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SEPPA is a world leader in complete line solutions. with over 50 years of experience in packaging equipments and complete line solutions covering water, soft drink, juice, sparkling water, beer, liquor and milk with a state of art design and production center in India, USA and Middle East to deliver multi product solutions.

Pet Preform Making Machine, Pet Preform Manufacturers - Seppa. Depending on the microbiological quality, it may be necessary to reduce the number of micro-organisms on the packaging material before using it for food products.

Pet Preform Making Machine, Pet Preform Manufacturers - Seppa

Treatment with hydrogen peroxide at elevated temperatures is most commonly used. Residues of hydrogen peroxide, however, are undesirable. H2O2 is the scientific name for Hydrogen Peroxide, a naturally occurring water-like liquid that has many practical applications. H2O2 looks like water (H2O), but that extra oxygen molecule makes this natural water additive one of the most powerful oxidizers known to man. It is formed in nature by the action of sunlight on water. Being a powerful oxidizer, hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on surfaces.

Glass Bottle Cleaner - Seppasolutions. What’s timeless, classic, and beautiful to look at?

Glass Bottle Cleaner - Seppasolutions

The answer is Water, Juice, Dairy, Liquor, CSD, Beer, Wine, Pharma, Cosmetic etc products in glass packaging. There’s just something so much better about using glass. Whether it’s glass bottles, jars, or square containers, there are so many advantages to this material. Here are the key advantages of glass packaging you’ll have when you package your products in glass containers. You put so much effort into making your brand look and taste perfect, so why would you risk that? Glass bottles preserve the flavor of your dairy product much longer than other types of packaging.

Soft Drinks Plants - Seppa. With healthy lifestyle becoming a mantra to the young generation.

Soft Drinks Plants - Seppa

Natural fruit juices are packing a punch to ensure a large market share in the ever growing beverage segment. With a drastic shift in consumer preference due to increasing consciousness towards a healthy lifestyle promoting a new trend to stay away from Sugary drinks like Colas, the natural fruit juice segment is ready for a spiraling growth. This segment includes natural fruit juices, Isotonic and Teas. All above products have been the major reason of growth in the healthy lifestyle segment. It is projected that packaged fruit based beverages will drive future growth.

The packaged fruit juice segment ban be classified into three segments Fruit drink, Nectars and 100% juice which differ in bases of pulp content. Complete Water Sparkling Lines Solutions. SEPPA has conceptualized the most innovative method for the growing demand of packaged drinking water/mineral water and sparkling water.

Complete Water Sparkling Lines Solutions

SEPPA provides complete line solutions from processing Packaging design, Blowing, R-F-C, Kombopure®, Labeling, Date and Batch coding, Packing, Palletizing and Stretch rapping. SEPPA’s focus is on sustainable production and consistency of the product and to create solutions for enhancing Productivity, Hygiene and Line speed. SEPPA is one of the largest manufactures of Bottle water/Sparkling water lines in the World, with more than 7000 installations Worldwide and over 50 years of experience in small, medium and large complete line solutions. We have been considered a pioneer in this industry. SEPPA uses unique techniques to reduce the weight of the PET bottle while retaining maximum top load and reliability of the bottle. All our new innovations can be upgraded into your existing lines effortlessly. CSD Filling Machine, Beverage Can Filling Machine - Seppasolutions. CSD is the second largest selling beverage only after water.

CSD Filling Machine, Beverage Can Filling Machine - Seppasolutions

CSD market is evolving rapidly growing in developing market and holding low growth rates in evolved markets with multiple localized players trying to come up with unique new products to surprise and satisfy the customer, the CSD market is here to stay for a long have though healthy trends and driving customers towards non-sugary drinks. In this challenging scenario, packaging is a critical and a very important factor to enable success in the CSD market. Gable Top Carton Filling Machine - Seppasolutions. Our carton erectors are designed to form carton boxes and seal the lower flaps with either self-adhesive tape or hot melt glue.The box drawing and opening unit is made up of a suction disk system, which is in constant movement.

Gable Top Carton Filling Machine - Seppasolutions

Lower flap bending is obtained mechanically by levers and guides SEPPA are suppliers of carton erecting machines for various size boxes and for low to high speeds.We can supply machines with both PVC tape sealing as well as hot melt glue sealing of the bottom flaps carton_erecting Carton Erector & Tape (PVC) Carton Packing Machine - Seppasolutions. Rinsing Filling Capping Machine - Seppa. Modular range of electronic, volumetric filling monoblocs A new, extremely innovative and flexible platform, which takes the standard SEPPA technologies to the highest level currently available on the market.

Rinsing Filling Capping Machine - Seppa

Pet Bottle Blowing Machine, Pet Blow Moulding Machine - Seppasolutions. 1) Innovative solutions for new products and customers 2) Process flexibility 3) Equipment versatility .

Pet Bottle Blowing Machine, Pet Blow Moulding Machine - Seppasolutions

The futuristic Next Gen Linear Electric Stretch Blow of SSB – SLE developed after years of R&D by SEPPA. The variable pitch unit synchronizes the heating system with the help of servo motors to the high speed preform transfer system which de-loads and transfers the preform to the blowing section. The high speed mould clamping in the blowing section supports to produce more than 1500 - 2000 bottles per cavity. This design reduces the cost of equipment while achieving high speed compare to the rotary blowing machine. Heating System In the SSB – SLE Model infeed star wheel transfers the performs to the continuous heating conveyor with individual preform mantels that hold the preform from inside their neck area.

Stretch Blow Moulding Station.