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Dutch scientists say human teleportation is 'possible' - May 30, 2014 |UFO Sightings Hotspot. In a paper published on Thursday in the journal Science, physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology reported that they were able to transport an atom three metres with 100% accuracy. Moreover, the scientists are now closer to definitively proving Einstein wrong in his early disbelief in the notion of entanglement, in which particles separated by light-years can still appear to remain connected, with the state of one particle instantaneously affecting the state of another.

They report that they have achieved perfectly accurate teleportation of quantum information over short distances. They are now seeking to repeat their experiment over the distance of more than a kilometer. If they are able to repeatedly show that entanglement works at this distance, it will be a definitive demonstration of the entanglement phenomenon and quantum mechanical theory. Related: Project Pegasus. UFO Travels Through Tunnel In Germany Causing Accident March 2013! "THE GROUP": THE REAL UFO KARLSON VID REVEALED. Aliens Creating Portal (Wow footage) & NASA Witches?

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