool uses of Sync from the creative minds of our users. Sync is our free, unlimited, and secure file-syncing application. If you have an interesting use or how-to, shoot us an email at sync[at]

Can’t wait to hear what you guys cook up. In this week’s Sync hacks, we have Chris Potter’s complete guide to BitTorrent Sync for those in the film making business. Chris’s original post excerpted below At some point you’ve probably looked for a way to get huge files from point A to point B. BitTorrent is offering Beta access to a new tool called BitTorrent Sync that’s designed to provide all this and more. Here is a quick look at the new tool and why it could be a great solution for editors, producers, and filmmakers who are looking to privately share large media files. What is BitTorrent Sync In many ways, you can think of it as a free alternative to Dropbox. BitTorrent Sync is Decentralized BitTorrent Sync is Secure 1.

¿Resolviendo la congestión en Internet con BitTorrent? El crecimiento de Internet está siendo tan acelerado en tamaño y servicios que todas las previsiones que hace unos años se hacían acerca de su uso se quedaron cortas. Con miles de millones de usuarios tratando de acceder a unos recursos que no pueden crecer de forma tan exponencial como la demanda, los ISPs, las empresas de contenidos y los distribuidores online tienen que hacer ingentes inversiones para satisfacer las necesidades de los clientes.

Unas necesidades que han pasado de la transmisión de unos pocos kilobytes para enviar un correo hasta decenas de gigas para descargar una película, y eso que todavía no se han implantado definitivamente los contenidos 4K y superiores. ¿Cómo afrontar este desafío? Pues lo más inmediato es mejorar las infraestructuras que llegan hasta los usuarios y las que dan forma a las redes centrales de los ISPs, los servidores, etc. Sin embargo esto requiere de inversiones enormes que muchas veces no alcanzan el ritmo de la demanda.

Análisis de la red P2P Bittorrent (III) Sync Hacks: How To Deploy Web Projects With BitTorrent Sync. In Sync Hacks, we spotlight cool uses of Sync from the creative minds of our users. Sync is our free, unlimited, and secure file-syncing application. If you have an interesting use or how-to, shoot us an email at sync[at] Can’t wait to hear what you guys cook up. In our first edition of Sync Hacks, we have Paul Ellis (@jpaulellis). Thanks to Paul for giving us his how-to. On Choosing BitTorrent Sync I have been looking for a good solution for deploying my various web projects lately. Setting Up a Sync Folder For Web Deployment Using BitTorrent Sync I now have a folder on my development machine that is synced with my web server.

The Experiment: Update Three Blogs My first test was to update three WordPress blogs I maintain. The Results Typically the low I/O performance of a single-threaded transfer protocol like SFTP or SCP makes an upload like this slow. Pro Tip. Solving The Internet’s Congestion Problem. BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker discusses the impact of distributed computing on Internet sustainability. Originally published in Harvard Business Review, March 22, 2013.

An open, neutral Internet has been a force for sweeping social change: democratizing information, commerce, and access to jobs, triggering GDP growth and a rising standard of living. Our collective ability to equally access and innovate on Internet platforms, from search and social networks, to content and commerce sites, is fundamental to continued growth. It is not a given. With Internet innovation comes congestion. The amount of content shared and accessed by the world’s 2.4 billion Internet users is constantly increasing — in volume, and in size. It is outpacing the Internet’s, and Internet Service Providers’, ability to efficiently deliver it. Internet penetration and usage continues to expand at exponential rates. Barriers to TCP Innovation The way that the Internet combats congestion is through a protocol called TCP. News from India on Technology, Electronics, Computers, Open Source & more: EFYTIMES.COM.

Friday, November 15, 2013: Whenever you make connections to anything that is outside your network, you should have security on the top of your priority list. This is also the case for users of BitTorrent who get data from various unknown sources. As cited on, here are some ways you can protect yourself from such security threats - Security Threats – Understanding the different kind of security threats is crucial to blocking them.

The most basic threats include viruses and other forms of malware. The files that are downloaded by you are foreign and must be treated as such. You must scan them immediately once you have downloaded them. Also, your PC’s IP address can also be traced easily. Encryption – You can prevent security problems by permitting encryption for your connections. Enabling Encryption in uTorrent – You need to open uTorrent, go to Options > Preferences, and then click on BitTorrent on the left. IP Blockers – You can also use an IP blocker. Open Source Giant VLC Mulls BitTorrent Streaming Support. With more than a billion downloads since its first release, VLC is one of the most popular media players around. It's free, open source, and can play virtually every video file available. In the near future it could also become the first mainstream media player with the ability to download and stream torrent files.

A group of VLC supporters has put up a $10,000 bounty for the developer who can deliver the right code. VideoLAN’s VLC media player is installed on the PCs of millions of Internet users. It’s widely regarded as the best tool to play videos and audio in just about any format found anywhere on the web. In the near future the media player may add a feature that will increase its appeal even more – the capability to stream BitTorrent files. A group of VLC fans and supporters have been discussing this idea with the VideoLAN team, who say that there’s a good chance that a BitTorrent module will be added if the code is right. BitTorrent Live, streaming potente y minimalista | SPN 3.14 versión CNET Doesn’t Have to Ban BitTorrent Clients, Court Rules. Bleep, analizamos la aplicación de chat seguro de BitTorrent. Aprovecha tu antiguo PC como NAS o cliente BitTorrent. BitTorrent ‘s Bram Cohen Patents Revolutionary Live Streaming Protocol.

VideoLAN quiere añadir a su reproductor multimedia VLC compatibilidad con BitTorrent. How to Monitor Your BitTorrent Downloads from Any Computer or Mobile Device. Official Site - BitTorrent App, Media Player, Wi-Fi Sharing. 100% Free Download, No subscription required. Sync Dev: Q&A with the Creator of Sync’s Linux Desktop GUI Package. Sync Hacks: How to easily sync config files between servers. Sync Hacks: How Angie’s List Reduced Their Web Deployment Time to Seconds. Sync Hacks: BitBox to Easily Share Sync Files on the Web. Top 10 uTorrent Alternatives. News from India on Technology, Electronics, Computers, Open Source & more: EFYTIMES.COM. About - Academic Torrents.

Best Torrents: The Top 30 Torrent Download Sites of 2014. Academic Torrents. 11 Online Sources To Find Legal Torrents. Search Or Browse One Million Public Domain Legal Torrents In The Internet Archive. 20 Sites For Downloading Torrents. Torrents, otra opción de descargas simultaneas. Home.