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Tableau Online Training. Do we offer any discount on Tableau Training through online?

Tableau Online Training

Yes, we provide Training Discounts in the online training to the Batch, group, project, and trainer-led one to one Training. Once you get enrolled in our course, you will get any other self-paced course for free with this. Thus, it’s a great platform for you to learn two technologies at a time. Can we schedule the Tableau Online Course based upon your availability? Selenium-training. Salesforce Certification. Do we offer any discount on Salesforce Training?

Salesforce Certification

We offer group batch, referral, project, and One to One Training Discounts. If you enrolled for any course, you can take any other self-paced course as Free. Therefore, at the same time, you can learn two technologies. Can we schedule the Salesforce Online Training based upon your availability? Facebook. Tableau online, the well-known analytics platform for everyone.


It is hosted in the cloud for user availability. It Distributes Dashboards and spread your discoveries with everyone. Anyone can easily utilize features of tableau online access through, tableau mobile apps. See your free Tableau tutorial OnlineITGuru tableau tutorial No Setup Required. Why choose Selenium for testing in 2020. All we know is that today software testing becomes much easier with most available tools and technologies.

Why choose Selenium for testing in 2020

The latest updates in technologies help to test the software much better. There are a number of testing tools available in the current market. In this regard, we will go with Selenium for testing and its use in this era. Here, we will check how Selenium is still useful for testing and its benefits and disadvantages. Anyhow, this framework for testing purposes is still a better choice for most of the software testers and developers. What is Selenium? Selenium is an open-source/free automation framework useful for testing, validating web applications across multiple browsers and platforms. Using this framework for testing is nothing but a software testing suite. Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)Remote Control (RC)WebDriverSelenium Grid. Facebook. Cloud Computing is a big word and big platform.


Nowadays every application can run using Cloud Computing as well as in future also, every application will run based on Cloud Computing. The reason, why all peoples go with the cloud is to reduce the space and for security purpose. It provide the space what we required not as very high or very low. Based on our requirement it will work. From this blog, learn How is Salesforce related to cloud computing?

Learn more about this technology Salesforce Online Course in this overview. What is Cloud Computing? Facebook. Tableau is becoming the tool of choice for big and medium-sized companies.


Tableau emerged in the era when there were already established some companies like Microsoft Excel, Cognos, and Business Objects, etc., But now Tableau became success between these companies. So, they started in the small office by three masterminds in Seattle but now it managed more than 25000 companies. Tableau tool ranks under the top ten BI tool giving very tough competition to remaining old tools like Microsoft, IBM, Qlik, Oracle, etc. From this blog learn Different types of Tableau Certifications. Tableau is a trending and famous BI tool used to analyze and visualize your data very easy and fast. hence it is the best tool for Data analyst and supports both Python and R scripting. To achieve a high position in the current working or else to get a job certification is the most important. Desktop Qualified Associate Exam Server Qualified Associate Exam Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam Time-limit: 2 Hrs. Facebook. History of Selenium: Selenium was created by Jason Huggins in 2004.


He is an engineer at thought works company. Created javascript program to control the browser actions. He named this program as the javascript test runner. Later it was renamed as selenium core. Selenium IDE: Shinya kastani of Japan created selenium IDE. Selenium RC: Facebook. Tableau Online Training. Business analyst training courses. Selenium Online Training. Salesforce Certification. Business Analyst Training. Do we offer any discount on the Business Analyst Online Course?

Business Analyst Training

Yes, we offer training Discounts to every batch, group, referral, project, and trainer-led one to one training for the students enrolling in our BA online training. You can get any other self-paced course for free with the course that you enroll in to learn. So, earn the opportunity to learn two technologies at a time.

Can we schedule the Business Analyst Certification course based upon your availability?