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Louvre library classics

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The Emerging Designer Inspired by 90s Prada and Love Island. Upon stepping into Charlotte Knowles’ airy south London studio, I am immediately greeted by the dulcet tones of the Cocteau Twins, and a similarly dreamy moodboard.

The Emerging Designer Inspired by 90s Prada and Love Island

Amongst the print-outs pinned to it is a look from Romeo Gigli’s S/S96 show: a tailored suit the colour of fresh blood, artfully cut to reveal collarbones, and the erotic slope of a shoulder. Tokujin yoshioka. Dirk braeckman. La photographie brillamment confuse de Blaise Cepis mélange l’érotisme et le grotesque. Words: Alexander Lendrum Il existe une fascination pour l’étrange, le grotesque… le bizarre.

La photographie brillamment confuse de Blaise Cepis mélange l’érotisme et le grotesque

C’est pourquoi beaucoup d’entre nous se soumettent volontiers à des films d’horreur qui représentent des cas extrêmes que nous ne voudrions jamais vivre dans la vie réelle. Nous sommes heureux de nous tenir de l’autre côté du miroir, pour voir ces corps déformés se dévoiler devant nous avec un geste de dégoût. Maintenant, prenez cette émotion de répulsion et ajoutez le sentiment d’excitation, et vous obtenez quelque chose de vraiment confus. Originaire de Philadelphie, et maintenant à New York City, Blaise Cepis maîtrise le mélange de l’érotisme avec le grotesque. En plus de cela, le talent créatif utilise des styles multiples de photographie, d’incroyablement propres, qu’il applique à son travail pour sa clientèle mode, à l’argentique rustique, probablement plus réservé à ses projets personnels. JL. Peter Bailey London. James Turrell: Gathered Sky. Adam Magyar. Crocodile Eating Ballerina by Helmut Newton on artnet Auctions.

Eva Stenram. Things As They Are - Erin O'Keefe. Things As They Are - Erin O'Keefe. Jessica Eaton works. Jessica Eaton - Higher Pictures. Franco fontanafranco fontana photographer. Voja Mitrovic, Printer to the Greats (Part I) The Untold Story of One of the Greatest Printers in Photography Voja Mitrovic at the Coupole, Montparnasse, Paris, 1993.

Voja Mitrovic, Printer to the Greats (Part I)

Photo by Peter Turnley. By Peter Turnley This is the untold story of one of the greatest printers of black-and-white photographs in the history of photography—Voja Mitrovic. It is time that this man, who has literally been in the dark since arriving in Paris from Yugoslavia in 1964, be acknowledged for his important part in the history of photography and his collaborations with many of the great photographers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Voja's story is also the story of the world-renowned photographic laboratory Picto, in Paris, created by Pierre Gassmann in 1950. You've seen Voja's work without knowing it. Henri Cartier-Bresson, left, and Josef Koudelka, right, begging Voja Mitrovic not to retire at his retirement party, Picto, Paris, Dec. 22, 1996. I first met Voja (by the way, the "j" in Voja is pronounced like a "y") in June of 1979.

Is the next best thing. Walead Beshty. ZOË LIGON {NSFW/COLLAGE ARTIST/EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW} Zoë Ligon, the self-proclaimed ‘Dildo Duchess,’ is a sex educator and visual artist currently residing in Detroit, Michigan.


In addition, she is the founder of her own online sex toy shop, Ligon’s art work consists of provocative and erotic scenes one might see in a vintage porn magazine, with one exception – her subjects likeness is completely carved out save for a thin outline of skin, leaving just enough to the imagination. In other pieces, she highlights the very details that entice, arouse and even amuse. How did you get started as an artist? I started collaging when I was a senior in high school because I sucked at all other forms of visual art, and was desperately trying to express myself creatively.

Do you have any formal training? None. How long does it typically take for you to finish a piece? It depends on a lot of factors; Am I stoned? Where do you find your inspiration? The process of exploring older print porn is honestly chock fulla inspiration. Octahedrite. Iron meteorites are naturally dominated by iron (Fe) metal.


They also all include some metallic nickel (Ni) as well. They represent metallic core samples from large, once-intact, differentiated asteroids/dwarf planets. Octahedrite is the most common type of Fe-Ni meteorite that falls to Earth. Other Fe-Ni meteorite rock types include hexahedrite and ataxite. The rock names octahedrite-hexahedrite-ataxite reflect an iron meteorite classification based on the physical crystalline structure of the iron-nickel minerals present. Mineralogy: all octahedrites are dominated by two minerals having very similar chemistries: kamacite (FeNi) and taenite (FeNi) Kamacite is a silvery-colored iron-nickel metal alloy rich in iron, with about 5.5 weight-percent nickel. Physical structure: the physical crystalline structure of octahedrites is quite distinctive. Octahedrite (1.8 x 1.8 cm) - a cut, polished, and nitric acid-ethed surface showing Widmanstätten structure. Home page. METEORITE ART. Welcome to Arizona Skies Meteorites™ Meteorite Art page.


Below is a selection of stunning meteorite thin section photographs by the award winning photographer Tom Phillips. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Image #1 NWA 5142 Condrite Meteorite L/LL 4-5 Breccia Image #2 NWA 5142 Condrite Meteorite L/LL 4-5 Breccia. Frontpage - Evgen Bavcar. Dan Bradica. Image Fulgurator : Julius von Bismarck. Enigmatic Landscapes Pictures Between Reality and Subconscious. An-My l� Richard misrach. Joel Sternfeld Past Exhibitions. Joel Sternfeld Past Exhibitions.