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Email Basics - Creating User-Friendly Affiliate Links. One thing is for sure, email providers hate affiliate links.

Email Basics - Creating User-Friendly Affiliate Links

To ensure a higher rate of delivery of your emails, it’s best to cloak those affiliate links. Cloaking affiliate links will not only help your delivery rate, but also help you get more clicks, as well as a few other benefits. Four Steps to a Weightier Blog. Your blog is informative and entertaining – but so is everyone else’s.

Four Steps to a Weightier Blog

Some of those bloggers are outperforming you because they have better content, better connections or wider reach. They’re also voices of authority, so their blogs carry a lot of weight. Guest Post by Adrienne Erin: No matter how sharp your insights or predictions, they won’t matter if you don’t have the credibility to deliver them. If you’ve been blogging for a while and your two cents aren’t catching on, it’s time to be more aggressive. Follow these four steps, and you could give those other blogs a run for their money. Learn Your Topic Inside and Out A dilettante knows a little bit about everything, but probably doesn’t have much traffic on her blog. Drop Names In business, it’s all about who you know. Simple Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate. Targeted Web Traffic - Maximizing Traffic on Your Website. Guest Post by Gloria Philips: Recognition may appear to be a boring old word that we use in our everyday life, but it is actually the most important thing to maximizing traffic on your website.

Targeted Web Traffic - Maximizing Traffic on Your Website

Effective marketing tricks can mean the difference between success and failure: Companies spend millions on their marketing strategies to maximize exposure, maximizing traffic on your website and ensure that lots of people get to know about their company. Technology can play an almost integral role in any modern marketing strategy, gone are the days when you could expect a decent turn over by simply placing ads in newspapers, magazines, or even the television. Nowadays, the internet has opened up a whole new world of advertising mediums; most notably websites and social media. How to Build a SEO and Social Media Team. Google+ There is a very good chance that if you are not on Google+ yet, your pals are!


A new study commissioned by Janrain shows that, of the people who use social networks to log in to other websites, almost half (46 percent) use Facebook. But Google+ is in a strong second place, with 34 percent of social logins. The Social Sharing Comparison Although Google plus appears statistically that they are #2, they are are actually #1 in sharing. Though sharing on both networks is increasing rapidly, it is growing much faster on Google+. Facebook users are sharing 10 percent more each month, while Google+ shares (aka +1s) are growing by 19 percent per month. The Retail Login Comparison What even caught my attention more is on the retail side. Any why shouldn’t they be? I continue to be impressed by the growth of Google+ and how this will impact the trends into the future.

Does Posting Comments on Blogs for SEO Backlinks Work? - SEO Alien. One of the arguments I here quite often in the SEO world is the value of commenting on other blogs and if the no-follow backlinks from them carry any SEO backlinks that result in SEO Juice?

Does Posting Comments on Blogs for SEO Backlinks Work? - SEO Alien

For years I have been saying they do, but recently I saw a post that said commenting on blogs with no-follow links did not get indexed, but I am here to put an end to that myth. Your comments on blogs do carry backlink juice, whether they are a no-follow link or not. The image below is from SEO-MOZ and show indexed backlinks to the SEO-Alien… the first 4 listed are comments that I have made on other blogs that SEO-MOZ says are not only indexed, but also show they are nofollow links. SEO MOZ Indexed nofollow Blog Comments Just in case you need more proof that noindex links are indexed, I got it… Using a Google backlink tool checker I found these results. Furthermore, after doing a little more research, I found this directly from Google; How does Google handle nofollowed links? Source: The Art of Social Bookmarking. What Social Media Tools Do You Use the Most? Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Product or Service.

Are you using a LinkedIn Company Page to promote your product or service?

Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Product or Service

A LinkedIn Company Page will give you several other features to get your product or service in front of a targeted audience! A LinkedIn Company Page will not only give you extra visibility on the Search Engines, but it will also give you an additional way to highlight any product or service you are offering. 1) After you have created your LinkedIn Company Page, click on “Edit” -> “Add Product or Service” tab from the top right of your Business Page. 2) Choose between a product or service. 3) Select a category. The Value of Bookmarking - SEO and Social Media Marketing.