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Everything You Need to Know About Android 12 Features and Changes. Technology enthusiasts got the first taste of Android 12 when Google released the preview of the first developer of the upcoming mobile OS (Operating System).

Everything You Need to Know About Android 12 Features and Changes

As of now, the developer preview has been made available only for just a handful of devices. However, due to the build, there are quite a few confirmed features that will be a part of Android 12. Android 12 Code Name Many of you may wonder what might be the sweet treat name of Android 12. Please note that Google had stopped the culture of official names for the Android versions almost a couple of years ago after a sweet trevideo-container-blogat.

Smarter App Storage Management Those concerned with developing Android apps have become sick and tired of apps that occupy storage but do not necessarily want to remove them. However, as of now, it is unclear what exactly determined a hibernating app. Two Apps As a Single Task Video Source. Hire AngularJS Developer, Angular.JS Specialist, Angular.JS Development. Hire React Native Developer, React Native Development Services. Top Node.js Frameworks You Need to Know for Your Upcoming Project. Ever since Node.js was introduced in 2009, it has changed the shape of the web development process by enabling developers to utilize JavaScript for scripting server-side as well.

Top Node.js Frameworks You Need to Know for Your Upcoming Project

As a result of this exciting benefit, Node.js development has become a preferred choice for developing customized websites. Which Factors to Consider for Estimating Custom Software Development Cost. Custom software development has gained ground quickly in the corporate sector.

Which Factors to Consider for Estimating Custom Software Development Cost

Though entrepreneurs want to leverage the benefits of emerging technologies like AI and AR through feature-rich applications, the variation in the cost range can hold them back. Many contributing factors need to be considered for estimating the cost of custom application development, and here we are going to discuss all the major factors. Here we dig deep into cost-determining factors for custom software development. It will help you figure out the aspects that can increase the app development cost and find out how offshore software development can save your money. Let’s start from scratch and see the reasons why most software development estimates go wrong. Why Software Project Estimates Go Wrong What’s more, even the slightest miscommunication can cause you extra development cost for modifying the software.

Top Ten Benefits of Custom Software Development for Your Enterprise. Custom software development has become a ubiquitous term.

Top Ten Benefits of Custom Software Development for Your Enterprise

Be it website development, mobile app development, enterprise software development, API development, or back-end development, we can cover all the aspects related to the enterprise-grade solution in it. In other words, the scope of a custom application development depends on the project size, desired features, and other factors. Full Stack vs MEAN Stack- Key Differences from Developer’s Perspectives. Full Stack development and MEAN Stack development have proven their importance in the domain of custom software development.

Full Stack vs MEAN Stack- Key Differences from Developer’s Perspectives

Though both these stacks are highly popular among developers, some aspects make them different from each other. It is necessary to understand the points of differences to select the right tech stack for your upcoming software development project. Let’s start from scratch and get an introduction to Full Stack and MEAN Stack development. How Artificial Intelligence becomes Game-changer for Industries. From predicting maintenance and other issues to improving the quality of products- Artificial Intelligence (AI) can handle many crucial tasks of modern industries efficiently.

How Artificial Intelligence becomes Game-changer for Industries

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that AI is the core element of Industry 4.0. Artificial Intelligent solutions can assist various industry sectors to anticipate changes in market trends and make insightful decisions in real-time. Gartner has predicted that AI will produce more jobs than it displaces by 2020. It is also expected that one in five workers will rely on AI for performing non-routine tasks by 2022.

Evolving artificial intelligence services are all set to amplify the efficiency of employees and the overall productivity of companies. The Application and Impact of Information Technology in Healthcare. The healthcare sector is thriving amid challenges and ever-changing needs.

The Application and Impact of Information Technology in Healthcare

The sector has taken a center stage during this pandemic period, and with the help of technological advancements, it has managed to save countless patients. While improving the quality of life and enhancing patient care, the healthcare sector is getting increasingly dependent on information technology. Let’s dig deep in the detail about the impact and applications of IT (Information Technology) in the healthcare sector. How Information Technology Benefits Healthcare Sector Electronic Health Record (EHR) Gone are the days when physicians and consultants kept on writing the patient’s condition and medications on paper. Future Trends of E-Commerce Industry to Watch Out for in 2021. $3 trillion- this is the approximate worth of eCommerce to date, which indicates the bright future of this thriving sector.

Future Trends of E-Commerce Industry to Watch Out for in 2021

Amid the rise of smartphones and mobile devices, the popularity of the eCommerce sector skyrockets across the world. This is a prime reason why more retailers opt for eCommerce development. Why Startups Should Hire Full-stack Developers in 2021. Technology advances at a rapid pace as new programming languages, frameworks, and tools keep on coming for developers.

Why Startups Should Hire Full-stack Developers in 2021

When you hire full-stack developers you can make the most of technological advancements, and in this blog, we are going to know why it is so. The custom software development process consists of three aspects- the front-end, the back-end, and the database. Full-stack developers have proficiency in all three aspects and they can handle the web development project alone without requiring other additional support. When it comes to startups, they have minimal resources and budgetary constraints. Top Factors to Consider while Hiring Full-stack Developers for Your Project. All-in-one is a new norm in the web development domain.

Top Factors to Consider while Hiring Full-stack Developers for Your Project

When you hire dedicated programmers for your web project you can either opt for a team of specialist web developers or full-stack developers. Top tech companies including Facebook are hiring full-stack developers but many entrepreneurs still go with traditional web developers. Traditional Outsourcing vs ODC : Which one is Better? Remote working and work-from-home concepts have brought the idea of outsourcing in focus again. The outsourcing model has transformed the business scenario over the period, but advancing technology has given a rise to the Offshore Development Center (ODC) for modern enterprises. It is fair to mention that ODC is a more advanced and developed model than traditional outsourcing. Let’s compare ODC and traditional outsourcing development to get more insights into the benefits of ODC for your business.

This blog talks about the benefits of ODC and gives key points of difference with traditional outsourcing. A reputed software development company handles ODC professionally while maintaining the quality of work and addressing the client’s requirements. Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Cloud Applications. Mobile apps development has become ubiquitous in this mobile-driven world. The domain is thriving at a rapid pace with the advent of emerging technologies like AI, AR, and IoT.

But, the introduction of cloud technology is the icing on the cake. Why You Should Hire .Net Core Developers to Migrate Your .Net Applications. Technology keeps on evolving to bring the next big thing. CTOs remain on their toes to integrate advancements in their systems to get better functionality and improved experience. Let’s take an example of .Net core. It has been around for a while now as an open-source software cross-platform app framework.

But, it was not considered as an upgrade to the existing .NET framework, which is still in service. How to Optimize Your E-Commerce Product Pages in the Right Direction? As predicted by Statista, the US eCommerce sales will grow to 638 billion dollars by 2022. Many eCommerce companies want to take a slice of the pie of a thriving eCommerce market, but find it difficult to increase the conversion rate. Another nail in the coffin is growing competition in the eCommerce industry. In such a scenario, it is necessary to make your eCommerce website ready to attract more people. Do you know that most eCommerce retailers focus on improving carts and checkout pages for increasing sales, but forget to consider product pages that drive customers to the cart or checkout? Yes, many customers decide whether they want to buy or leave your website by looking at the product pages.

How to Convert Your E-Commerce Store into M-Commerce App. “If you have a business, you should have a mobile app”- this trend is accepted in every industry sector, and the eCommerce sector is not an exception! Continuously increasing number of smartphone users across the world has given a rise to m-commerce or mobile commerce. What’s more, people’s changing shopping behavior is also in favor of mobile devices, which contributes to the growth of m-commerce. As per an official survey, the global m-commerce market will grow at a CAGR of 27% during the five-year period of 2019 to 2024. All You Need to Know about the Latest Magento 2.4 Version. No roadblock can hit the thriving Magento community! 5 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs Magento Development.

In today’s Internet-driven age, everyone is online. Even during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, people prefer to stay and shop online. This is where you can take advantage of running your business online on a 24/7 basis. 5 Things to Consider While Choosing An eCommerce Platform. Top Features of Mobile Apps for Foldable and Large Screen Devices. Slider and flip phones were a big hit once under the leadership of Motorola Razr V3. As technology evolves and the market trends for mobile devices change over the period, slim and compact flip phones have transformed into foldable phones where users can literally bend screens.

It looks like magic, but giant smartphone makers like Samsung, Huawei, and even Motorola have made it a reality. As a result, we have entered the age of mobile app development solutions for foldable devices. Importance of Big Data Services for Accelerating Growth of Your Business. Top Reasons to Choose Node.js for Enterprise App Development. In today’s technology-driven age, intense competition has become a new norm. Onshore vs Offshore Software Development- Which is Better? Top Benefits of Xamarin App Development for Your Business. The choice between native and cross-platform apps is always a challenging task for entrepreneurs. As per several official reports, 80% of the companies are focusing on cross-platform app development because these apps can run on multiple platforms; they are easy-to-use and cost-effective.

There, Xamarin app development comes into the picture. How Companies Get Benefits of Big Data in Mobile App Solutions. Full Stack vs. Specialized Developers - Which One You Should Hire? Technology evolves rapidly and your enterprise has to keep pace with the growing competition. A robust corporate website, a seamlessly performing mobile app, or both can help you deal with increasing competition while leveraging the benefits of advancing technology.

Microsoft Blazor Enables Native App Development in C# and .NET. Six Reasons Why You Should Opt for React Native Apps in 2020. Ten Factors to Consider for Better and User-friendly App Design in 2020. Role of AI in UX Design Services for Developing Corporate Websites. Hadoop Vs. MongoDB: Which Platform is Better for Handling Big Data? How to Choose the Right CMS for Your Business. 8 Common Myths on Outsourcing Web Development Services. Hire Java Developer, Dedicated Java Programmer. Hire HTML5 Developer, Hire HTML5 Game Developer. Hire AngularJS Developer, Angular.JS Specialist, Angular.JS Development. How Technology will drive the Future of iOS App Development Services. Hire VUE JS Developer, Vue.JS development company. Hire ReactJS Developers, ReactJS Development Company.

Hire Node.JS Developer, Node.JS Services, Node.JS Development. How Angular 8. 0 brings Radical Changes in Custom Angular Development.