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GemsNY is a world renowned online gemstone and diamond jewelry store. By offering only certified, genuine and hand-selected gemstones by our expert gemologists, we want to add new dimension to jewelry design service in which we are savvy. From preset settings, ‘make your own’ pieces to custom jewelry design, we create the personalized jewelry of your dreams.

Ruby Gold Rings.

Natural Sapphire Bracelet: Add Charm to Your Personality

Pink Morganite Ring: Bring Joy into your Lives. Genuine Alexandrite Earrings: Look Amazing at Social Gatherings. Alexandrite Loose Gemstone: Entice your Beloved Now. Women's Peridot Rings: Enhance Your Beauty Quotient. Gemsinnyc. Emerald Gemstone: Enjoy the Soothing Touch. Natural Spinel: Choose This Lovely Stone to Create Fine Pieces of Jewelry. Opt For High Quality Men's Aquamarine Ring to Feel At Top of the World. Aquamarine for Sale: Weave Magic on Your Beloved. Pink Tourmaline Engagement Rings. The 3 values for dimensions refer to the gemstones length x width x depth.

Pink Tourmaline Engagement Rings

Wear Stylish Genuine Ruby Earrings to Impress a Sea of People. Ruby jewelry has fascinated a sea of people with its alluring hue, elegant look and unending charm.

Wear Stylish Genuine Ruby Earrings to Impress a Sea of People

Blue Spinels. The 3 values for dimensions refer to the gemstones length x width x depth.

Blue Spinels

The length is the longer side of the gemstone and the width is the shorter side of the gemstone. For rounds and squares, the length and width will be the same. Measurements are the better way to compare the size of color stones than the carat weight. Many stones have much of their weight in their depth, which will cause it to appear smaller. In order to determine which length and width measurements are required, please print out our Stone Size Chart which you can print to see the actual sizes of various shapes. Shop for Stylish Green Emerald Engagement Rings at a Reliable Online Jewelry Store. Engagement ceremony is one of the most loved occasions when couples take a pledge to unite and begin a new journey of hope and commitment.

Shop for Stylish Green Emerald Engagement Rings at a Reliable Online Jewelry Store

This auspicious ceremony is considered incomplete without a lovely engagement ring. One interesting fact about engagement ring is that the charm and popularity of this type of ring has not faded even after so many years. The custom of exchanging rings on engagement day began in the ancient period and it is still continuing. Earlier, people used different types of metals to create this ring but in the modern period, diamond started ruling the hearts.

After a while, gemstones like emeralds have made their presence felt in the market in the form of emerald engagement rings. White Sapphire. Buy Stylish Ruby Ring and Other Pieces of Ruby Jewelry to Hog Limelight. In the world of jewelry, gemstone jewelry has carved a special place in the hearts of buyers.

Buy Stylish Ruby Ring and Other Pieces of Ruby Jewelry to Hog Limelight

If you are a gemstone lover, you should know that colorful gemstones have magical aura and the hues can tempt you to buy more such pieces. You will be pleased to know that colored gemstones have seen an increase in popularity when it comes to engagement rings, wedding rings and loose rubies are among those at the forefront. Ruby gemstone is a fiery red color gemstone that is widely known for its unique charm and elegance. Buy Custom Vintage Ruby Engagement Rings from a Reputed Online Jewelry Store. Choose Emerald Wedding Ring to Glitter Your Most... Sapphire Rings. From simple elegance to stunning and elaborate settings, GemsNY's collection of sapphire rings for both women and men is sure to have a style you'll love.

Sapphire Rings

You can choose not only blue sapphire rings, but also yellow, white, or pink sapphires for the ring of your dreams. GemsNY only uses genuine sapphires -- you won't find anything lab-created or synthetic in our vast collection of certified, authentic gemstones that we source from all over the globe. We offer both heated and unheated sapphires in all shapes, including round, oval, emerald and cushion cuts.

Ruby Engagement Ring. Rubies come in a range of rich colors, from a purplish or pinkish color to a deep pigeon blood red.

Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby and diamond engagement rings are especially striking to look at because of the way the ruby's rich color pops among the sparkling diamonds. Sapphire Engagement Rings. Our site is unique because we offer so many choices: preset sapphire engagement rings as well as "make your own" sapphire engagement rings and also custom ring designs.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Whatever the setting you choose, our sapphires are genuine and may come from Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Kashmir or Australia. Although deep blue is the color most often associated with sapphires, these lovely and durable stones come in a variety of other colors, including pink, yellow, white, and purple. All of our gems are certified, so you know you're getting the real deal at a great price -- we don't sell any synthetic or lab-created stones. Make Your Love Glitter with Emerald Diamond Rings. Emerald gemstones are vibrant as nature.

Make Your Love Glitter with Emerald Diamond Rings

It is as fresh as the green grass. It soothes your mind and soul. The green shade of this stone allures every man and woman. Emeralds are classically green in color. They actually range from yellow-green to blue-green. Emeralds. Reignite the Fire Inside with Dazzling Ruby Solitaire Rings. Ruby solitaire rings are special, distinctive and it makes your love glitter forever.

Reignite the Fire Inside with Dazzling Ruby Solitaire Rings

This timeless ring says that your love is unique and it is time to celebrate your bonding in a dazzling way. It is the epitome of love and passion. Ruby stone is known for its lovely fiery color. This brilliant red color gemstone has been nicknamed “the gem of precious stones” as it can command the highest per-carat price among colored stones. Ruby Pendant. GemsNY offers genuine ruby pendant necklaces in many different styles, with designer settings that accentuate the beauty of each natural ruby. So whether you're searching for a classic ruby heart necklace or something a bit more unusual, GemsNY has a ruby pendant necklace to fit your style and budget. We carry an incredible selection of preset ruby pendant necklaces. You can refine your search according to several criteria, including the style of the pendant, the shape of the ruby, and the type of metal. Although these are preset ruby pendants, the sheer number of ruby necklaces we have available means that you have almost endless choices.

Look Amazingly Beautiful with Ruby Earrings. Earrings are the most noticeable thing and it adds glamour to a woman’s personality. If you are a girl, you should wear stylish earrings or studs to look stunning and adorable. If you are going to get married, then don’t forget to wear ruby earrings or ruby studs. Gold and silver metallic ruby earrings are highly in fashion and can take your beauty quotient to the next level.

Fashion lovers like to wear ruby earrings in various events and social gatherings. Showcase Your Personality with Emerald Mens Rings. An emerald ring is an amazing ring and it not only captivates women but also lures men for many reasons. Emerald is popularly known as the stone of successful love and it provides sensitivity and loyalty to the wearers. It brings good luck and also enhances the overall well being of the wearer. Loose emeralds are green in color and it suits the personality of today’s men the most. Men love nature and greenery and they would surely fall in love with emerald mens rings.

If you go through history, you will find that emerald gemstone was the favorite stone of emperors across the globe. Like this: Like Loading... Genuine Emerald Rings for Sale. Alexandrite Engagement Rings.