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Best Immigration Services | Overseas Education | Spouse Visa Consultants in Toronto & Vadodara. Future Link Consultants is one of the leading visa consultants providing overseas education and canada immigration services since last 16+ years. Our commitment and dedication is reflected in our day to day work. The knowledge, expertise, wisdom and competency acquired during all these years give us an unprecedented leadership and a solid reputation. We provide services for overseas education, immigration, spouse/dependent and other visa services for Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and other countries. We believe in shaping the career of our clients with lot of responsibility and care.

Thousands of clients have made a successful career abroad through us. Whenever they come back they make sure to visit us for sharing their wonderful experience, it gives an immense delight and a deep contentment to see their happy face. We are thankful to our clients for having the confidence and trust in us and connecting us to a chain of clients merely by reference. IELTS Coaching With Free Visa Consultancy @ 6999. Students Costs of Studying and Living Abroad in Canada. It is a well-known fact that Canadian universities and colleges are offering the most well versed and advanced education in the whole world for foreign students the resultant of which is there are huge number of students floating to Canada in order to gain advantage of the education system there.

As the days go by more and more universities in Canada are being listed among the best academic institutions in the world thereby leading to more and more students opting for Canadian universities for their higher studies which has been increasing at a rapid pace. Now when it comes to having the best education system in the world, naturally the question of studying and living there becomes the major question floating in one’s mind. Yes the standard of living in this country is definitely high since it lets students enjoy a higher quality of life as compared to most countries in the world. Tuition fees and related expenses Accommodation expenses Food expenses Transportation costs Like this:

What is Difference between SPP and Non-SPP Program in Canada? First of all what are SPP and Non-SPP. To start with the name, SPP stands for Student Partners Program. SPP was developed in partnership between the ACCC- Association of Canadian Community Colleges and CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Basically, it is an arrangement between some selected Canadian educational institutions and Canadian High Commission in India to provide the students with quick and easy study permit for the prospective students of participating institutions in Canada. The main motive of this program is to increase the number of student visa issued to Indian students and to make the admission and visa process more efficient.

When the aspirants are applying to the colleges of Canada, they have the option whether to choose SPP or not. Talking about the differences, the main difference between the two applications SPP and Non-SPP is the number of documents required for Visa processing. Why Individuals Apply For A Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada? As of now, more and more individuals are planning to move to another country. One of the most common reasons for this decision is because of better job opportunities. Some countries provide better job benefits such as better wages, better work benefits and many more. With all these, some individuals are preparing themselves for their big move. But, there are lots of factors that need to be addressed before finally moving. For one, you must find a good housing option that can cater to your needs most especially if you are moving with your family.

Next, you must be sure that the needs of your loved ones are catered to. And, if you are a highly skilled worker, you need to apply for a federal skilled worker program. Why apply for this program? To find the most suitable job position Looking for new jobs in a new country can be very stressful since you need to compete with other job seekers. You can apply to more than one category Previous applicants can apply. USA Visitor Visa Consultants | US Tourist Visa Services in Vadodara. Why Visit USA? The United States is the world's fourth largest country, with an area of 3,679,192 square miles (9,529,107 square kilometers). It includes fifty states and one federal district, where the capital, Washington, D.C., is located. The environment is extremely diverse and often spectacular. Alaska's glaciers coexist with flowering tundra that bloom in the arctic summer.

Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Canyon are a few well known landscapes. Basic Economy The United States has an advanced industrial economy that is highly mechanized. About Visitor Visa Millions of visitors and immigrants travel to USA every year with their different goals, ambitions and future aspects. Basic Requirements to visit USA You may also require Temporary Resident Visa based on your citizenshipMedical examination depending on the ageLetter of Invitation or statutory declaration Types of USA Visitor Visa For further information on Visitor Visa in USA please contact us . How to Get a USA Visitor Visa – Canada Immigration Visa Consultants, Student visa, Visitors visa & Dependent Visa Services in Toronto & Vadodara.

People from India who wish to enter United States of America, must obtain American Visitor Visa which is placed in the passport of the individual. A visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. Instead it determines the eligibility of the individual to seek entry in to the United States. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will then decide whether the individuals with the US Visas will be allowed to enter US or not. There are two types of visitor visas which are classified into Immigrant Visa and Non-immigrant visa.

Immigrant visas are used by people who wish to travel to live permanently in USA. USA Visitors: The USA Visitors who wish to enter US on a temporary stay need non – immigrant visas for business, pleasure or medical treatment. If an individual seeks to enter US for business activities such as conferences, meetings, consultations and negotiating contracts then he/she may apply for a B1 visa.

Requirements: Application Process: Reasons to Approach Overseas Education Consultants – Canada Immigration Visa Consultants, Student visa, Visitors visa & Dependent Visa Services in Toronto & Vadodara. As indicated by the report, India has turned into a country which is sending a huge number of students in abroad consistently. The purpose behind rising fever among students to go to abroad for higher studies is on the grounds that these are among the best goals on the world over.

There could be many reasons why students would need to think study in abroad and we have recorded the absolute most imperative reasons here: To get a worldwide point of view and enlarge their viewpoints. They additionally get an opportunity to encounter expanded societies of the world.To shape a worldwide system of social contacts.To enhance their relational abilities.To wind up noticeably self-subordinate by creating capable critical thinking aptitudes.To learn most refreshed innovation and investigate new ideas and thoughts.To be an all-rounder, prepared for better prospects.To be a worldwide citizens.

Career Counseling: Counseling is obviously the primary right advance when choosing to study abroad. Pearson Test for English | PTE Coaching Classes in Vadodara | Future Link Consultants. Pearson Test for English (PTE) is computer based test for English Language mostly for study abroad and immigration purpose. It is accepted for visa application for UK and Australia. It tests Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Questions often test 2 skills together, such as listening and reading or reading and speaking. The whole test is done in a single session, lasting 3 hours and is taken sitting at a computer in a secure test environment.

The speaking part of the exam is done at the computer. Your voice is recorded and sent for marking. One advantage of this test is that you get your results very quickly; in about 5 days. PART 1: SPEAKING & WRITING (77 – 93 minutes) Personal IntroductionRead aloudRepeat sentenceDescribe imageRe-tell lectureAnswer short questionSummarize written textEssay (20mins) PART 2: READING (32 – 41 minutes) Fill in the blanksMultiple choice questionsRe-order paragraphsFill in the blanksMultiple choice questions A ten minute break is optional. IELTS Exam Preparation Tips – Canada Immigration Visa Consultants, Student visa, Visitors visa & Dependent Visa Services in Toronto & Vadodara. The IELTS English Examination (International English Language Testing System) is the most broadly utilized English test on the planet. There are two streams: Academic and General Training comprising of four papers each: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

The Academic Module is utilized as a passage test for life experience school, university and college affirmation around the world. The General Training module is utilized for the most part for immigration purposes. There are two separate Reading Papers utilized for each of these modules. Reading Paper Tips The IELTS Reading Paper tests your perusing abilities in a wide range of regions and comprises of three perusing entries from an assortment of sources, for example, daily papers, books and magazines. Time Management: One of the main obstacles is the way that the articles are very long. Like this: Like Loading... How to Choose Best IELTS Coaching Classes & Training Institutes in Vadodara?

IELTS Coaching Classes, IELTS Training Institute & Exam Preparation Centre in Vadodara, India. IELTS Coaching | IELTS Exam Preparation | IELTS Training Classes in Vadodara. IELTS is the International English Language Testing System which tests English proficiency across the globe. IELTS is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by over 9,000 organizations worldwide including : Universities/Colleges/InstitutesEmbassies and Government authoritiesEmployersEducation Assessment Bodies IELTS is jointly owned by British Council and IDP Future Link Consultants provides coaching for IELTS since last 14 years. The Class timings are flexible from morning 7:00 till evening 8:00. Types Of IELTS Tests, Modules & Bands General TestAcademic TestModules: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking modules.IELTS score sheet is valid for 2 years (valid in mostly all countries).Candidates score on a 1 to 9 Score Band Scale. 1 being non user and 9 being expert user.

Students are examined in following way, IELTS Test Sections. Student Visa for Immigration to Canada and Australia – Canada Immigration Visa Consultants, Student visa, Visitors visa & Dependent Visa Services in Toronto & Vadodara. Select study option abroad is a monotonous undertaking. While one picks his/her future college for higher education one should remember the nature of instructing, the exploration profile and the reputation of the university’s academic, future career openings and global presentation. The rankings created consistently both by businesses in the academic world and in addition the business demonstrate that the degrees granted by universally eminent colleges generously increment your odds of getting higher pay cheques adding to a lucrative career.

Foreign colleges offer a wide exhibit of academic program that suit the individual aptitudes, talents and interests. These programs open the best open doors for your academic and professional improvement alongside social introduction. A large number of the eminent colleges likewise offer grants and scholarship for supporting global students. Canada is one of the favored nations for movement among worldwide students. Like this: Like Loading... Immigration Consultant | Future Link Consultants.

An immigration consultant is a professional, who helps people to move abroad from one country to another country, through legal documented process to increase the chances of immigration for study, work, travel or business purpose. Immigration consultant provides immigration assistance. This can comprise services such as assistance with filing applications and petition, helping to collect required documentation or translation of documents. However, an immigration consultant is not the same as an immigration lawyer or certified representative. The major difference between immigration consultants and immigration lawyer or certified representatives is that consultants are not authorized to give legal assistance. If anyone requires assistance for filling in the forms or need a translation, then they should consider a consultant.

They will need the assistance of a qualified immigration attorney or accredited representative. Australia Student Visa Consultants in Vadodara, India | Future Link Consultants. About Australia Australia is third most popular country for overseas education. Australia has six states and major territories. The reasons you should choose studying in Australia is world class education system, cultural diversity, Immigration friendly rules and opportunity to gain experience.

Australia is ranked as 4th happiest country in the world and twelfth largest economy. It also boasts high class infrastructure facilities in all major cities. It has consistently maintained its education standards. Australian Universities are recognized all over world, 7 of world’s top 100 Universities are located in Australia.Australian education system is very successful in career development providing individual with global opportunities and prominent positions worldwide.Full time students are allowed to work up to 40 hrs per fortnight when course is in session while you can work full time during breaks, the spouse of student can work maximum 40 hrs per fortnight throughout the year. Dependent Visa for Canada in Toronto & Vadodara | Future Link Consultants. Dependent visa or Spouse Visa is mainly for Spouse/Partner and Children of main applicant having temporary residence status in Canada either on Study permit, Post study work permit or Work permit.

Your spouse or common-law partner and dependent children can come to Canada. This is possible through several means but importantly the criteria will depend on the current status of Main applicant in Canada. Whether person holds student visa, work visa or is Permanent Resident. In this section we have covered dependent visa for other categories except for Permanent Resident holders, spouse/children of Permanent Resident holders can apply directly for Family sponsorship visa. General Criteria includes Meet all the requirements for temporary residents to Canada.Satisfy Immigration officer that you will only stay in Canada Temporarily.Prove that you have no criminal record if required.Meet all other conditions for getting temporary resident visa. 1. 2. 3. Payment Details:

Best Immigration Services | Overseas Education | Spouse Visa Consultants in Toronto & Vadodara. Visit and Explore the exciting destinations of Canada – Just apply for Canada Visitor Visa. New Zealand Student Visa Consultants in Vadodara, India | Future Link Consultants. About New Zealand New Zealand comprises of North and South Island. It is beautiful, clean and safe country. The people are friendly and give equal importance to work and have fun. New Zealand is ranked as the 3rd most peaceful country in the world. It has diverse culture and people from different parts of world. NZ has a strong educated market force with the right knowledge and experience. International students can work for 20 hours per week during study and full time during holidays.

Admission Process : Education system in New Zealand comprises of Secondary schools, Tertiary education and Vocational education and English Language Schools. Qualification Levels for New Zealand Certificates and Diploma programs are usually offered by polytechnics and institute of technology. Admission Requirements in Diploma and Bachelors Programs: Admission Requirements in Masters and Doctorate Programs: The percentage cut off rate and IELTS score requirements will be higher for Universities. Visa Process. Want to study overseas!!– But where, how? Stop thinking too much!! – Get your answers from Overseas Education Consultants in India – Canada Immigration Visa Consultants, Student visa, Visitors visa & Dependent Visa Services in Toronto & Vadodara.

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USA Student Visa Consultants in Vadodara | Future Link Consultants. Student Visa Consultants or Overseas Education in Toronto & Vadodara. Student Visa Consultants | Overseas Education in Toronto, Vadodara | Future Link Consultants. Do you want to study in Canada? – Canada Immigration Visa Consultants, Student visa, Visitors visa & Dependent Visa Services in Toronto & Vadodara. Study in Canada? Going to a University in Canada - Canada Immigration Visa Consultants, Student visa, Visitors visa & Dependent Visa Services in Toronto & Vadodara. Canada Student Visa Consultants in Toronto & Vadodara. Canada Student Visa Consultants in Toronto, Vadodara | Future Link Consultants. Canada Student Visa Consultants in Toronto & Vadodara. Canada Immigration Visa Consultants | Student | Visitors & Dependent Visa Services Vadodara.