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Running Race, Running Programs, Runners, Running Technique. If you want to see the results of your hard work, then the only measure is a race.

Running Race, Running Programs, Runners, Running Technique

So the question is do you run for mental sanity and for health only or to one day see how you measure up. I see people pounding the streets at the same slow pace, day in and day out and i often think if they had more incentives that they might put some speed into their daily runs and improve. Make not mistake about it that if you run a race with top effort there is a lot of pain involved. The workout if done right is the cliche of pain that turns into pleasure once you feel the endo high and once we are finish we also feel the pleasure.The race can be extreme pain.

A friend of mine describe it well.Hugh says,everything i race i say that’s it,never again. By the way the endorphin high is a chemical reaction that triggers brain nerve endings and is best described by the feeling of well being. So to race or not to race is the question? Running Form, Running Programs, Senior Running, Runners. So you have the 2 or 3 cups of coffee and feel much better.

Running Form, Running Programs, Senior Running, Runners

So what’s next? I put Vicks Vapor rub on my knees and my shoulders and lower back and then a good smear over my forehead and sometimes on the side of my face and bridge of my nose. It feels like a menthol awakening. Wow! Testimonials: Jogging Seniors. The Senior Runners, Running Seniors, Senior Runners, Running Tips. The Aging Process And Having Fun With It. The knees hurt.

The Aging Process And Having Fun With It

Life is changing but as many great and simple philosophers have said, “It is what it is”. So, do we give up? Many folks have said “My running days are over” when they feel that it’s time to move on to lower-impact workouts such as swimming, walking, weight training, treadmill, among the many to choose from to prolong the fitness’ well-being years. So what do we do at sixty or seventy years of age? Do we run for fun or cutback our training routines? It is the old adage of “pay attention and listen to your body”. As a sixty year old man, I run 45 minutes in the morning, 5 days a week, and running at a seven minute per mile pace, or less. It seems some people think that the more running and racing they do, these become the magic bullets to youth, or their savior of sorts.

I have a long-term acquaintance who was a champion runner and was 8th in the 1968 Marathon Olympics in Mexico City. Senior Running, Runners, Fitness Running, Running Training. I feel like crap after a Big Mac and fries so i stay away from that kind of food.

Senior Running, Runners, Fitness Running, Running Training

I feel great after my breakfast which is a salad which consist of fresh broccoli and carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, hot chilies, beets, onions and any other fresh veggie i can find at my local market. Then i add any of my favorite salad dressings. This is my breakfast and it works for me but many think i am nuts. Every time i eat a lot of fruit i feel the sugar highs in a bad way so i nibble only from time to time. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. It’s a little before six a.m. and I’m out for my early morning run inside the walls of the quiet subdivision where I live in Central Luzon in the tropical Philippines Islands.


It’s a balmy morning, with clear skies and calm winds. I’m dressed in black swim trunks and a grungy gray tank top that I should have tossed in the trash months ago, but I hate throwing things away, what can I say? I’m not a hoarder or anything. I just have a mild aversion to spending money and all. Running Tips, Running Program, Running Training, Senior Running. Training is very subjective.

Running Tips, Running Program, Running Training, Senior Running

What are you trying to achieve? Are you after fitness and mental health, or are you out to run races? Do you want to run in circles at a track because the roads are too congested or are you running in parks to drink in its beauty too? Running is a positive addiction and therefore needs to be thought of as a balance of health and fitness as well as a measuring stick for others who need to know just how fast they are, or how fit they are, by racing. Training in our senior years should have fun elements in each run. I love to train early mornings when the whole world is asleep and not a human is stirring, only a street cat hiding or fleeing something. 1) Do you do training to race?

We are sure some of you will answer all of the above or relate to most of them as part of the reasons you train. If you run to race, there is plenty of advice all over the net, books and magazines, from surges several days a week to the weekly long runs. Take a day off if you can. The Senior Running Blogs. February 20th, 2017 If you’re an elderly person who has retired, what can you do with 30 minutes of your day?

The Senior Running Blogs

Watch a classic TV sitcom? Complete a crossword puzzle? Try out a new recipe? These are all worthwhile suggestions for passing the … Continue reading. The Senior Runners. Running Tips and Training.