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This is the Most Detailed Map of the Universe to Date. The Jacksonian Revolt. For the first time in 70 years, the American people have elected a president who disparages the policies, ideas, and institutions at the heart of postwar U.S. foreign policy.

The Jacksonian Revolt

No one knows how the foreign policy of the Trump administration will take shape, or how the new president’s priorities and preferences will shift as he encounters the torrent of events and crises ahead. But not since Franklin Roosevelt’s administration has U.S. foreign policy witnessed debates this fundamental. Since World War II, U.S. grand strategy has been shaped by two major schools of thought, both focused on achieving a stable international system with the United States at the center. Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism. Government, Meta House Differ on Rules in Wake of Ban - The Cambodia Daily.

The proprietor of a Phnom Penh cultural center who was ordered by the government to cancel the screening of a documentary about slain environmental activist Chut Wutty said on Tuesday he was perplexed by the order because the film had already been shown at the center without incident.

Government, Meta House Differ on Rules in Wake of Ban - The Cambodia Daily

Meta House owner and manager Nico Mesterharm received a letter on Monday from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts informing him that screening “I Am Chut Wutty” would be against the law because he had not secured prior permission from the ministry’s cinema department. Mr. Mesterharm, a German citizen, said on Tuesday that the letter surprised him because he had screened the film to an audience of activists and friends of Chut Wutty in December 2014.

“This is why I didn’t pay much attention to it; nobody there seemed to notice it [last time],” he said. “Suddenly, it has become a point of interest.” Mr. Project-Based Learning for Theory of Knowledge (TOK) New Study Suggests We Are Alone in Universe. Since the universe is so huge, most astronomers think that there must be a planet, somewhere out there, similar to Earth.

New Study Suggests We Are Alone in Universe

But a computer model created at Sweden’s Uppsala University says that our planet may in fact be the only one supporting life. Astrophysicist Erik Zackrisson combined all human knowledge about how the universe was created, from the Big Bang to the present, and fed it to a powerful computer. The machine came up with a concrete number of what we already knew.

There are about 700 quintillion planets, or 7 followed by 20 zeros. The unexpected by-product of the calculation was that Earth may be unique, actually an aberration among myriads of dead, uninhabitable worlds. We are more rational than those who nudge us — Aeon ... Humanity’s achievements and its self-perception are today at curious odds.

We are more rational than those who nudge us — Aeon ...

We can put autonomous robots on Mars and genetically engineer malarial mosquitoes to be sterile, yet the news from popular psychology, neuroscience, economics and other fields is that we are not as rational as we like to assume. We are prey to a dismaying variety of hard-wired errors. We prefer winning to being right. Earth - How do we know what animals can see, hear and smell? Everyone knows that some animals have remarkable senses.

Earth - How do we know what animals can see, hear and smell?

Dogs have a far better sense of smell than we do, while cats can see during pitch-dark nights that leave us fumbling for a torch. Some animals can even sense things that we are totally unaware of, like ultraviolet radiation or the Earth's magnetic field. Maps Have Been Lying To You Your Entire Life. The truth is that every map tells a lie, but they don’t all lie about the same thing.

Maps Have Been Lying To You Your Entire Life

For example, Mercator projection maps—one of the most common in use today—exaggerate regions far from the equator. The Goode homolosine projection (pictured below) shows continents that are sized appropriately to one another, but with many interruptions and distortions of distance. Image Credit: Strebe / Wikimedia Commons. Invisibilia. Intuition and Neurology. Intuition at once seems both the least understood, yet one of the most commonly experienced and powerful Ways of Knowing.

Intuition and Neurology

Many of the most important decisions that we make (romantic partners, jobs, etc) are based on intuitive feelings / responses, yet this process of decision making is very little understood. Tree of Life Web Project. How to Take Notes from a TextBook. The Mind Blowing Truth About ‘Global Warming’ That Nobody Talks About. By Steven Bancarz| We have all heard the hype about global warming.

The Mind Blowing Truth About ‘Global Warming’ That Nobody Talks About

Global temperatures are going up, greenhouses gas emissions are destroying our atmosphere, there is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than ever before, the migration patterns of animals are changing, and the list goes on and on. This is all fine and well. I am not here to try to debunk global warming, because all of the things listed above are undoubtedly true and are certainly due in part to the activity of man. International Security Program. The International Security Program (ISP) boasts a staff of more than 40 in-house scholars and researchers, taking on one of the most robust and ambitious research agendas in the field.

International Security Program

Building on a solid foundation of conventional political-military issues, ISP is also committed to addressing a growing range of nonmilitary aspects defining U.S. foreign and security policy. Dr. Kathleen H. Hicks directs the International Security Program and holds the Henry A. How to Deprogram Yourself. “We are caged by our cultural programming.

How to Deprogram Yourself

Test Yourself for Hidden Bias. Psychologists at Harvard, the University of Virginia and the University of Washington created "Project Implicit"to develop Hidden Bias Tests — called Implicit Association Tests, or IATs, in the academic world — to measure unconscious bias. To take Project Implicit's Hidden Bias Tests, click here.

You may be asked to register. About Stereotypes and Prejudices Hidden Bias Tests measure unconscious, or automatic, biases. Your willingness to examine your own possible biases is an important step in understanding the roots of stereotypes and prejudice in our society. The ability to distinguish friend from foe helped early humans survive, and the ability to quickly and automatically categorize people is a fundamental quality of the human mind. YouTube. Best content in Theory of Knowledge - TOK. Science News - Space & Cosmos. 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job. 5 Scary Effects Of Climate Change That Could Happen In Your Lifetime.

Critical Thinking. How to Train Your Mind to Think Critically and Form Your Own Opinions. Confront Your Biases to See the World from Another Point of View. The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine. Elementary Educators (K-3) Materials for Purchase We have created a K-3 Teacher bundle to help you foster critical thinking in the classroom on a daily basis. The items in this bundle contain the titles most relevant to and commonly purchased by K-3 teachers at a savings to the individual item cost. The K-3 Teacher Bundle includes instructional design materials for grades K-3, elementary products for classroom use, and materials to help the teacher learn and begin to internalize the concepts of critical thinking. The Thinker's Guides included help deepen a teacher’s understanding of the foundations of critical thinking.

60 Second Adventures. This is very interesting series of small videos in which the authors are asking many puzzling questions and they're giving simple explanations. For example how could a humble tortoise beat the legendary Greek hero Achilles in a race? Will time travel ever be possible? How to Argue Using the Socratic Method: 4 Steps. Edit Article. How to Train Your Mind to Think Critically and Form Your Own Opinions. Possibly the Most Eye Opening 6 Minutes Ever on Film. Here Be Dragons. Living Beyond Limits - The Power of Imagination. Labels Against Women. Optical illusion: Shades of grey. Ekman's Six Basic Emotions: List, Definitions & Quiz. The 13 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2013.

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time. Perspectives and implications. Theory Of Knowledge » Blog Archive » Support Resources For The May, 2014 Essay Titles. Thinking correctly is a great work of art : Intuition or Emotion - Which Is It? Report: there is no 97 percent global warming consensus. The vaunted scientific consensus around manmade global warming may be exaggerated, according to a study by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. A May 2013 report by climate scientist John Cook and fellow researchers found that among “abstracts expressing a position on [manmade global warming], 97.1% endorsed the consensus position that humans are causing global warming.”

"Just a Theory": 7 Misused Science Words. Facebook. It's OK To Not Understand These Pictures. Our Brains Weren't Built To Handle Them. 55 flawlessly misleading photographs. InFact: Logical Fallacies 1. This is how far human radio broadcasts have reached into the galaxy. Posted By Emily Lakdawalla Topics: fun, scale comparisons, stars and galaxies. (1) Timeline Photos. Theory of knowledge teacher support material. Mike Hastie Gallery. Fallacies. Dr. Access your bookmarks anywhere. To This Day.

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