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Semaphore; A Silver Touch Company has been offering extensive range of services such as Mobile App Development, Website Development, Custom Software Development, Agile Development, Product Development & Support, Legacy Applications Re-engineering, Networking & System Integration services , Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence, Web Design & Multimedia Services and Business Process Outsourcing to the client spread all over the globe. It has been accredited with labels of CMMI 5, ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 27001 Certification for observing international standards while offering customized solutions.


Semaphore software. 7 Smart Resolutions for Businesses in Terms of Procure To Pay Software and Spend Management in 2016. 2015 is almost coming to an end.

7 Smart Resolutions for Businesses in Terms of Procure To Pay Software and Spend Management in 2016

Now to make your organization the best in the upcoming year, we have compiled 8 smart resolutions that would help the business organizations gain visibility and control over the amount they are likely to spend, so that it does not end up like a holiday budget. The key here is ensuring and setting the employees of your business organization up for success.

Improving on the Vendor Spend Management Visibility In the world of economy today where the budgets are getting tighter day by day, and it is important that you monitor the amount being spent on the various activities related to your organization. Since this is a constant movement in the economy today you do not always have to wait for the quarter to end in order to readjust your marketing strategy. Ditch Papers Giving Your Team the tools that would Help them Succeed Minimizing the Supplier’s Risk Cutting Down the time that it takes to just get Approvals It would take time to Learn about the Software’s. 5 Distinct Document Management Features of SharePoint for Organizations. With vast information being accumulated in organizations, managing the information efficiently and effectively is very necessary.

5 Distinct Document Management Features of SharePoint for Organizations

SharePoint is a secure solution that can be used to store, access, share and organize this information. SharePoint from Microsoft was initially designed as a DMS (Document Management System) and is now widely used by small and large organization after its launch as a package of Office365. Document Management controls the entire cycle of creating, reviewing and managing documents in an organization. Various SharePoint tools allow the enterprise to keep the life cycle of the document under their control according to their organizational goals. The 10 Important Considerations for Choosing a Custom Software Development Company. Once you have decided that your business needs custom-built software, the most important decision to take is of choosing the company for custom software development, which will determine whether your project succeeds or has an expensive dead end!

The 10 Important Considerations for Choosing a Custom Software Development Company

There are thousands of custom software development companies in existence. If you fail to choose the right company, it will become a roadblock in the success of your project. To help you take the right decision, we have discussed the ten key aspects to be taken into consideration for choosing a well-suited partner. Understanding Your Needs Before you choose the company, identify your business needs, the problems you are facing and trying to solve and the kind of software that will help you to meet your objectives.

Android M Features - The Top-Most 12 Android M Features. Google unveiled the new version of the Android OS dubbed as Android M at its annual I/O 2015 conference held at San Francisco last week.

Android M Features - The Top-Most 12 Android M Features

A developer preview has been released, which gives us insights to some of the new features and improvements. The new OS focuses on improving the core experience of the Android. It has brought the much-needed stability and usability improvements in the OS. Here’s a quick features rundown! There has been a change in the way app permissions are handled. With Android M, Google has certainly worked on the performance enhancement aspect of the device. Semaphore Software is a leading Android App Development Company with an expertise in developing top-notch, ingenious Android apps on the latest versions including the Android Lollipop. Why you should Choose Symfony2 Framework for Enterprise Application Development? Symfony2 is a popular PHP framework to build robust enterprise applications.

Why you should Choose Symfony2 Framework for Enterprise Application Development?

It is an open source framework, gradually gaining popularity for enterprise application development due to its incredible features. It has great documentation available and its libraries deliver one of the best standardized set of tools that can be used across various projects. Applications built on Symfony2 have the capability to fulfill various needs of the enterprise domain. There is a plethora of reasons to choose this framework for building enterprise applications. Scalability Symfony2 can easily support the increasing number of enterprise users. Flexibility. 8 Important Points to Consider before Hiring a Magento Development Company. Magento has grown as one of the most preferred platforms for eCommerce website development.

8 Important Points to Consider before Hiring a Magento Development Company

It is one of the leading eCommerce solutions for building powerful online store. Considering the features, modules, extensions, scalability and customization options, Magento does make an ideal platform for building feature-rich and robust eCommerce store. Understanding How eCommerce is Shaping Up as, in 2015! E-Commerce is on a growth spurt since the last few years.

Understanding How eCommerce is Shaping Up as, in 2015!

By 2018, the B2C eCommerce sales is expected to cover 30.6% of all sales in North America and 37.4% of all sales in Asia Pacific! The already-huge sector will continue to grow due to changing shopping behavior of consumers. People are now getting more comfortable shopping from their desktops and Smartphone’s. The Key Challenges Faced by Developers in HTML5 Development. HTML5 is a very popular language to build attractive web applications and is one of the most promising technologies in the years to come.

The Key Challenges Faced by Developers in HTML5 Development

HTML5 allows creating dynamic web content and developing intuitive web applications, which was never before imaginable on web! HTML5 has certainly opened up opportunities for powerful web application development, but it has even introduced certain challenges from the development perspective. We have listed some key challenges that developers might face, while building HTML apps. There are various browser options available for the internet users. Earlier the leading browser was Internet Explorer and now many other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera are prevalent. Silver Touch's Developed Aaple Sarkar Bags the "eGovernance Initiative of the Year" Award.

The Maharashtra State Government, Government of India, was awarded for its Exemplary Initiatives & Innovations to Address Public Grievances through its Portal and Mobile app namely “AAPLE SARKAR” in eINDIA Summit 2015.

Silver Touch's Developed Aaple Sarkar Bags the "eGovernance Initiative of the Year" Award

May 22, 2015 – Goa, India – Elets Technomedia in association with the Department of Information Technology, Government of Goa, India, organized Elets Knowledge Exchange-Goa 2015 Summit on 21, 22 & 23 May, 2015 at Hotel Marriot, Goa. It was supported by eGov, Asia’s premier magazine on ICT in Governance. The event served as a platform for knowledge exchange between the key stakeholders who are active in the fields of Governance, Urban Development-with Special Focus on Smart Cities, Education, Health and BFSI. ‘Aaple Sarkar’, the Maharashtra State Government’s portal and mobile app to address public grievances bagged the National Award for “eGovernance Initiative of the Year” in the ceremony. About Silver Touch About eINDIA 2015 Elets Technomedia Pvt.

Key Points to Making the Right Decision Between Custom and Off-the-Shelf Software. The eternal dilemma facing business leaders is whether to build custom software or to adopt an off-the shelf application and mould it to fit their business needs later.

Key Points to Making the Right Decision Between Custom and Off-the-Shelf Software

This is a critical decision as the success of your project would totally depend on what approach you choose. Determining the right solutions approach is a difficult task and would depend on various factors like business processes, strategic goals, required systems support, project and business validation and more. We have outlined the major points to help you make the right decision on your next project! Importance of UI and UX for your Business. Most of us would have come across ‘UI’ and ‘UX’ and wondered what they actually meant. In today’s world both UI and UX are being used more than ever! Both these are design terms that have been around since many years. Here’s what you all need to know about UI and UX! UI (User Interface) Customizing WordPress Design for Enhanced Brand Identity.

WordPress is an incredible open source platform for web development. It is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS), well known for its flexible and user-friendly features. Through WordPress you can add your own creativity to make your website look more attractive. You can find thousands of compatible themes, plugins and templates to use them in your websites, but choosing custom WordPress design can be more beneficial to your business. You can get unique themes and plugins developed for the improved branding of your business. B2C Mobile Appp Development - B2C Enterprise Mobile Apps. B2C (Business-to-Consumer) mobile apps are specifically designed to help businesses in being in touch with their customers and serving them in a better way. As Smartphone’s are used by a large number of customers, there are immense opportunities for enterprises to utilize B2C mobile apps to engage with customers and attract prospects.

B2C mobile apps narrow the gap between customers and enterprises and allow clients to call customer services, get in touch with enterprises through one-touch applications, send email or message easily and reach their stores through GPS enabled directions. We have outlined the five key benefits that enterprises can avail by using B2C mobile apps. Avoid these 7 Mistakes to Save your Mobile Apps from Failure. There are a large number of apps available in the mobile app stores, but not all of them succeed.

The 6 Keys to the Success of your Custom Software Development Project. Custom software development is an excellent way to ensure that an application is built as per your unique business needs, facilitating your short-term as well as long-term objectives. Read Why Custom Software Development is Preferable for Businesses? But bespoke software development project is not always easy to handle and manage due to numerous reasons including the time or budget crunch. In order to achieve favorable results in tailored software development, various points are to be considered and several pitfalls to be avoided.

This post is intended to list the six keys to get success in your custom software development project. Choosing the Company The success of your project will be highly dependent on the company you choose for the development. Custom Magento Development Caters to your Unique eCommerce Needs. Launching an eCommerce store is a difficult task; many store owners end up getting disappointed. E-Commerce business isn’t simple, there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed and get a slice of the pie! B2E Enterprise Mobile App Development - B2E Mobile Applications. With the Smartphone’s boom at its peak, enterprises are mobilizing their workforce to enhance productivity and increase responsiveness. Custom Software Development for Businesses.

Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are imperative for Businesses in 2015. Mobile apps have become an integral part of most of the businesses now; be it a small sized business or a big venture. Agile Methodology for Custom Software Development. Amazon Introduces a New Ad Platform for Mobile App Developers! The battle for mobile advertising revenue is heating up, with Inc. launching a new advertising platform for mobile app developers. Through this step, Amazon plans to grab a bigger piece of the Smartphone’s advertising market that is currently dominated by Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. The new platform has been dubbed ‘Advertise Your App with Amazon’and will help developers to promote their apps on Android devices and Amazon tablets. Microsoft Announces Visual Studio Code-A New Code Editor for Developers! Microsoft unveiled its first ever cross-platform code editor Visual Studio Code (VSC) at the Build developer conference 2015 held at San Francisco, CA. Visual Studio Code is a fast, user-friendly and cross platform code editor enabling developers to build modern web and cloud applications on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

B2B Mobile Application Development - Enterprise Mobility Solution. Windows Phone 10 vs Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft is expected to release Windows 10 by the end of this July. With Microsoft’s new OS just a matter of months away, let’s look at how the Windows 10 for Phones preview compares with Windows Phone 8.1. Impact of Mobilegeddon on Businesses. Google brought a change in its mobile search algorithm on April 21st, which will now place the mobile-friendly sites at higher ranks. Those sites that are not mobile optimized will be demoted, thus ranking lower in Mobile Search Results. Offshore Development Center India – An Option to Start OWNED Company in India.

Symfony2-10 Ways in Which it got Better than Symfony1! The Entire Android Ecosystem is Facing the Chill Wind of Android Fragmentation!! Mobile-geddon is here: The Things you Should Know. The Wait is FINALLY OVER! iOS Developers get Early Access to Apple’s App Analytics. Microsoft .NET Technology – A Preferred Platform for Enterprise App Development. Impact of Wearable Technology and Internet of Things on Businesses. Cloud Applications Continue to Stay Strong - Why They are the Need of the Time?

15 Most Basic Things of Excel – Every Excel-user Must Know (Part-3) HTML5 vs Native Apps - Which one is Better? HTML5 a Viable Choice for Responsive Design. EzineArticles Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints. Top Six Reasons to Build Native Mobile Apps in 2015. OneSocial Mobile App - Get Touch with All Social Networks using Single App. City Guide Mobile App – All in One Personal Mobile Guide. 15 Most Basic Things of Excel – Every Excel-user Must Know (Part-2)

15 Most Basic Things of Excel - Every Excel-user Must Know. 15 Most Basic Things of Excel - Every Excel-user Must Know. Choose Windows Phone Platform for your Apps. Top 19 Unique & Unexplored Features of Latest iPad. Hire iOS App Developers from India. EzineArticles Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints. Choose Symfony2 Framework for Web Application Development. 10 Tips to Pick the Best Mobile App Development Company. 7 Reasons Why your Business needs Android App Developers. Top 7 Android 5.1 Features - Android App Development. Tips to Build a Million Download Mobile App - Part 2. Top 8 Ways in Which Magento Extensions can Transform Your Online Store. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, Confers Web Ratna Awards 2014 for E-Governance Initiatives. Looking to get a CMS for your Website? What things to look for in a Web CMS?

10 Most Useful HTML5 & CSS3 Frameworks for Designers & Developers. Tech News — How to Choose Offshore Mobile App Development Company? Universal Converter Mobile App for Accurate Unit Conversion Result. Joomla 3.4 Features - The New Joomla 3.4 has Come Out with Some Noteworthy Features!! Drupal 8 Development - Why Drupal 8 will positively Impact the Development in 2015? AutoGas Mobile App - Find Closest CNG-LPG Gas Station. Apply Coupon Code and Get $20 Off on Magento Extensions. Tips to Build a Million Download Mobile App. Web CMS is Beneficial, but should you Opt for it? Which are the Best Open Source CMS Platforms? Is Windows 10 fit for Enterprises? Considerations for Building Highly-Effective & Transformative Enterprise Mobile Apps.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Business Growth. Choose CMS for Web Development. Significance Of Cloud-Based Applications For Businesses. Benefits of having an HTML5 and CSS3 Website. 10 Important Considerations for Starting Your E-Commerce Store in 2015. Benefits Of Setting Up An Offshore Development Center In India. SAP HANA - Completely Re-Imagined Platform. Why HTML 5 is the Preferred Language to Create Web Applications? Creative Solutions through Brainstorming. Challenges of IT Outsourcing Services and Their Solutions by Semaphore Software.

The History of Spreadsheet. The path-breaking iPad Application Development sector. BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Application Development Platforms. 10 Tips to make your presentation more effective, professional and successful. Building Android Apps gets Easier with Android Studio. Magento Enterprise Open Source The Best solution for E-Commerce Store. Hire Professional Magento Certified Developers!! What is Cloud Computing How can it help your Business. Best Ecommerce Development Platforms - Ecommerce Solution. Mobile Commerce 2015 Infographic. What is So Special about Agile Development? Joomla Development Company. What is GPS and How do GPS Apps Work in your SmartPhones? Hire Professional HTML5 Developers. Gujarat RTO Automated Driving Test Track Application. A leading mCommerce Solution Provider!! Get benefited by our flexible Agile Development Model!! Myniño, an Android GPS Tracking App Keeps Children Safe And Secure.. Why Custom Software when Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Product are available?

SEO - A Tool for Strong Web Presence. Mobile App Upgradation and Migration Process. Tips to Choose Right Mobile App Development Platform - Android vs Windows Phone.