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10 WAYS TO TURN A PAD INTO A JUNGALOW. Small Space Flower Garden {DIY Pallet Project. Home. Home Decor Ideas / Whhhaattt?! Why isn't this mine??! A Table That Turns Your Kitchen Into Mini Ecosystem [UPDATED] Convenience and efficiency are king when it comes to product design.

A Table That Turns Your Kitchen Into Mini Ecosystem [UPDATED]

What could be more efficient than a natural ecosystem? That's the insight behind a "living kitchen" designed by the brilliant young design studio Studio Gorm.


Coolhunting :) / Bohemian life :) Growing Succulents on Your Roof. Growing succulents on a rooftop is a good way to create a green garden in your own "backyard.

Growing Succulents on Your Roof

" Building a green garden is a big project, but if you have the right tools and invest a little time in the project, the experience can be very rewarding. You can use many different designs to construct a green roof, and they all provide natural insulation.