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I am Nigel Miller. I work with SendSocialMedia as a VP Sales & Marketing.

Monitor and Engage Your Social Media Reviews from Send Social Media. Social media has developed at a very rapid pace.

Monitor and Engage Your Social Media Reviews from Send Social Media

It was less than a decade ago when most social media activity was limited to people under the age of 25. Since then, platforms like Facebook have grown into global drivers where people from all walks of life go on a daily basis. As social media has become more ingrained into people’s daily routines, the companies behind these platforms continue to roll out new features to ensure they’re not left behind like previous front runners such as MySpace. One area where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have all focused a lot of effort is on appealing to businesses. Since almost all social media revenue comes from advertising, these platforms know that they need businesses to care about them. An Important Feature of Facebook Business Pages Even though they started out as an online network exclusively for college students, Facebook has emerged as the clear leader in the social media space.

Solve These 4 Marketing Challenges with Social Media Automation. Although social media usage and influence only continues to increase, plenty of businesses still struggle to stay on top of their social channels.

Solve These 4 Marketing Challenges with Social Media Automation

Even after a business clears the initial challenges that often come up when getting started with social, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do. If you want your business to take advantage of everything social media has to offer but worry that you simply don’t have the resources to do so, we want to share four different ways social media automation can help you out: Efficiently Handling a Large Number of Responses As you build more momentum for your business through social media, the number of people who interact with your profiles will increase.

While this is a good problem to have, it’s still a problem. Instagram Management and Like Automation Now Available in the Send Social Media Dashboard. Every month, half a billion people get on Instagram.

Instagram Management and Like Automation Now Available in the Send Social Media Dashboard

Because Instagram is a huge platform that will only continue to grow in 2017 and beyond, Send Social Media is very excited to announce that our Dashboard now supports Instagram. By talking to businesses, marketers and agencies about the type of help they need with their Instagram marketing, we were able to build an excellent set of management and automation features.

Since this addition to our platform presents an exciting new opportunity for social media marketing, we want to highlight the best Instagram features that are now available: Inbox The Inbox of our Dashboard brings all your Instagram activity into one convenient location. This makes it super easy to engage with people who are interested in your content. Schedule and Queue New Posts Search for Relevant Posts Organically Grow Your Following with Powerful Instagram Automation. How Agencies Can Best Help with Social Media in 2017. Most agencies that offer online marketing services to clients understand the importance of social media.

How Agencies Can Best Help with Social Media in 2017

Because social media has become such a significant component of most people’s daily online routine, an online marketing strategy is going to be incomplete without a social media component. While social media can be a powerful way to reach a target audience, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. As all the major platforms continue to grow in size and change how they allow businesses to connect with users, it’s important for agencies to keep up with the latest strategies and tactics that actually work. Since this is a topic we’re very interested in and have a lot of hands-on knowledge about, we want to take a look at some of the areas where agencies can best help their clients with social media in 2017: Increasing Organic Reach Creating Things Like Infographics and Videos. What are Some Social Media Challenges Businesses Face?

Each month, hundreds of millions of people across the United States and billions more around the globe log into at least one of the major social media platforms.

What are Some Social Media Challenges Businesses Face?

Because so many people have integrated social media into their regular routine, these platforms have turned into very powerful marketing platforms for businesses. But that doesn’t mean social media marketing is easy. Businesses of all sizes encounter a variety of challenges when they attempt to market through social media. To help your business avoid or solve these challenges, we want to highlight four right now: 1. What Do Agencies Need from a Social Media Management Tool? Social media has become an integral part of the work that many agencies do.

What Do Agencies Need from a Social Media Management Tool?

One of the challenges that agencies often face as they grow is being able to keep up with posting for all clients across multiple platforms. Because this is something that’s obviously too time-consuming to manage manually and is actually too demanding for many social media tools, it’s vital to find a tool that’s built for the specific needs of an agency. Social Media Dashboard For Businesses. Social Media Manager App. Mobile App Free Demo CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE MOBILE VERSION and update all your social networks at once.

Social Media Manager App

Publish content to any of the social networks you use and update your blogs – all from one app. Social Media Marketing Certification. Proud sponsor of the Web Media University Social Media Certification Program Learn how to attract more leads with social media marketing!

Social Media Marketing Certification

Do you want to know exactly how to reach your target audience with social media? Would you like an employee to acquire the skills needed to handle social media marketing for your company? Then this training session is for you! Social Media Client Management Software. Social Media CRM Software. Access all your contacts in one platform Import all your contacts into the Send Social Media dashboard for easy communication.

Social Media CRM Software

Add notes and details on each contact and easily send direct messages to these contacts on the social platforms they use. Group your contacts for easy distribution and tracking Create groups of contacts to easily post to all those social networks at once. Groups Email and SMS mailing lists together to send direct messages to a targeted segment of your contacts. Social Media Analytics Dashboard. Measure success & generate detailed reports Prove the effectiveness of every piece of content you distribute with Send Social Media Analytics dashboard which helps to track just about everything including clicks, referrers, shares, comments, views and more.

Social Media Analytics Dashboard

See what content is working best with insightful analytics When you begin engaging on social media, you’ll want to know which types of content work best. This will give you an optimal direction for your future efforts. As a social media analytics dashboard, we make this just as easy as being active. Social Media Content Publishing Tool. Post content on multiple social networks at once With social media publishing tool, you can easily distribute messages to all of your social networks, blogs and mailing lists with a single click. Choose whether to send now, schedule for later or automatically post from an RSS feed.

Schedule messages ahead of time. Social Media Engagement Dashboard. Social Media Monitoring Dashboard. Social media has become the heartbeat of the Internet. Social Media Management Dashboard. Manage multiple streams from your social inbox Use Send Social Media Management Dashboard to manage all your social streams from a single inbox. Send Social Media’s Priority Inbox highlights the messages you should be responding to. Like, Comment, Share and Delete Posts right from your Stream. Manage multiple blogs from a single dashboard Send Social Media Management Dashboard supports all the blogging platforms you’d expect, including WordPress (self-hosted),, Blogger, Posterous,Tumblr and more. Manage multiple LinkedIn Groups & Profiles from one place.

Social Media Management For Agencies. Social media agencies need the ability to manage and monitor all of the social media activity for multiple brands. In the past, accomplishing that task took up a lot of time as a result of logging in and out of different profiles throughout the day. As a social media agency ourselves, we felt that pain. Knowing that there had to be a better way leads to the development of our social media publishing tool. With Send Social Media, you no longer have to spend valuable time jumping between profiles. Instead, you have convenient access to everything your agency needs to manage its clients in one convenient interface.

Send Social Media's Instagram Automation Guide. In April of 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion. At the time, many people thought Facebook was significantly overpaying for a company that only had 13 full-time employees. But over the last 4.5 years, this acquisition has turned out to be one of the best in recent tech history. When Instagram was acquired, it had 30 million users.

At the end of 2016, that figure has exploded to 500 million active users every month. That makes Instagram bigger than Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Given Instagram’s ongoing growth, it makes sense to utilize it as a marketing platform. Monitor and Engage Your Social Media Reviews from Send Social Media. Social media has developed at a very rapid pace. How the Right Social Media Marketing Dashboard Can Help Your Business Grow -

Essential Ingredients to Build a Brand for Your Small Business. Branding is a very broad topic. Social Media Monitoring Dashboard for Business. 5 Content Types That Can Help Your Business Go Viral. When used to talk about things that are published online, the word viral refers to content that people consume and are then compelled to share with others. How Parents of Special Needs Children Use Social Media to Reach Out. Since April is Autism Awareness Month, we wanted to do a post that focuses on the different ways that special needs parents use social media to reach out. LinkedIn Headline Optimization Tips for LinkedIn Marketing. Headlines are very important. Statistics show that changing a single word in an email headline can improve clickthroughs by as much as 46%. Best Practices for Visually Building Your Brand on Social Media.

When people hear the word content, blog posts are often the first thing that comes to mind. While blog posts are essential for building a brand through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, this isn’t the only form that content can take. Content can also be visual assets like pictures or other graphics. With the continued growth of Instagram, along with how well images tend to perform on Facebook and other platforms, it’s worth taking a look at how this kind of content can be used to build and spread your brand visually.

Establish Your Brand’s Color Palette In terms of the best starting point for business social media design, establishing your brand’s color palette is a great option. Why Your Business Should Be On Pinterest. It should go without saying that your business is on social media, but which platforms are the most effective? That really depends on your business and your target market, but there are a few things that will apply to any of you crazy entrepreneurs and your online shenanigans. One thing that should apply to everyone right now for the foreseeable future is getting engaged on Pinterest. Learn why your business should be on Pinterest: It’s HotRiding trends is not the most desirable way to run a business for everyone, but taking advantage of existing markets of potential customers is always smart.

In other words, when you’ve got a handful of doodads to sell, what’s more effective, taking out an ad somewhere for “doodads for sale” or walking down to the flea market and unloading them in an hour or two? Pinterest is seeing meteoric growth in the last 6 months, and they haven’t come close to plateauing yet, so you should definitely be browsing the site and mingling as a business. Improve Your Social Media Engagement. Social Media Management Tools - 6 Features Franchisees Should Look For. So you took the plunge and opened your own business through a franchise. Social Media Posting Schedule – When & What to Post on Social Networks. The 5 Best iOS Apps Businesses Need to Know About. 5 Social Media Social Stats That Will Boggle Your Mind. 3 Ways Businesses Can Produce Interesting Social Media Content. 3 Critical Steps that Lead to a Successful Social Media Strategy. 6 Powerful Ways to Get People to Read Your Content.

6 Powerful Ways to Get People to Read Your Content. Understanding Twitter Cards and Their Use for Businesses. How Can Your Business Benefit from a Social Media Dashboard? 5 Secrets of the Content Marketing Experts. 5 Tips for Startups to Improve Their Overall Social Media Strategy. Social Media Marketing vs Community Management. 5 Important Social Media Analytics Components for Nonprofits. Tips to Find the Right Social Network for Your Business -