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Subhasish Kar

Submitcube - a digital marketing agency in Kolkata created by Mr. Subhasish K in 2004. He realized the enormous possiblities of increasing business opportunities with the aid of digital marketing and he had taken the particular effort to inspire the owners of varied SME (medium and small enterprises) owners to consider growing their business around the world and educated all of them regarding the true advantageous facts of internet marketing.

Why Business Must be Listed In Online Business Directories.

Infographics Submission Service

Niume. Social media became one of the most basic platforms to engage with present customers as well as reach new clients.


Using a social media account for your company is essential. Making a social media marketing plan to reach your small business goals can be tough. Here are a few steps to create a highly effective social media Marketing Plan. Submitcube Brand Profiles. Contant Marketing Service. Social Media Marketing Service. Digital Marketing Service. Local SEO.