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Social Media Optimization and Your Law Firm. There is no doubt that a robust plan for social media use has to be an integral part of SEO for any law firm.

Social Media Optimization and Your Law Firm

Not only does it give you the ability to interact in nearly real time with your client base, but it also allows you the opportunity to share important information with the world at large. You’ll Never Guess Why Hackers Target Small Businesses. There’s been a “sharp increase in hackers and adversaries targeting small businesses.”

You’ll Never Guess Why Hackers Target Small Businesses

That’s a quote in Inc.magazine from a representative of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. Why do hackers target small businesses? Getting The Most From Your Domain Name. The importance of your business domain name cannot be understated.

Getting The Most From Your Domain Name

What To Do About “Not Secure” Warning in Chrome. With its latest update to Chrome, Google is calling out sites that have unencrypted connections.

What To Do About “Not Secure” Warning in Chrome

For sites using the HTTP protocol, a “Not Secure” warning will appear in the pages address bar. For potential customers, seeing the Not Secure notice can quickly lead to a lack of confidence that their information will be safeguarded. And that’s not good for business. In this issue, the business technology experts with Caldiatech will explain the difference between HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and why it’s vitally important for the growth of your business. What does the Not Secure warning mean? Choosing the Right SEO Firm for your San Diego Legal Office. As Google+ Fades Out, Google My Business Strengthens. In early October, Google officials confirmed they were discontinuing the consumer version of Google+.

As Google+ Fades Out, Google My Business Strengthens

If all goes according to plan, the phase-out should be complete by August of this year. Keep in mind that the corporate version of Google+ will still be available. With the sun setting of Google+, though, is a renewed emphasis on Google My Business (GMB). Why You Can’t Put Off SEO Any Longer. A new report confirms that while 80 percent of surveyed small business owners accept the fact they should be doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their work, only 36 percent have a strategy in place.

Why You Can’t Put Off SEO Any Longer

The fact of the matter, though, is that those who decline to act accordingly to improve their businesses and better serve their customers will probably be left behind by those who choose to take action. In this issue, the business technology experts with Caldiatech will talk more about the survey and give reasons why taking steps with SEO makes good business sense. If you’d like to speak one-on-one with a Caldiatech professional, just give us a call at 800-728-1411, send an email, or reach us online. The Numbers Behind the Survey For the survey, 529 small businesses with between 1 and more than 50 employees were asked about their SEO practices. In addition to the 36 percent who are not pursuing SEO practices, 15 percent said they “have intentions” to do so. Find Out Why WordPress Makes Good Business Sense. There are reasons – compelling ones – for why WordPress is dominating when it comes to website development for businesses and organizations.

Find Out Why WordPress Makes Good Business Sense

From its functionality and versatility to its security and affordability, WordPress has grown from simple blog hosting to be the program of choice for the creation of websites and mobile applications. How Many Websites Use WordPress? According to data from W3Techs, one-third of all sites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Digging further into the numbers, we find that of the sites with a known content management system (CMS), WordPress commands a 60% share of online sites. Through Google’s Site Kit, You Have Real Time Access to Your Site’s Performance. There’s a reason why more than a third of all websites are powered by WordPress – well, there is a host of reasons.

Through Google’s Site Kit, You Have Real Time Access to Your Site’s Performance

From making content management easy and empowering you with ownership of your content, to giving you the ability to showcase your site as you want it across virtually all digital platforms (tablets, smartphones, PCs, etc.). Law Firm Website Structure Can Make a Difference. A website for a law firm is not like a web site for other professionals.

Law Firm Website Structure Can Make a Difference

Your clients have to be able to reach you quickly, have their questions answered and find relevant information at the click of a mouse. Furthermore, many law firms feel that they should also provide information in the form of blogs and other writings to help educate the public on legal issues. For Boys to Men, It’s a New Look for the New Year. As you’ve probably noticed, we recently rolled out a new website design for the Boys to Men Mentoring Network.

For Boys to Men, It’s a New Look for the New Year

The BTM Redesign Overview; You Spoke, We Listened We based the content and design of the BTM site on suggestions from users who regularly log onto our site. Heavy on engaging videos and photos from BTM events, the redesign was a complete overhaul to dramatically improve the user experience. An easy-to-navigate menu at the top of each page serves as the quick link hub for all things about BTM, including: BTM mission, history, leadership, and impactDirect links to BTM social media accounts on various platforms Details on the different BTM program offerings, including its weekly in-school and open community meetings, Adventure Mountain Weekend Retreats, and the annual 24-hour experiential mentor trainingUpcoming BTM eventsA regularly updated blog sectionEasy access to ways you can get involved with BTM.

Discover How Changes in Online Searches Could Affect Your Business. Every day, there are more than 3.5 billion Google searches performed. That’s our new normal. Recently, though, the way consumers perform their online searches has evolved – both at the human and search engine levels. How to Secure Your Site From Malware. One of the most frustrating things for owners of websites is the potential damage that can be done by malware. If not caught and removed in time, some malware programs have the ability to corrupt your files, steal your passwords and data, and access your stored contacts. Keeping your site securely protected requires round the clock vigilance and the expertise to act if you’re hacked. How can Caldiatech protect my site from malware?

SEO for Attorneys Website San Diego. Best SEO Ideas for a Law Firm. Where’s the first place you turn when looking to hire a new service? If you’re like the majority of Americans, your answer is probably “online.” The same goes for any and all potential clients for your law firm. When in need of legal representation, you can be sure that people will almost always Google “law firms near me” before making a decision, so you need to be represented. The challenge? Almost every other law firm is aware of this. SEO for Lawyers Website.

SEO Company San Diego. SEO Services San Diego. Internet Consultant Management With A Track Record Of Success. Why San Diego Businesses Need SEO Services. Having a website for your business is no longer enough. These days, business owners know that an online presence is absolutely necessary. But how can you be sure that your website is getting traction? In order to be truly effective, you need to fight for your spot on Google’s front page search results. This is especially true in the sunny city of San Diego, where hundreds of companies are thriving and growing every day. This coastal California spot is home to countless organizations and businesses, making competition for web traffic fierce. Internet Services For Success. Internet Sites For Law Firms - Caldiatech. Web Consulting - Caldiatech. E-Commerce Development.

WordPress Development - Caldiatech. Website Development - Caldiatech. Social Media Management - Caldiatech. Law Firm Internet Consultants - Caldiatech. PPC CampaignManagement - Caldiatech. Search Engine Optimization - Caldiatech. Custom Software - Caldiatech. What Does A Web Development Company Do? Businesses, schools, organizations, and individuals: these days, almost every entity needs a website.

Software Development Project Organization - Caldiatech. Project reporting occurs at two levels; intra team and inter team. Inter team communications occur within the project team while inter team reporting occurs from the project team to the senior management and the client. Software Development Methodology. This describes the methodology to be used for project planning, monitoring and control in software development. This methodology provides a framework for software development and software maintenance teams to develop their project plans.

Using the activities detailed in this project planning process description and in supporting documents, project teams describe the work they will do, develop estimates of effort, develop a schedule, plan their management and technical approaches, identify measures to gather, and develop a risk management approach. Why Hire a Wordpress Development Service. Now, with new websites popping up almost every day, there are many services that can do the hard work for you. While there are numerous options to choose from, one of the major website making services is WordPress. It used to be that the Wordpress Platform was filled with just that: words. Software Development & Maintenance. Software Application Development. SEO for Attorneys Website. SEO Services San Diego.