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The Top 7 Things You Should Know About Tenant Rights – SEO Expertnow – SEO Agency | SEO Company Gurgaon India. Federal law protects against discrimination in housing. You cannot be barred from having a place to live based on race, nationality, religion, sex, marital status or disability. The agency that is responsible for monitoring housing discrimination is the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”). Most areas have a local HUD office, but you can also contact them online, by phone, or by mail if you believe you are being treated unfairly. State and local laws will affect your rights as a tenant. Be sure to check the laws and ordinances for your state, county, and municipality. You have the right to basic amenities, such as heat, water, and indoor plumbing, and to have the property maintained in livable condition. This is another area where you need to be aware of how local housing authorities interpret “livable.”

Turn to advocacy groups for help with problems. If you are having problems with a landlord, you do not have to suffer alone. Your lease does not supersede the law. Like this: Have You Checked Web Design Trends in 2018 – SEO Expertnow – SEO Agency | SEO Company Gurgaon India. Market study always proves to be beneficial for businesses and since the web has evolved, it has become easier to accomplish the survey goals. If you are intended to see your business successful, you would certainly go with online marketing procedures like SEO and SMO. But, what would you need before starting the internet marketing process.

Web design is an important part of web development and digital marketing, two flourishing industries in present time. As such, it is needed to have updated web design every year. Drop shadows & depth – Shadows are an integral and old constituent of designing, then why it’s necessary to mention? Color Combination Schemes – Choosing a combination of more super excess colors is no lesser than a courage for web designing team. Particle Backgrounds – We have talked a lot about the high definition or HD pictures in recent times and it’s highly significant while creating designs for a website. Like this: Like Loading... What Experts Speculate for Mobile SEO in 2018 – SEO Expertnow – SEO Agency | SEO Company Gurgaon India. Since we are in a new year, there will some speculations about Mobile SEO procedures at high.

Mobile has been a great medium for businesses to bring traffic towards website as well as leads for the business. So, I am going to share some expert’s view on the same. Let’s see which way the wind blows for Mobile SEO in 2018. These points are only predictions of experts. PWA- Boon for Mobile SEO Techniques The biggest trend of the last year, i.e. 2017 will continue to grow as well in 2018 is an attachment towards Progressive Web Apps or PWAs.

You can see even bigger scene of PWAs in 2018. The best thing about Progressive Web Apps is that they permit a full-screen display without integrating an address bar, run swiftly online and offline, both and push notifications. These apps can be utilized directly on the internet like a native app made for Android devices and for iOS devices soon as well. Predictions say that companies will shift more towards PWAs than native apps in 2018. Like this: Best and Top Web Design Hack 2018 – SEO Expertnow – SEO Agency | SEO Company Gurgaon India. The year 2017 ended up leaving fumes of technological advancements behind. However, the onlookers are still predicting the hacks and guidelines to follow in this New Year to stay updated with the ever-evolving pace. 2017 leaves the message for the designers that it’s not the time to follow the herd but you have to bring your own level of creativity and uniqueness in order to create an appealing thing.

Therefore, to guide my readers about adopting and implementing result-driven strategies I have summarized few hacks of web designing for the year 2018. Keep reading! Web Animation The trend to make interactive content has influenced the design industry as well. Now designers are focusing on creating such designs that can interact and compel target audiences. Now designers are focusing on incorporating animation into the design. As Chris Gannon stated that “Animation can play a huge part in making ideas and interfaces easier to understand,” says Bold Colors and Engaging Gradients Wrapping Up.

Perform Online Marketing With These 15 SEO Statistics in 2018 – SEO Expertnow – SEO Agency | SEO Company Gurgaon India. Before you bat your eye, there’s a new strategy in the market and it’s highly likely that you may lose track. With the constantly evolving SEO tactics, it can be difficult to keep up. But, something that’s constant is finding you via a search engine. But, it gets overwhelming to keep track of the changes in SEO tactics, because Google keeps updating its algorithms several times a year. It can be confusing to decide what should be your major focus.

Fortunately, we have compiled some of the most significant stats that can hugely help you with your digital marketing plans ahead. Out of all the search engines, Google is the main source of web traffic and potential leads. So, let us check out the latest SEO statistics that can help you stay ahead in the online marketing game. Desktop Search Traffic While ranking high on Yahoo or Bing is good, but those who rank on Google have the highest possibility of getting the maximum business.

Searches Per Second Number of Words in a Search Shares and Links. The Continued Rise of Social Media Marketing: What Will It Offer in 2018? - Social media is constantly evolving and is continuing to play a major role in any small business’s digital media marketing strategy. As Nathan Mendenhall opines, it is vitally important to have “a solid social media strategy [as it] will help you navigate towards business goals through the ever-changing social landscape”.

His commentary has hit the nail on the head. We are indeed living in an “ever-changing social landscape.” 2016 was a year where the social landscape changed immensely, from the recent political events, including racism, xenophobia, and social protests made, and continue to make, global headline news, to the way it influenced the way business and clients interact with each other. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were the driving factors that helped protest organizers inform people about the details of the protests. The impact of social media However, 2017 is nearly over and we need to look forward to 2018. The impact of social media on SME’s in 2018. Important and Powerful E-commerce SEO Tips - Once you have decided to set up a website for E-commerce i.e. for the purpose of selling products or service. The trendy and fancy website is not helpful in case the user is not able to find you out or make it from the website.

In case the website does not get listed on the first page itself in the search engine, then almost 80% of the users will not make to reach up to your site. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to get the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the help of best of the SEO at the place, the ranking of your website will get better, which will eventually make it easy for the customers to find you. The higher the website traffic, higher will be the sales leads, and very important to the success of any business. If you are looking for the way how to start your e-commerce website SEO so, here are some powerful e-commerce SEO tips.

Know your Audience or the Prospective Buyers Deploying Right Keywords Avoid Duplicate Content Display Product Images. How To Turn Your Business Productivity Through Latest Social Media Sites - Social Networking sites are the best resource for both small and large business to promote product or services or to reach millions of people. It is considered as a major source to increase the traffic. Everyone uses social networking sites nowadays to connect with friends, family. Whenever something happens in the world, firstly news spread on social media sites users take part in a discussion on those sites and discuss their views. You can get results from different clients on daily basis, and this result helps in to improve brand and services. Facebook: Facebook is one of the rich sources to increase traffic on any of website or web page. Google Plus: You can easily attract more audience through G+, many people think google plus are dead but that’s not true you can get traffic easily through these sites.

Log into your google accountCreate CollectionJoin Communities and start sharing and promoting your brand or services Twitter: A tweet is pretty short in and of itself. The Top 5 WordPress Form Software Plugins On The Market. Forms entail the brains and the brawn of your website, they are the last gateway that separate an engaged customer from a meandering interloper.

Their importance is immeasurable and that’s why every website serious about their vocation should strive to make their forms as engaging, simple, inviting and efficient as possible. This is not an easy task and many creative endeavors insofar have been trumped by seemingly ignoring the last, finishing touch. Easily comparable with a football match, where the favorable team has hundreds of chances to score but somehow can’t realize all the pent-up potential in their players. In the end, they find themselves losing against the underdogs that had, at most, a single chance but a worthy one, which ended up bringing them the cake. This story resembles the plights of many viral websites that continually fail to retain their customer base and why this issue isn’t going to fix itself on its own. Key Features: Pricing: Completely FREE. The Best Tools for Competitor Backlink Analysis. From an SEO perspective, a site’s link profile is one of its most important attributes.

Backlinks, in particular, can have a significant impact on performance, so it should be top of your agenda to maintain a healthy backlink profile at all costs. Backlink analysis is a valuable part of any successful SEO strategy, yet it doesn’t need to stop with your own site. Building a clearer picture of your key competitors’ backlinks not only gives you a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, but also has the potential to highlight future backlink opportunities for your brand or business. As with a lot of things in life, success relies on the experience of knowing exactly what to look for – as well as where to find it. Both SERP rankings and domain authority rely heavily on backlink profiles to determine which sites are popular and trustworthy.

Analysing your competitors’ backlinks requires time and, depending on the tools you choose, quite often money too. How To Get A SEO Friendly Website Design. A beautifully and professionally designed website can help you to grow your online business worldwide. If you are willing to have a website, it’s important that you know Search Engine Optimization terms and basic regulations of SEO friendly design for the website. It will help you to get an SEO friendly site which ultimately gives you a good ranking on search engines. Clean Code The most important rule of a well-structured website is the use of clean coding method. It helps search engines to read your website’s content easily. The well-written and clean code also decrease the loading time of the site. Do not overuse Flash Elements Using lots of flash elements on a website can make it load very slowly, and it prevents a site to get organic traffic.

Design user-Friendly URL An impressive URL structure is vital in forming its rank on search engines. Use JavaScript Carefully Often website designers use JavaScript to design the whole site. Evade Keyword Stuffing Make a Captivating Page Title. 4 Tips to Improve Content on a Website. Every web developer faces the issue at some stage that many people spend hours bashing their heads against a wall trying to solve- and that is trying to improve the content on the home page of their website. Creating interesting and eye catching content is one thing, but the design and way in which it is presented can send even the most talented developers bonkers. So what are some of the best ways to improve on the process and take some of that stress off of the shoulders of hard-working web developers? Know the audience Many web developers, when first starting out, make the huge mistake of not paying attention to what their audience is interested in. Paying close attention to what readers click on when they open up a website is one of the best ways to track what it is that they want to see the first thing when they open up a new web page.

Making sure the website’s purpose is clear Proofread everything on the home page as many times as can be tolerated SEO Agencies. 5 Tips To Save Time When Posting On Social Media. Even though most social websites are free to use, there is a lot of time and an equal amount of effort spent to make sure these personal or business pages are kept up to date. The online world is constantly evolving, trends come and go in the blink of an eye and it can become overwhelming and difficult to keep up – especially when trying to maintain a life in the real world too. So, question: How do all the big online stars and businesses stay on top of their accounts and still have time to live their lives?

Answer: By using online tools and resources such as social media packages, digital marketing experts and by utilising the different features most social sites have to offer. Choosing a Specific Audience There are billions of people who use digital marketing all over the world. A lot of time can be saved by focusing a pages’ content to cater for a specific audience. It becomes much easier to know and predict what kind of things the intended audience will respond well to. Website Design & Development to Your Business. No one needs to tell you that we are living in a digital age. Everything is going digital in one form or another.

Who knows how virtual reality and augmented reality are going to transform the world, and what new surprises they are going to present once people get a hang of them. The internet has been around for decades now and every corner of the globe is aware of its presence and impact on both the social and business aspects of our lives. If you don’t yet know what role web development has in enhancing both the productivity and efficiency of your business, here’s what you are missing. What is Website Development? In case you don’t know, website development is simply giving life to a website or a company’s digital representative. Brand Identity and Awareness Did I mention before that everything is going digital? The first place most people are likely to go to look for information about your company if they were to hear or read about it from somewhere, is online. Financially Reasonable. SEOExpert Now - SEO Agency. SEOExpertnow - Seo Agency in Gurgaon - Accueil.

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