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SEO Doctor is a plugin that automatically connects to your shopify store,find all the issues and fix them. It helps you target the SEO issues that are worthwhile to fix, helping you save time and money while still improving your SEO. It helps you to optimize your Shopify store to make more money from the traffic you already have, without harming your SEO.

The Ultimate Shopify SEO Guide to Increase Revenue. In this article, we have put forth the Ultimate Shopify SEO Guide that must be considered for Increasing your Business Revenue.

The Ultimate Shopify SEO Guide to Increase Revenue

Search Engine Optimization is a technique to improve the website in such a way that it gets a better search spot for relevant search results and improved visibility. Also, we have shared some Shopify SEO Tools that you can check. In 2020 its tough to rank websites on Google or Bing Search Results. If you thought that building a beautiful website and adding flashy animations is going to attract visitors then you are wrong. Many things work behind the scenes which go unnoticed by a normal user.

eCommerce Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales and Traffic – TheAdTraffic – Latest News, Google Updates, SEO, SEO Tool. Every online store out there needs traffic to boost their sales.

eCommerce Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales and Traffic – TheAdTraffic – Latest News, Google Updates, SEO, SEO Tool

You need to focus on eCommerce Marketing Strategies that would drive consistent traffic to your online store. Think out of the box while marketing your products online. Something might work for others and not necessarily for you too. You need to experiment with things and try all means that would help your store in increased sales. eCommerce Marketing Strategies truly depends on the Niche and the Industry you are in. There is no fixed “5 Steps of Boosting Sales” if you find one, you better want to skip it. Best eCommerce marketing strategies to Boost Traffic #1 Focus on Content Marketing Driving traffic through content is one of the best eCommerce Marketing Strategies.

. #2 Instagram Marketing. Shopify Store - How To Start an Online Store With Shopify. Having an online business in 2020 is essential and equally important keeping in mind the recent adverse situation and frequent lockdown norms around the world.

Shopify Store - How To Start an Online Store With Shopify

Having an online store is feasible and safe for the seller as well to the customer. There are many platforms available where you can build and grow your store. Shopify is one such popular platform. With Shopify, anyone can start a business online and have their store set up in no time. Shopify is the most preferred and trusted platform from the rest and is popular among the masses. Shopify is used by thousands of businesses worldwide to sell their products and earn a good amount of money.

Shopify SEO Tips for eCommerce Businesses. Shopify is the best platform for running your online business.

Shopify SEO Tips for eCommerce Businesses

It’s so popular because it makes things quick and straightforward. Shopify SEO Review 2020: Will My Store Rank Well? – Colonial News Magazine. What if I say Shopify in 2020 makes it easy to rank your store than ever before, very few will believe me as there aren’t much Shopify Stores ranking in Search results.

Shopify SEO Review 2020: Will My Store Rank Well? – Colonial News Magazine

Unless you are a social media influencer or have a large list of contacts to sell to, you might need to rely on organic search engine traffic to sell online. So, what are most of the users doing wrong with Shopify SEO? Shopify SEO means SEO improvements that are unique to Shopify than other sites. While Shopify comes with the blog feature along with the ability to redirect it can also create some SEO issues. Like Duplicate content. Removal of Duplicate URLs from interlinkingRemoval of Duplicate paginated URLsCreation of Blog Content for Keywords with informational intentAddition of Product, Article, and breadcrumb list as structured dataDetermine how to handle product variant pagesCompress Images for faster loading SpeedsRemoval of unnecessary Shopify Apps Duplicate Content Crawling and Indexing Keyword Research.

5 Reasons Why Google Hates Your Shopify Store. Are you following Shopify SEO?

5 Reasons Why Google Hates Your Shopify Store

Does Google Hate your Shopify Store? Are you trying hard and still can’t get your site ranked on Google Search results? In this post, we’ve tried to answer these questions and help you grow in the Shopify Game. You might be wondering why your site is not landing on the first page of the search result and being neglected by Google even after you’ve optimized it for that search term. Well, it’s not that Google hates you, it’s just that Google ranks only those pages that obey the rules set by it.

Shopify SEO: How to Optimize Your Store for Success. What is the Best Shopify SEO App?

Shopify SEO: How to Optimize Your Store for Success

Want to know how to Optimize your Store for Success? Then this article is for you here we discuss the ways to rank your Shopify Store in Position 1 on Google. If you already have a Shopify Store or are planning to have one, make sure to read this article carefully and optimize your store accordingly for maximum traffic without any hassle. SEO plays a Major Role in WebPage Ranking along with many other things like Theme Optimization for Page Speeds, User Experience, Great content, Descriptive Product Pages, and much more… #1 Page Load Time One of the main reasons for site not ranking in Google is the page load speeds. No one wants to wait these days, if the page is taking time to load or is super slow when being viewed you ought to lose a customer.

Take your time and research well before choosing a theme that matches your brand style as well as that doesn’t hurt your site’s speed and performance. Shopify - A Boon To The Ecommerce Industry. Online Shopping around the world is on the rise these days and has become the most preferred shopping medium over a period of time.

Shopify - A Boon To The Ecommerce Industry

That’s where the idea of building an online store kicks in. Shopify is one such platform where you can build your own store and start selling products online with ease. Having a Physical store is not enough as it limits the scope of your business to a particular region or an area, whereas having an online store breaks those boundaries by providing a much wider scope and serving a bigger audience.