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Brendan George Ko. From january to december of 2017, from the sumac of ontario, the hala of hawai'i, the people that shared this journey and the path between.

Brendan George Ko

Isamaya Ffrench. Paperboats - May I Intro­duce: Isamaya Ffrench - Make-Up Artist. Responsible for contentProvider pursuant to § 6 of the Teleservices Act (Teledienstegesetz, TDG) and responsible for the Web site at as per § 6 Para. 2 of the Media Services Treaty (Mediendienstestaatsvertrag): Marlen Stahlhuth Urbanstraße 127 10967 Berlin Germany Liability for ContentThe content of this Web site has been prepared with the utmost care.

Paperboats - May I Intro­duce: Isamaya Ffrench - Make-Up Artist

However, we assume no liability for the correctness, completeness, and currentness of the content. Pursuant to § 7 Para. 1 of the Telemedia Act (TMG), we as a service provider are responsible for our own content on this Web site according to general laws. Liability for LinksOur site contains links to external third-party Web sites. CopyrightThe content and works provided on this Web site are subject to German copyright law.

Privacy ProtectionGenerally, our Web site can be used without providing personal data. Source: Legal Notice generated with eRecht24 Impressum Generator. Watching a girl with an iphone 6 in new moon until she jumps - Mária Švarbová Portfolio. All2016201520142013 Human space Translucent Hide and Seek Pastel/Fashion/Lookbook Healthy teeth, Good mood Ginger snow games Butcher /Anna and the Adults/ muteness Plastic people_Factory for figurines Alone The Doctor The dining room God´s mirror Forgotten in swimming pool The Marriage physical training. Mária Švarbová Portfolio. Ariana Page Russell — Skin. Flora C-print 24” x 20” 2006.

Ariana Page Russell — Skin

Richard Kern 2. Masculin Féminin - purple MAGAZINE. Joel Sternfeld Past Exhibitions. Jennifer Rubell – Nutcracker. Dead Sea par Sigalit Landau. 13/12/2010 : Ajout Interview Museo Magazine Un travail engagé sur l’eau Depuis plusieurs années, Sigalit Landau s’est engagée dans une relation approfondie avec l’endroit le plus bas du monde, la mer morte (-456 mètres).

Dead Sea par Sigalit Landau

Elle réagit, en artiste, aux terribles particularités de ce site qui, théâtre-même d’une catastrophe écologique en cours, est un lieu blessé par l’histoire comme par l’actualité du Moyen-Orient. C’est l’endroit qu’elle a choisi pour développer une ? Uvre singulière, nourrie par son attirance continue pour le rituel, le corps mais aussi la mémoire qu’elle met en scène en concevant une sorte d’archéologie du présent.

Dead Sea Sigalit Landau, DeadSee, 2005. "Dead Sea" est une vidéo où flottent 500 pastèques reliées entre elles en spirale. La simultanélité d’un entourage hostile, d’une blessure, d’une sensation d’abandon et de beauté fait de la vidéo la métaphore impressionnante de la situation paradoxale dans laquelle baigne l’artiste. Minna Parikka - JANINE REWELL. Wrestling with Ben McNutt. Marion Üdema. The Artist Who Puts Couples in Vacuum Packs. Since 2009, Haruhiko "Photographer Hal" Kawaguchi has made a career out of asking couples he doesn't know to come home and get in the bag.

The Artist Who Puts Couples in Vacuum Packs

Not many people could pull something like that off, but the Tokyo native is something special—his series Flesh Love and Zatsuran are globally lauded for their claustrophobic depictions of love. He's also (hysterically) sponsored by Condomania. "When you embrace your lover," he tells me, "sometimes you wish to melt right into them. To realize this wish, I've been photographing couples in small, cramped spaces. Soon I reached the point of photographing couples in vacuum-sealed packs. VICE: Why do you go by the professional name Photographer Hal? So where do you find people willing to be vacuum-sealed inside plastic bags? You just come out of nowhere as a complete stranger? But how do you convince a stranger to let you do this? But you're asking them to maybe suffocate on the floor of your kitchen. Anyone ever been hurt doing this? Chris Verene - Work. In his series, Camera Club (1995-1997), Chris Verene employs his camera furtively, but without entirely concealing it from view.

Chris Verene - Work

Verene infiltrated the world of "camera clubs," groups of men who lure young women into modeling nude or seminude by placing classified ads in newspapers and pretending to be professional fashion photographers. He posed as a camera club photographer, joined the group and played the part, but then turned his camera on the photographers themselves. Later, Verene worked with a friend, a young woman who posed as an aspiring model, and deepened the investigation. By positioning himself behind the men and pretending to be tinkering with his camera – loading his film, testing his flash – Verene could easily release his shutter without arousing the suspicion of his already distracted colleagues.

The resulting pictures telescope the usual photographer's gaze and emphasize the predatory nature of photography. Daido-moriyama-3.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 538 pixels) Vera Hartmann Photography. Inspiring Photography by Greg Ponthus. Women Portraits Through a Fishbowl. Zbigniew dłubak. Zbigniew dłubak.