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Greetings, I’m Alisha, a well-known name in the field of fashion blogging. I have completed M.Sc. in fashion and technology & hails from Pune. I manage social media for Indian fashion brands such as Hauterfly. I am also a photographer and loves to spend my weekend clicking birds and stray animals.

Know How To Wear Ear Cuffs To Grab The Attention. Ear cuffs, the 90s fashion trend has made a comeback with more bling and style.

Know How To Wear Ear Cuffs To Grab The Attention

Be it the celebs, fashionistas or trend-followers, all love wearing ear cuffs to achieve that chic look without getting pierced. If you too are looking to some awesome accessories to flaunt at parties, ear cuffs are a must-have. Although, most designers, lifestyle updates online stores and street side shops have an amazing collection of ear cuffs, we want you to learn more about these stylish pieces of jewelry before owning one.

The blog post gives a glimpse of how ear cuffs became a trend and the right way to wear them. Top 4 Tips to Clean Your Mac  - ​Monitor Your Mac’sHealth. Life Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Making Life Easier. Dry Winter Skin? Here's What You Should Do. , thereby leading to rough, dry, and patchy skin.

Dry Winter Skin? Here's What You Should Do

Though the market is flooded with a plethora of lotions and moisturizers, most of them either come with either hefty price tags or doesn’t work the way you expected. Ways To Ace The Athleisure Trend Like A Celebrity. From print magazines to Instagram, from Victoria’s secret models to female athletes, you will spot the athleisure look everywhere.

Ways To Ace The Athleisure Trend Like A Celebrity

It is so much in the trend that it has carved a niche for itself in hottest fashionable clothing for Women. Global Beauty & Fashion Trends to Watch in 2017. Seasons change and so do beauty trends.

Global Beauty & Fashion Trends to Watch in 2017

Like always this year too you would be ready to try out some new makeup trends. After all who doesn’t like to keep it trendy! Even if you haven’t kept some of your new year’s resolutions, which is very normal to do, you can still keep up with your “the New Year and New You” thing by following lifestyle updates including trendy makeup ideas. The good news is there are myriad new trends out there to try. Easy Ways to Keep Your Feet Soft and Smooth This Winter. Life-Changing Makeup Hacks EVERY Woman Should Know. Most women would agree the prime reason they apply makeup is to look a more youthful and rejuvenated version of themselves.

Life-Changing Makeup Hacks EVERY Woman Should Know

Ironically, not many women are aware of the makeup tricks that can help them look younger. In most cases, women rely on half-baked knowledge and act on hearsay, while trying countless makeup hacks that often do more harm than good. To help, the blog post discusses five easy and effective makeup tips for women to help them defy age. 1. Apply a Moisturizer before Foundation Always apply a moisturizer from a reputable brand, before putting on a foundation. Indian Fashion for Women: 4 Chic Colors you Can’t Afford to Miss in 2017. The new year is here!

Indian Fashion for Women: 4 Chic Colors you Can’t Afford to Miss in 2017

5 Expert Tips to Shop Plus-Size Clothing - Posts - Quora. 4 Tips for Glowing Skin - Hashtag Blogger. Winter is here and so does the skin dryness with increasing cold.

4 Tips for Glowing Skin - Hashtag Blogger

Though there’s so much to love about winters, such as cozy bed and beautiful snow, the dry and cold air during this weather requires a little extra care of the skin than usual. A drop in temperature can drain the skin of its natural moisture, thereby resulting in dryness. Latest Indian Lifestyle Tips, Trends, Ideas & Updates. 7 Beauty Tips For Women To Maintain The Natural Glow Of Your Face. Women who can’t help it but walk in the sun and dust, almost everyday to perform several important tasks, always worry about her skin becoming dull by every passing day.

7 Beauty Tips For Women To Maintain The Natural Glow Of Your Face

Consistent exposure to sun and pollution results in various skin problems such as acne and discoloration to name a few. In an effort to keep skin problems at bay, many women leave no product unused that promises them to keep their skin healthy by keeping its natural glow intact. Ironically most of the products are of no use and stand false to their claims. 4 Effective Face Packs for Healthy and Fair Skin. Thanks to our insanely hectic lifestyle, proper skincare routine has taken a backseat in almost everyone’s life.

4 Effective Face Packs for Healthy and Fair Skin

Increasing pollution doesn’t help either, robbing the skin of its natural radiance and fairness. Though many lifestyle magazines provide easy beauty tips for women, using natural facepacks is one of the most ancient, trusted and effective skin remedy that works for most women, irrespective of their skin type. This post discusses several effective face packs that are easy to prepare and apply. Take a look. Related Post: Easy Homemade Face Packs For Every Skin Type! 1. To prepare this natural face pack you’ll need a cup of green tea water, a couple of spoons of rice flour, and ½ tablespoon honey. 2. Lemon is one of the most effective ingredients in natural facepacks, as it is loaded with numerous skin benefits. Women & Celebrity Style, Fashion Trends, Shopping, Tips. Easy lifestyle changes which helps you relieve stress. Stress is all around us- in the home, at work place, even in public transport.

Easy lifestyle changes which helps you relieve stress

It is soon becoming a silent killer negatively impacting the life of millions. There could be countless reasons for stress, such as workplace problems, relationship issues, stagnant life, and an extensive use of social media, among various others. Though many feel that they can’t do much about stress, the good news is there are many ways to deal with it. In an effort to help you cope stress, this blog post discusses several healthy habits that have become healthy lifestyle trends for a stress-free life. 1. When stress starts feeding on your brain, the rest of the body feels the impact as well. 2. Caffeine is one of the most consumed ingredients, found in a variety beverages and foods. 3. Your eating habits have a major impact on your mental well being.

This may interest you: Yoga Retreats To Rejuvenate Yourself 4. Consuming herbs such as Ashwagandha, Passionflower and Chamomile comes with a range of benefits. 10 Blushes That Pop On Indian Skin Tones. Blush is an underrated product, when it comes to makeup for Indian women. We brown girls tend to ignore the lifting effect blush can have on our skin and we choose, instead, to go heavy with kohl and lipstick. Blush can make you look like you just worked out, it can add a healthy flush of colour to an otherwise boring look, or it can contour your face.

Don’t believe me? Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Bauer swears by the draping technique.