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Programmare in Java - #1 - Introduzione. Peter Coad's 'Modeling in Color' Software developers working in object-oriented programming languages including Java, C#, and Objective-C create software as a set of related classes.

Peter Coad's 'Modeling in Color'

Each class defines a different kind of object, and it is objects of these classes collaborating with each other that provides the required function of the software. According to the 'single responsibility principle' or the principle of 'separation of concerns', the objects of a well-designed class do one thing and only one thing. Some classes are represent technical concepts such as user interface windows, pages, and controls, database connections, search results, and transactions, and network connections, services and messages. Other classes represent a problem domain concept. The prpbelm domain is the activity or area of interest of the users or customers of the software.

In more component-based or service-oriented software, problem domain classes help drive the definition and organization of business services and components. Next Steps. UML Best Practice: 5 rules for better UML diagrams. Following these 5 rules will make your UML diagrams easier to understand, cleaner, and more consistent.

UML Best Practice: 5 rules for better UML diagrams

Although that has no effect on the actual model, it will improve the communication with the stakeholders. Rule 1: Less is more Large diagrams containing heaps of elements actually convey less information then small focussed diagrams. When reading such a large diagram your audience will not know what to focus on, and since there’s too much on there to actually pay attention to all elements, they will quickly give up trying altogether. Show up with a diagram like this at your stakeholder, and you will have already lost his/her attention even before you start talking.

The diagram above is a good indication of how much, or how little, you should put on a diagram. Rule 2: No Crossings This is a fairly common and well known rule. Uncrossing lines in your diagram sure make it more readable and understandable, but there’s more to it then that. Rule 3: Orthogonality. Utilizzare un JButton in Java Swing. Il button o pulsante grafico è sicuramente tra i controlli più utilizzati nelle interfaccie grafiche dove riveste un ruolo importante nel processo di iterazione con l'utente.

Utilizzare un JButton in Java Swing

In java questo controllo grafico è implementato dalla classe javax.swing.JButton. Questa classe rappresenta una realizzazione semplice dell' AbstractButton, in quanto altri controlli grafici appartengono a questa categoria come JMenuItem oppure JCheckBox che ereditano la stessa classe. Un JButton può visualizzare al suo interno, un testo oppure un'immagine, infatti implementa diversi tipi di costruttori. Vediamone una semplice realizzazione creando un contesto dove includere il JButton composto da un JFrame (container) con un JPanel: import javax.swing.JButton;...JButton button = new JButton("Click");...JFrame frame = new JFrame("JButton Demo");JPanel panel = new JPanel(); panel.add(button);frame.getContentPane().add(panel);frame.pack();frame.setVisbile(true); ...String path="...

" Gestire le azioni. UML to Java Code [Netbeans 7.2] - part 1. Generare classi Java dal modello UML con Eclipse. Piattaforma Java. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Piattaforma Java

Principio di funzionamento[modifica | modifica wikitesto] La piattaforma Java è composta da due blocchi costitutivi: la macchina virtuale Java (Java Virtual Machine o JVM)le API Java. La macchina virtuale è la base della piattaforma Java, mentre le API sono una collezione di componenti software (librerie) già scritti e pronti all'uso per lo svolgimento dei compiti più disparati. Perché una applicazione software possa girare su una piattaforma Java, essa. WhatTheFont Search Results. Your image: Your WhatTheFont results: There are 5 matches for the image you uploaded.

WhatTheFont Search Results

Euclid from Design Science Euclid ITC Century Light from ITC ITC Century Century Std Light from Adobe ITC Century ITC Century Std Light from ITC ITC Century Harriet Text Light from Okay Type Harriet Submit your image to the WhatTheFont Forum to have your image viewed by font geeks the world over. Or try Identifont to identify your font by answering a series of questions about the letter shapes. If you have technical questions about using WTF, please contact us. [JAVA] Modificare grandezza font in Eclipse - Programmazione ad Oggetti (OOP) - ROX @ Unisa - Forum degli studenti di Ingegneria. Comparator (Java Platform SE 8 ) A comparison function, which imposes a total ordering on some collection of objects.

Comparator (Java Platform SE 8 )

Comparators can be passed to a sort method (such as Collections.sort or Arrays.sort) to allow precise control over the sort order. Comparators can also be used to control the order of certain data structures (such as sorted sets or sorted maps), or to provide an ordering for collections of objects that don't have a natural ordering. The ordering imposed by a comparator c on a set of elements S is said to be consistent with equals if and only if, e2)==0 has the same boolean value as e1.equals(e2) for every e1 and e2 in S. Caution should be exercised when using a comparator capable of imposing an ordering inconsistent with equals to order a sorted set (or sorted map).

I modificatori final e static.