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Serene kasauli provide best deal for tours and travels for kasauli Location.

Know The Facilities Which is Offered By Serene Kasauli! The grandeur ‘Serene Kasauli’ At Serene Kasauli we have strived hard to blend the natural serenity with a best in class chalet that comforts you every minute of your stay here. Span across a lush green area, architects have crafted each villa with such preciseness, that a view from any of our balconies is undoubtedly breath taking. Overlooking the misty mountains, our restaurant is equipped with a team of very best chefs that our clients are served with almost any cuisine available round the globe, as requested. We also have a crew exclusively catering to traditional Indian delicacies to make our visitors feel the essence of India every bit. Our villas are spaciously designed and exquisitely decorated keeping in mind the diverse range of backgrounds and expectations of our clients.

To personalize even more, we even provide private swimming pools if need be. Apart from packages for family tours, Serene Kasauli is also equipped to hold business conferences and meetings. Our Cufflink Shop. Our Blog. In memory of the beloved. Ambika Sharma Life ends, but pursuit of love doesn’t. When British Major George Oswald Weston lost his pregnant wife, he decided to keep her and their unborn child’s memories alive by erecting a grave with a sculpture in Dagshai cemetery.

Once the British left India, the grave lay neglected. But today, it has been restored to its old glory by a local couple. Major Weston, a doctor, was stationed at Dagshai cantonment in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) during the British era. However, once the British left, it faced total neglect. “We believed it was our duty to restore this grave to its old beauty so that the spirits therein receive peace and mercy in the kingdom of heaven,” say Anand and his wife, Deepa, who began the task by tracing the living relatives of the Weston family.

As Major Weston had served the Royal Army Medical Corps Association (RAMCA), a letter was shot off to the organisation in the UK, which placed an appeal on its website. The Sunday Tribune - Spectrum. The dark secret of Dagshai Malvika K. Singh The little-known cantonment town has a cellular jail and museum where Gandhi spent a night The Andaman Islands may house the most popular cellular jail in India but there is a second lesser-known cellular jail in North India. Sixty km from Chandigarh, the Dagshai cellular jail is situated in the little-known and hardly visited cantonment town of Dagshai. The building and adjoining areas were used as a storage yard until it was identified. The Dagshai jail was constructed in 1849 at a cost of Rs 72,873. Of the 54 cells, 16 were for solitary confinement. There was one cell for those who were to be meted out exceptionally harsh punishment for daring the British Empire.

This special cell has two doors which are barely three feet apart. The records of the jail were kept immaculately and other than the building itself, its history which makes it a unique museum. The first important residents of the jail came in 1857. "It is all for Ireland. Shimla Walks – Dagshai – A Mughal time Village with British Cemeteries.

Dagshai - A Mughal time Village with British Cemeteries As you enter the hills from Kalka, to drive towards Shimla, after about 30 kilometres, comes a place called Kumarhatti. A number of roads branch of towards different directions. The road that forms a hairpin bend to its right, winds up to Dagshai. Although the village Dagshai is about seven kilometres uphill from here but the Kumarhatti Dagshai railway station receives its family name from it. Purposely this railway station was built to serve the cantonment and to provide it with its own railway base. Dagshai is one of the places in the hills that saw many ups and downs but still is as beautiful as it should be. The Mughal Affect There are total five villages on this hill- Dabbi, Bughtiala, Chunawag, Jawag and Dagshai. The British influence But the motive of the British was to keep a watch on the problematic Gurkhas from the hills invaders from the plains and the other areas.

Accommodation in Dagshai. Akshardham Temple. Share Your Travel Opinions and Experience With Serene Kasauli Forum! To enrich your travel experience we provide a platform to interact, share your opinions, comments and travel tips. This forum receives hundreds of visits everyday which only means any of your travel related doubts or fears could be easily elucidated. Apart from bloggers and regulars of the site, we do have professional travel writers in place to assist you in case your question does not reap a satisfactory response from anyone else.

The forum is a great tool for people who wish to know about the place and the facilities before deciding to travel to the place. We also have real images on the forum, which are posted by our guests, as well as professional photographers. These give a feel of the place. The forum is also used for listing the services that you get around the city, like cab services, restaurants and shopping centers.