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Best Napa Valley Wineries. Hill Family Release: 2017 Barrel Blend. Hill Family Estate, a favorite among Napa Valley’s Yountville wineries, announces the release of their 2017 Barrel Blend.

Hill Family Release: 2017 Barrel Blend

This 2017 Barrel Blend’s distinctive and carefully crafted combination of flavors produced from nine different grape varieties was imagined and created by wine professional and avid surfer Kyle Knox and Hill Family Estate winemaker Alison Doran. From January 19-22, Hill Family Estate offers this unique production of their 2017 Barrel Blend to be available for shipment at discounted prices for only four days. Components of the 2017 Barrel Blend The 2017 Barrel Blend is an artistically blended combination of nine grape varieties. Each one lends unique characteristics to yield a wine with an excellent robust finish combined with a soft and smooth palate. Merlot 44%Zinfandel 17%Syrah 16%Petit Syrah 7%Malbec 5%Cabernet Sauvignon 4%Pinot Noir 3%Petit Verdot 2%Dolcetto 2%

Tasting Room. Our Holiday Gift Offerings. Virtual Grapevine Wreathmaking Class. As the annual harvest winds down and the season’s winemaking continues to progress, another annual Holiday tradition will be weaving its way into high gear.

Virtual Grapevine Wreathmaking Class

Wreathmaking classes, using grapevine canes pruned from Hill Family Estate’s now-dormant vines from their Yountville vineyards, is a favorite end-of-year activity that allows participants to exercise their creativity while learning a new art. Since hosting classes in person has been the norm in the past, this year Hill Family Estate Winery, one of the premier Yountville wineries, will be reaching participants through a virtual format.

How Does a Virtual Wreathmaking Class Work? With Zoom, the virtual platform that most of us have become adept at using this year, our Grapevine Wreathmaking Classes will occur each Tuesday at 5:00 PM PST. The first class will be presented on Tuesday, November 24, just before Thanksgiving. Here is the Wreathmaking schedule: Collecting Your Grapevine Wreathmaking Kit. Honey Brake Partnership. Synergy sometimes develops where it is least expected.

Honey Brake Partnership

But, when two top brands come together, the results can be phenomenal. Last year, Honey Brake Lodge, the nation’s top waterfowl hunting destination, and Hill Family Estate, one of Napa Valley’s most exclusive wine producers, announced the co-development of a premium line of wines. The partnership aims at highlighting the ultimate high-end outdoor experience at the Lodge while providing the Hill Family Estate customers with another choice. An exclusive new brand, Honey Brake Hill Wines, was introduced last year to the Hill Family Estate Wine Club customers and guests at the Honey Brake Lodge in Jonesville, Louisiana.

Now, Hill Family announces the second opportunity to win a stay at Honey Brake Lodge during their upcoming 2021 culinary weekends. Tasting Room. Napa Wine Tasting. Wine. Hill Family Estate Harvest 2020. The culmination of a spring and summer laden with hard work, expert care, and careful oversight has arrived as vineyard workers begin harvesting the 2020 grape crop.

Hill Family Estate Harvest 2020

The 2020 season was mild with minimal rainfall, allowing the grapes to ripen eveningly. A pair of hot spells in July and later in August tended to accelerate the ripening process, so Hill Family Estate and others began harvesting on August 14. Varieties having thinner skins ripen soonest. Tasting Room. COVID-19 Protocols. These days we all need to be cautious by exercising safe distancing and a host of other precautionary measures to preserve our individual and community health.

COVID-19 Protocols

As many venues have now opened in California, we must continue to be careful and respectful of each other’s health. At Hill Family Estate we are mindful of the importance of maintaining a safe atmosphere for our guests. We have diligently prepared to do all possible to ensure a safe and healthful visit to our winery in Yountville. As an important reminder, we ask that you make your reservations for visits and wine tastings in advance before coming for a Napa wine tasting at Hill Family Estate Winery. To this end, we share our current protocols so you can feel comfortable while visiting our facilities during the current pandemic. Guest Responsibilities Guests must wear masks as they arrive and begin to move about the area.

Our Commitment We screen all employees when they arrive at work. If symptoms exist, they will not remain at work. Veraison in the Vineyards. By late July, grapes in Napa vineyards undergo an important change known as “veraison,” a French term for the natural transition from growing to ripening.

Veraison in the Vineyards

The grapes at this stage have nearly reached their mature size and are beginning to turn from green to red. The process may last for a few weeks depending on the variety as well as temperature, elevation, and other environmental conditions. Following this transformation, the grapes will continue to develop for another two months or more before harvest at full maturity. Transformation of the Grapes During the Veraison Stage Besides the color change, the grapes also begin losing acidity while increasing sugar levels.

A Little About Our Bottling Process. As you peruse the wine aisle, you see hundreds or even thousands of those beautiful wine bottles with eye-catching labels and sometimes whimsical or foreign names.

A Little About Our Bottling Process

Have you ever wondered how the superb deep red, pink, or white wines make the transition from the vineyards to fermentation to bottling before shipping directly to consumers and retailers? Wineries Near Me. Best Wineries in Napa. Stewart Ranch Vineyard. While Napa Valley is relatively compact, the region’s uniquely diverse-conditions support the incomparable production of a wide range of grape varieties.

Stewart Ranch Vineyard

Blessed with multiple microclimates, varying soil types, notable elevation changes, Napa vineyards represent a unique terroir. The Stewart Ranch Vineyard is managed by Doug Hill and provides some of the raw material for hill Family Estate, one of the prestigious Yountville wineries. Stewart Ranch Vineyard is one of Napa Valley’s most distinctive and unique sites.