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Subhasish Kar

Submitcube - a digital marketing agency in Kolkata created by Mr. Subhasish K in 2004. He realized the enormous possiblities of increasing business opportunities with the aid of digital marketing and he had taken the particular effort to inspire the owners of varied SME (medium and small enterprises) owners to consider growing their business around the world and educated all of them regarding the true advantageous facts of internet marketing.

Create the Best Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business. Social media became one of the most basic platforms to engage with present customers as well as reach new clients.

Create the Best Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business

Using a social media account for your company is essential. Making a social media marketing plan to reach your small business goals can be tough. Here are a few steps to create a highly effective social media Marketing Plan. Established a GoalExactly what do you plan to completeEvaluate your goal. Instance: Engage a 15% more per month with present Instagram followers.Be clear using what you need to accomplish. Here you will be more certain and explain more in depth what your objectives are.Quantify your goals. Who’s your main Audience? Your social media marketing plan shouldn’t be longer than one web page. Produce diverse columnsDateSocial Media Marketing platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)Post/ContentEngagement (%)Build a whole month ahead of time.Set the images you are likely to use.What exactly are you likely to write every day?

Niume. Social media became one of the most basic platforms to engage with present customers as well as reach new clients.


SEO for Photographer - A Guide on Photography Marketing. Photography SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about assisting your photography business to gain a high position in Google’s (and the remaining search engines) SERPs to ensure that potential customers can easily discover you.

SEO for Photographer - A Guide on Photography Marketing

And why should I be thinking about rankings? The answer is very simple… Based on Advanced Web Ranking, the top listing in Google’s search results gets 31% of the traffic, in comparison to 16% for the second position, and also the traffic only degrades from that point. The websites listed on the first Internet search results page, create 92% of all traffic from the average search. When moving from the first page to two, the traffic came from 95%, and also by 78% and 58% of those following pages. Like a photographer you have to attract completely new leads to your site and turn them into clients. SEO isn't a… nice to obtain strategy anymore, it’s essential. Domain Name - Allow it to be Brandable Some really good suggestions are: A not so good instance would be: 14 Common Misunderstanding about Digital Marketing.

Businesses all over the world select digital marketing and advertising as being a big part of their promotion.

14 Common Misunderstanding about Digital Marketing

This is because quite simply since it works. The growth within the digital market as well as in its specs has attracted brands to follow along with it. We can't simply have quality driven resources each time; as digital marketing has lots of misrepresentations. They're termed as myths, however, these misconceptions are harming the knowledge of digital marketing. The below pointed out are 14 common myths regarding Digital marketing: 1. Social media is really a digital platform, not really a digital marketing procedure. . • Digital marketing- An extensive concept Digital marketing is definitely a broad concept. 2. We have seen big brands thriving via advertising in Digital platforms along with excellent results. . • Anyone can choose digital marketing.

15 Best Website Audit Tools for Every SEO Professionals. Carrying out a website audit isn't a joke.

15 Best Website Audit Tools for Every SEO Professionals

It's a long-time and complex procedure that needs great patience and turns over a huge selection of web pages. I'm always on the look-out to find the best tools to make my personal SEO work much easier. Thanks to SEO site auditors, we all don’t need to devote enough time on reckless manual checkups. Today you can find a huge selection of various website audit tools online which can help you to determine problem areas which hold your consideration.

It is very important note that website auditing tools aren't an ideal way to identify gaps within your “system”. But utilizing these reliable advisors in your arsenal along with highly specialist staff and sufficient resources can create a good start for achieving levels. So, you don’t really need to waste lots of time to analyze good SEO audit tools on the internet. Screaming Frog is definitely an amazing desktop program for any detailed analysis on your own entire website at once. The Ways to Select the Best SEO Packages for Your Business. There are plenty of SEO packages on the market today, and cost-effective small business SEO packages became an important tool in assisting small businesses rank their particular websites higher and get more popularity while still spending less.

The Ways to Select the Best SEO Packages for Your Business

Because of this, SEO companies are now providing a wide range of SEO services which are packaged for on-page, off-page and also general web page optimization. By choosing packaged services, small businesses get a variety of online marketing services which enhance one another while reducing expenses. Also, with these package deals, small business owners will be able to enhance the SEO online performance of the websites, and in turn, attract much traffic to their websites and offer greater possibilities to build loyal clients. Here are a few points that need to be considered while selecting SEO packages: Select reliable and efficient Business packages: - The packages provided include many different types of website advertising techniques and methods.

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