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We are offering technology solutions to enterprises, digital agencies and start-ups. Since inception we have gained the confidence of our clients by offering efficiency, quality and reliability in all offshore jobs.

How RoR has changed the shape of modern web development? How to Choose between the iconic Django and Ruby on Rails? Know why having a website is important for start-ups? Must to Know: 7 Pillars of Modern PHP Development. Reasons to Choose AngularJs for Web App Development. Introduction In this era of digitalization, having an online presence is very important for businesses, which are looking to increase their user base.

Reasons to Choose AngularJs for Web App Development

And in this, websites, web apps, and mobile apps play an inevitable role. With the increase in the number of smartphone users and the convenience of not remembering the URLs all the time, mobile apps and web apps have become more popular than websites. If we talk about web apps, one of the first things, which attracts any user, is its design. Front-end development is responsible for the look and feel of an app. Everyone wants to get the look of their web apps correct and for this, entrepreneurs look for professional help. Talking about the technologies, JavaScript offers some amazing frameworks for the best UI for your web apps, and among them, AngularJS is the most popular with the developers.

A Brief About: AngularJS Released in the year 2010, AngularJS has been quite popular among the front-end developers for making interactive web apps. Digital Transformation Trends to look forward for Businesses. All you need to know about Full Stack development. Why choose NodeJS for your next web app development. Artificial Intelligence Importance for businesses. Android 11 is going to bring a lot of changes, here are the top ones. Choosing the right technology stack for your web app. Key Differences Between Websites and Web Portals. Introduction Websites are an integral part of any business.

Key Differences Between Websites and Web Portals

It helps businesses to represent their intentions and objectives in front of thousands of people. Websites are the best way to mark an online presence and reach out to your target audience. People often get confused between websites and web portals, as both are great platforms, but used for entirely different purposes.

Both are the two entirely different terms but, interlinked, as both, websites and web portals, are web-based. Websites are used to reach a large number of people, and on the other hand, web portals limit the number of users and refine them to a specific group of users. What are some Android app development best practices? Top Reasons to Target Android As A Startup. Type of Apps That Can Be Developed Using Python. Introduction In today’s world, applications have become an indispensable part of every business.

Type of Apps That Can Be Developed Using Python

Be it mobile apps or web apps, applications are a great way for businesses, to reach their target audience and achieve their goals much faster. Know Top Tips to Hire a Frontend Developer. What makes app maintenance essential for success? PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby: Which programming language is better? How Flutter Can Reduce App Development Cost? Introduction Whether you are a start-up or an already established business, every business needs a mobile app these days.

How Flutter Can Reduce App Development Cost?

They are a vital tool for marketing and help build a direct relationship with users. Mobile Apps: A boon during Coronavirus outbreak? Top Mobile Apps Built Using the React Native - Semidot Infotech. How much does chatbot development costs in 2020. Mobile App Development Cost. Mobile Websites If you are even considering this option, we believe you already have your business established on the desktop web.

Mobile App Development Cost

If you are planning to get a new desktop website, and just looking for presence over the mobile SERPs, this might just be the perfect option for you. It is mostly a norm these days, every reputed web development company would make sure they create a responsive website for you. However, if your website is already built, and isn’t responsive, an estimate of about 50-70% of the time would be consumed to make it responsive, test it on various devices, and to integrate the front end with the back end. But all this cost would obviously benefit you on the website too, and as we said above, this option is best suited for those who already have their businesses established on the desktop web.

Top Reasons to Use React JS in 2020. Reasons to Choose Swift for iOS App Development. Learn about factors affecting React Native App Development Cost. Learn about factors affecting Android App Development Cost. Harry says… Harry says… Big Data Development Company. 5 Reasons Why the Majority of the Mobile Apps Fail. Yourstory. Dapps Development Company. Hire Smart Contracts Developers. Google Algorithm Updates History - From SEO Perspective. 10 Tips to Hire Android App Developers {2019 Edition} - Semidot Infotech. Forget ICO, Why IEO will be the future of fundraising.

There is a new hope in the sea of thieves, IEO is promising to be a much better fundraising tool than generic ICOs.

Forget ICO, Why IEO will be the future of fundraising

With fraudulent ICO’s flooding the market in 2017 and giving crypto currencies a bad name, maybe we can finally imagine a corruption free crypto world. Sure, blockchain Applications (Dapps) will be the setting stone for this change, but until then, IEOs should take over the ICO trend. IEO is a typical ICO but backed by an exchange. Big exchanges verifies the smart contract and the company background, before dishing out the product to the consumers. Python vs PHP in 2019 - Which is Best Language for Web Development. Top 5 Cyber Security Threats & How to Avoid Them – Jitu Bhaskar. The most common mistakes are the ones which can lead you to lose all your money, in one go, or could leak private/intimate information.

Top 5 Cyber Security Threats & How to Avoid Them – Jitu Bhaskar

The criminals are getting smarter, each day, every day. Cyber-security threats are the reason the internet doesn’t feel safe anymore, everything is noted in there, and can be stolen. With more and more criminals inventing smart ideas to fool the common people, it is you who has to be more vigilant than ever. There are a variety of crimes people commit on the internet, you probably know about most of them, or has heard someone being victimized to one of these cyber crimes. With things going global, there are gangs from different countries targeting the world. Here are 5 common cyber security mistakes and how to avoid getting scammed. AngularJS Web Development Company. Node JS Web Development Company. Web Development Security Tips to Prevent Your Website to be Hacked. White label vs Custom solution - The parameters to make a wise choice! One of the greatest queries that arise in every entrepreneur’s mind when they finalize an App idea is to develop a custom solution or go ahead with a generic white label solution?

White label vs Custom solution - The parameters to make a wise choice!

Developing an app for a business is a must these days, be it in any of the niches. Customers these days are smartphone savvy, so you should try to put your app in the app store or play store to ease out things for your customers. At the end of the day, you basically have two options, to go with pre-built Apps to save time and money or develop your App from scratch for a custom fit. There is no clear winner, it all depends on your requirements and what you wish to achieve. I can let you know the pros and cons of each and let you decide for yourself. 10 Tips to Make Sure Your Startup Doesn't Fail - Semidot Infotech. Kotlin Vs React Native - The Barely Known Differences - Semidot Infotech. Programming languages to learn for IoT implementation. Future of the IoT The internet of things is, in simpler words, the internet for devices of daily use.

Programming languages to learn for IoT implementation

Most common IoT devices can be as simple as living room smart lights or as complicated as robots. The important part is, since these are mostly our daily use devices, they collect data. Tons and tons of data is collected by every single device that’s part of the internet of things. We are all well aware that data, if processed properly, is more valuable than all other things in the world. Your thermostat can be easily set to x temperature whenever you want, every single day. Why Blockchain isn’t mainstream yet? – Jitu Bhaskar. Blockchain was the buzz world in 2017 and it appeared like it will take over every aspect of our daily lives.

Why Blockchain isn’t mainstream yet? – Jitu Bhaskar

We heard news of banks trying it out and the gaming industry putting their rewards over blockchain and it appeared that in a couple of years, it will be everywhere. Then what went wrong? Let’s find out. Data Theft: How To Protect Yourself? - Semidot Infotech. Yourstory. 8 Benefits Of WordPress Web Development For Small Businesses. Full Stack Web Development Company: 5 Things to look before hiring. Hire Ruby on Rails Developers. Processes Top Website Development Company Follows To Execute project. You may have always wondered, what makes up a great website? While a team of designers and developers set the building stones, there is so much more a top website development company offers. There is an amalgamation of different elements that create a perfect website, but what matters is, retaining and converting a visitor, to a client. Freelancers or small website development companies may create a fancy and flimsy website for you, but the visitor to client conversion could be negatively compromised in that case.

Hire Javascript Developers - SemiDot Infotech. What to Expect from ICOs in 2019? Current State of Digital Tokens' Market. Towards the end of 2017, the world was left pretty confused (and went all-in) about how ICOs and digital tokens were the next big thing. Since the dawn of the stock exchanges, the stock market had been typically running in the exact same way, in a shell of national boundaries set by the respective countries. In this blog, we will talk about ICO Softwares, ICO Development Services and we will know what to expect from ICOs in 2019.

Before we take things forward, the basic need of a crypto market, over a country’s general stock market, must be understood. The crypto market provides a medium where you can trade without any boundaries in the currency (coins, tokens) of your choice. Top Ruby On Rails ROR Development Company -SemiDot Infotech. Top PHP Web Development Company. 9 Best Ways to Find & Hire iPhone App Developers for Your Small Business. Are you dealing with low-quality developers for your upcoming iOS app project? No doubt, finding the right talent is the most daunting task when you want to hire iPhone app developer for your business. In general, the hiring cost of an iPhone app developer is slightly on the higher side compared to an Android app developer. I understand the instincts of a small-scale business is to save money. But you can make some smart tradeoffs to save money for your App. Here are 9 Useful Tips That Can Help You in Your Cost-Cutting Although iOS developers are experts in building smart iPhone apps for various domains. 1.

Hire iPhone App Developer. Why Python Is Preferred In Machine Learning? A Brief Overview. Python is acknowledged as one of the best languages for AI and ML projects. It has been suggested by most of the programmers. I think what makes Python web development so popular is- “its super easiness”. Nobody likes to write difficult and confusing codes for algorithms that need mathematic calculation. Hence, many businesses widely consider Python as a great choice for data science and scientific computing and hire python developers for building complex scientific & numeric applications.

Python developers are focused on serving friendly ecosystem to its clients. An Introduction Invented in 1991 by Guido van Rossum, Python is a high-level, flexible, general-purpose programming language. Tips For Hiring A Suitable Android App Developer For Your Mobile App Project. React Native App Development Company - Semidot Infotech. How to Hire A PHP Developer Who Can Execute Your Project Flawlessly? Undoubtedly, hiring a right developer is the most tedious task for a website owner. It is pointless to say how important is to find a right candidate for running a project flawlessly.

If you are a non-techie business person who wants to hire PHP developer for making a website or app, then below is the brief guide for you. But before that have a glance at the responsibilities that are generally assigned to a PHP programmer. Key Responsibilities of A PHP Developer It is absolutely true that entire web development runs on the programming skills of a programmer. After involving in a brainstorming session with our development team, I came across the idea behind describing the key role of a developer. When you hire PHP developer then he is responsible for generating and implementing a range of Web based products by using technologies like PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and Ajax.

Affordable Website Design Agency. Why 2019 Will Be A Crucial Year For BlockChain Technologies? After seeing an irrational exuberance in 2017 and sudden crash of crypto market in 2018, now, it’s time to do the reality check of blockchain technology in 2019. We are looking forward to making assumptions for the crazy bull market again in 2019 or 2020. SemiDot InfoTech: How Choosing React Native For App Development Can Reduce Project Cost? At present, thousands of mobile apps have been launched by companies and service providers to reach-out their potential buyers.

Python Web Development. Tips for iOS App Developers To Develop Their App. Why It's A Good Idea To Go With The Top Mobile App Development Companies For Your Dream App Project? An idea of having your dreamy mobile app is pretty enough to give you goosebumps. Isn’t it? Top Website Development Company. Top 10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Will Again Be Important In 2019. 2018 has proven itself a promising year for digital marketing services and trends.

The way entrepreneurs and start-ups are embracing online marketing campaigns and techniques, we can say that only calendar is changing. Digital marketing will again clutch online trades and business plans with a new verve. What Key Skills Your Hybrid App Developers Should Have In 2019 - Must Know Before Hiring - Blogging. Hire Android App Development Company Or Freelancer which is best? 11 Benefits of Hiring JavaScript Developers For Web App Development. How To Improve Customer Engagement With Web Development Services by Rohan Singh. PHP Web Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2019. 2018 witnessed a lot of changes and updates in the style of web development. How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Game Developer: semidotinfo. As per the popular sayings, “You are never be too old to play a video game.” I remember the time when I had my first Nokia phone on which I often used to play some classic old games like Snake and Street Fighter.

Full Stack Web Developer. Hybrid App Development Companies. What are PHP Frameworks & Top 7 PHP Framework for 2019. What Is The Importance Of Ruby On Rails Development For Your Product? PHP7 VS PHP5: ADVANTAGE OF PHP7 OVER PHP5 - Semidot Infotech. Android App Development Companies. 5 Crucial Steps for choosing Best Web Design Company for Your Business. PHP Development Company. ReactJS Development Company. WordPress Development Services. 7 Reasons To Choose WordPress Website Development For Startups. SemiDot InfoTech: 8 Advantages Of Using Django and Python For Web Development.

The Importance of PHP Web Development by Rohan Singh. How to Hire React JS Developers? - Complete Guide. Custom Mobile Apps and Software Development. SemiDot InfoTech Reviews (3 Reviews) - SemiDot InfoTech Community Feedback Score: 4.67 - Nov 2018. How a Good Android App Development Company Can Take Your Business To The Next Level. 7 Crucial Steps- How to choose the right technology stack for web application development. 7 Advantages of Using Python For Web Development. Why Python is the preferred Programming Language by the Startups?

11 Technology Trends in Mobile App Development. Hybrid App Developers: What’s Next for Them? - Complete Guide. React Native vs Ionic : Which is More Suitable for Your Business?