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„Erziehung vererbt sich“ Frau Gebhardt, die wenigsten Eltern heute kennen den vermutlich erfolgreichsten Erziehungs-Bestseller Deutschlands mit einer Gesamtauflage von über 1,2 Millionen Exemplaren … Ja, das ist „Die Mutter und ihr erstes Kind“, geschrieben von der Ärztin Johanna Haarer, einer fünffachen Mutter … … und überzeugten Nationalsozialistin.

Als das Buch 1934 erschien, hieß es auch noch „Die deutsche Mutter und ihr erstes Kind“. Nach dem Krieg hat sie ihr Buch einfach von NS-Vokabular bereinigt, und dann ist es bis 1987 aufgelegt worden, natürlich immer wieder in leicht überarbeiteter Version. Ich denke, am Ende hat es sich nicht mehr besonders gut verkauft, aber in der Gesamtzahl ist die eine Hälfte der Auflage während des Krieges und die andere nach dem Krieg verkauft worden. Das bedeutet: Unsere Eltern sind damit noch großgezogen worden. Ich bin damit noch großgezogen worden! Aber Ihre Mutter hat die Ratschläge beherzigt? Inwiefern, glauben Sie, wirkt sich dieses Erbe auf die Gegenwart aus? Richtig. Ja. Dear Daughter: I Hope Your Journey Will Be Different. To my daughter: I have been waiting for you.

Since I was a little girl toting around a baby doll, I have been practicing to be your mommy. I have dreamed about reading you bedtime stories and tucking you in. Your perfect eyes and warm smile, I’ve pictured them in my mind countless times. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below I’ve hoped for the special connection that would bond us together, unshakably. I want to be the one who knows your secrets, and your dreams, and your fears. I worry about the rough times, when you learn everyone isn’t your friend and some people are unnecessarily cruel. I want to protect you from the evil in the world, but also prepare you for it. I hope I can be the mother who teaches you kindness, patience, and forgiveness.

But most of all, I hope you are nothing like me. I don’t want you to struggle to find yourself, like I did. Do not let your experiences harden you, as I did. I hope your tongue is not irreversibly sharp when you are angry. It is your path to walk. Motherhood: All That I Am, The Good And The Bad. I have been that mother—the really focused, engaged, loving mother who was all in, enjoying every speck of every second of motherhood. I have had days of basking in the moment and wanting it to last forever. I have been her, all of her. She is the woman I wish I was for my children at every moment. But I have also been a mother who felt like I could not answer one more question, listen to anymore crying, clean up one more mess. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below I have been the mother that has sped away on a rainy Saturday night because my four walls were closing in on me and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

I have been the mother who spends an hour helping her child with homework, able to hold on to my patience and a smile. I have been the mother who shows up on time, wearing a nice outfit with my hair done. I have been the mother who can’t wait for my kids to go to bed, craving the silence. I have been the mother who makes an organic meal from scratch.

Welcome to Safely Ever After, Inc. Das Kinderkrippen Lügen-Szenario. EF | Wo sind all die „modernen Väter“? Hilferuf eines einsamen Vaters in Elternzeit. Philipp teilt sich die Elternzeit mit seiner Freundin und verbringt sieben Monate mit seinem Sohn zu Hause – und verzweifelt zunehmend daran, im Baby-Schwimmen, beim Pekip und auf dem Spielplatz der einzige Mann weit und breit zu sein. Bei uns schreibt er darüber, was sich ändern muss. Ab heute bin ich Feminist 36 Jahre lang habe ich mir kaum Gedanken über die Gleichberechtigung von Mann und Frau gemacht. Nicht dass wir uns falsch verstehen: Ich war schon dafür, dass Männer und Frauen die gleichen Rechte und Chancen haben, und mir war klar, dass es in diesem Bereich noch einiges zu verbessern gibt. Aber die Gleichberechtigung war für mich mehr ein Thema der Frauen.

Seit zehn Monaten ist das anders. Da wurde Nick geboren, unser Sohn.  Erster Schritt: Ab sofort bin ich Feminist.  Ich weiß gar nicht mehr genau, warum, aber für mich war während der Schwangerschaft ziemlich schnell klar, dass ich mir die Elternzeit mit meiner Freundin teilen will. Großartige Momente mit dem Kind.

Brüssel-Terror: Wie man mit Kindern über Anschläge spricht. Meine knapp acht Jahre alte Tochter darf jeden Abend die "Logo"-Kindernachrichten im Kika sehen. Am Dienstagabend saß ich selbstverständlich neben ihr auf dem Sofa. Ich war an diesem Tag sehr dankbar für die Kindernachrichten, denn die "Logo"-Redaktion hatte den Terror von Brüssel in einer Weise aufbereitet, die einen idealen Einstieg ins Thema bot, inklusive eines kurzen, aber guten Erklärvideos in typischer "Logo"-Optik darüber, was der IS eigentlich ist.

Natürlich reicht das nicht, um einer Zweitklässlerin begreiflich zu machen, was am Dienstag in Brüssel passiert ist. Und natürlich kann man sie nach dieser Information nicht einfach ins Bett schicken. Man könnte meinen, dass ich auf so eine Situation besser vorbereitet bin als andere Eltern, immerhin habe ich Psychologie studiert. Der erste und wichtigste Ratschlag lautet stets: Nicht verheimlichen, nicht verschweigen. Bei Schulkindern ist das anders. "Dass es Leute gibt, die nur für den Tod von anderen leben" This Is Motherhood When You're Expecting Your Second Child Scary Mommy. BraunS / iStock To my friend, a (soon-to-be) momma of two, I’m writing this to you, not because I think I know everything about motherhood (or anything, for that matter) but because I see you, thinking all the thoughts, trying to figure it out. How is it possible to take care of two active little bodies? How can I possibly have any more love to give?

What the hell am I supposed to do when one kid has a huge blowout while the other kid is lying in a puddle of his own vomit? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below I don’t have advice for you, because I literally have nothing figured out myself, but I do have some things I hope you’ll remember once your little babe is here. 1. The point is, I want to help you. 2. All it means is that, yes, it’s hard, and sometimes I need to say it. 3. 4. 5. So get ready for the circus, and remember, I’m here. Motherhood: All That I Am, The Good And The Bad Scary Mommy. Gender (In)Equality: What About The Boys? Scary Mommy. Image via Shutterstock I recently read an article about two moms who, frustrated with the lack of variety in girls’ clothing, created a clothing line featuring rocket ships, trains and dinosaurs, among other prints — all designs that can typically only be found in the boys’ section of a clothing store.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below This got me thinking. I love the idea of girls’ clothing with “boy” designs. Love it. However … what about the flip side of this issue? What about the boys? I know that, as a woman, I’m supposed to be supportive of women’s rights and gender equality — and I am. So no, I’m not taking issue with the fact that finally, the desire of girls to be superheroes and astronauts and scientists is being addressed. Women can do anything men can do. Girls can like anything boys can like. Boys, on the other hand … I look at it this way. “Hey, don’t you think you should encourage her to pursue more girly interests?” And here’s where I get upset. . – Really? – That’s. When We Stop Being Excited to Wake Up - Mom Babble - Mom Babble. Written by Rachel E. Bledsoe The clock reads 4:42 a.m. and the booming screams flood our hallway. I don’t need an alarm clock anymore. “Mama! Daddy! Wake up! He’s right, he is up.

We put on the new, drier pull-up undies when he decides he wants the ones with Mickey Mouse. Before his tiny foot is off the last step, he announces what is going to happen next. He wants to see Grandma and Grandpa today. I huff and puff my way into the kitchen for my relief, the only that is on my morning must-have list. My child comes into the kitchen with his bright, wild eyes looking up to me and states, “I want cheese. Just let me get some of that sweet ever-loving caffeine concoction down my throat and I will begin breakfast. He will grab a pancake, take two bites and run back to his trains. The coffee is finally done and as I take the first few sips, we make our way back to the living room.

I Ignore The News to Stay Sane as a Mom Scary Mommy. Image via Shutterstock In the months after I had my first child, I was plagued by a variety of gruesome visions. I’d be walking down the stairs, holding my son in a blanket, and picture myself falling and smashing our heads into the wall at the bottom. I’d be driving to Target with him in the backseat and picture a head-on collision at 50mph. I’d see him wide-eyed underwater in the bathtub, struggling to breathe. I thought I was going crazy. I thought I had become some morbid, fearful person due to lack of sleep. Then I talked to another new mom. “I do that all the time, too!” We were practicing being good moms. It makes sense. Fast forward seven years and my visions have become less frequent, but they still occur. A while ago, my dad said to me, while arguing that too many of my generation are helicopter parents, “You’re all walking around scared.

Then we had children. As the news cycle spins ever onward, it takes more work to be happy, I think. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Challenge Accepted: Raising a Wild One. Raising a spirited child is a blessing and a challenge. They have this beautiful resilience about them and we know in our hearts that this will be vital in adulthood, but we are caught in this balancing act we call parenting. On the best of days, I am in awe of my wild one. He is imaginative, compassionate and downright determined. He says such profound things that fill my heart with joy and wonder. On the days when my patience runs thin, I wonder if I’ll be strong enough for him. Butting heads with a wild one only causes them to push harder. This was not what I pictured parenting would be like. Demand from a wild one, and they will demand from us. One day I realized that everything I want for my son already comes so naturally to him. I realized that instead of trying to shape him it was my job to guide him.

It is easier said than done with wild ones. Redirecting and guiding is a process of trial and error. We have to think ahead, be quick to adapt and learn to roll with changes. Relephant: Husband rants online that his stay-at-home wife is too costly for him (8 Photos) The only reason to get married. I have a son and daughters. I also have my own private nightmare. It’s the moment when my wonderful daughter — who I carried in my arms, whose diapers I changed and with whom I marveled at the lights outside during the night — brings home some, pardon my French, idiot and will say: «Daddy, this one is going to live with us now.»

Meaning, live with us and sleep with her. I am almost certain, for some reason, that this intruder will be scruffy, poor and ill-mannered, that he’ll have long disheveled hair and his attitude towards my baby girl will be not at all as chivalrous as I’ve hoped. Oh, and he’ll have a whole bunch of disgusting habits. In other words, he’ll be my exact copy, only younger. So, in order to ease my anxiety, while my eldest daughter is still eight, I’m going to put off getting a gun and a huge, angry, boyfriend-eating dog, and will try to verbalize the reasons for my daughter to get married. Which reasons for getting married are absolutely wrong? Physical attraction Or:

"We are torturing new mothers." Torturing new mothers? Who does that? Well, as a society, we all do. I’m not kidding, I’m perfectly serious, and I’m going to stop mincing my words and say it how it is. We torture mothers. Sleep deprivation is a method of torture that has been used for at least 500 years, and is still used today. Chronic sleep deprivation is not good for you. Chronic sleep deprivation is when you have no opportunity to make up your sleep debt. People have always thought that anxiety and depression causes disturbed sleep.

With all this in mind, is it any wonder that we have such high rates of anxiety, depression, and psychosis postnatally? In other cultures, mums are made to rest, recuperate, stay in bed, and do nothing but get to know baby. Let’s stop torturing mothers. Mia Scotland is a Clinical Psychologist. This post originally appeared on Mindfulmiablog. Love In The Time Of Colic Scary Mommy. AzmanL / iStock The newborn period is magical. I’ve even heard people call it a “babymoon”—like a honeymoon, only with your babe instead of your spouse. Those first weeks and months are all about sweet bonding, gazing at the miracle of life sleeping peacefully in your arms, and falling madly in love with your child. Unless you have a colicky baby, that is. When you have a colicky baby, there is no babymoon. There is only crying. Sometimes the baby’s. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Only it’s not just crying. You may have heard of colic. That’s basically what colic is.

And yet, you do. But that love is hard won. You arm yourself each day. And then one day, miraculously, it stops. Love in the time of colic is tortured love—it’s real and intense, but painful. Things do become normal in time. 12 Wahrheiten übers Elternsein. Auch Eltern haben mal einen schlechten Tag Der Mythos: Als Eltern immer liebevoll und geduldig zu sein, ist entscheidend für eine glückliche Kindheit. Es schadet dem Kind, wenn man die Nerven verliert, nur weil es gerade seine Box mit den 3000 Bügelperlen ausgekippt oder den vollen Putzeimer umgestoßen hat. Eltern sollten auch in solchen Situationen geduldig bleiben. Die Wahrheit: Der hohe Anspruch, alles richtig zu machen und nie die Geduld zu verlieren, sorgt schnell für Schuldgefühle. Denn es gibt einfach diese Tage, da hakt es mit der Chemie zwischen groß und klein.

Kleinkindspiele können langweilig sein Der Mythos: Wenn man ein Kind hat, sollte man auch Lust haben, sich viel mit ihm zu beschäftigen. Die Wahrheit: Nicht viele Eltern hocken gern in gekrümmter, hexenschuss-auslösender Haltung auf der Krabbeldecke, um dort mit dem Kind dem Klötzchen-Fieber zu frönen. Die erste Zeit ist anstrengend für die Beziehung Man braucht den Mittagschlaf dringender als das Kind! Bullshit-Free Newborn 101 Scary Mommy. Wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock Between the bazillion pregnancy-and-baby books and the bazillion pregnancy-and-baby blogs and websites, there’s no shortage of “Newborn 101” tips for soon-to-be-mothers.

Sleep when your baby sleeps. Nurse 8 to 12 times a day. Accept all offers of help. Stock your freezer before your due date. Don’t try to sleep-train a newborn. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below And yet, no matter how many books, blogs, podcasts or videos you study while you’re pregnant, life with a newborn—especially your first newborn—is nothing you can ready yourself for. It’s difficult, though, to tell your friends who are soon to become first-time moms this hard truth. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Now, stop reading, wash your hair, and get out of the house for a while. 14 Things Babies Just Don't Understand Scary Mommy. Wie ich Vater wurde - die Geburt aus Papa-Sicht. Kindernachrichten erklären Attentat in Paris - 10 Lesser-Known Parenting Challenges Scary Mommy. The Fable of the Fat Mom - Mom Babble - Mom Babble.

Alltag mit Kind: Die Einsamkeit berufstätiger Mütter - BRIGITTE MOM. Farewell Mittagsschlaf: ein Nachruf | Ich Bin Dein Vater. Broadway Star Defends Mom Who Brought Autistic Child To Show Scary Mommy. The „Terrible Twos“ oder wie Zweijährige Eltern an ihre Grenzen bringen können. Hochsensibilität (Teil 2) – hochsensible - Anerkennungskultur und Soziale Arbeit. Für alle Mütter! Top 6 Wines That Pair Best With Your Child’s Crappy Behavior. Epic News for Parents. | Life as a Rambling Redhead. 14 Geheimrezepte in Sachen Erziehung, die jede Mutter kennen sollte | Muttis Nähkästchen. Why I Don't Love You Like I Used To Scary Mommy.

When We're Not Together - One Mother to Another. Was bedeutet ÜZ? : Forum Kinderwunsch - goFeminin. Beruf und Familie: "Zu Hause war ich diese Woche gar nicht" Väter: "Wir sind noch zu feige" You Won't Remember, But I Will - One Mother to Another. 5 Mommy Wars That Just Aren't Worth the Fight. I’m Not Taking A Break. I’m Breaking. 24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing. My Child Plays With A Tablet At Restaurants. Dear Perfect Mom In The Facebook Comments.

DFV_2_2015_Web.pdf. Familien: Kleine Kinder sind nicht flexibel. Betreungsgeld Diskussion. Christian Ulmen im Interview über Männlichkeit. Muttermilch: Weib, du sollst stillen! - NZZ NZZ am Sonntag. 11 Topics Guaranteed To Ignite Mommy Wars. Geschenke-Ideen für jedes Kinderalter. 8 After-Pregnancy Side Effects I Still Suffer From. The Childless Sunday Vs. The Mom Sunday. Aufbewahren statt Trösten: Der Betreuungsschlüssel in unseren Kitas. Digitale Familie : Hurra, es ist ein YouTuber! | ZEITmagazin. Familie und Beruf: Die Lüge von der Vereinbarkeit - Erfolg - WirtschaftsWoche. Ich hätte dich fast verloren. Brief an mein Baby - 2KindChaos - der Familien Blog aus Mama und Papa Sicht.

You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations. Taboo Topics: Parents of Young Children – Meet Steve Wiens | Irresistibly Fish. NEIN!!! Die Logikfalle. Autonomiephase revisited - Mama notes. «Mein kleiner Maximilian-Jason kriegt noch MuMi»