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Office Space in Washington DC. Start Your Business: Starting a new business or looking to outsource your back-office?

Office Space in Washington DC

The first thing you’ll need is a Virtual Office Address and then Centurion can assist with the rest of your company set up and growth with our suite of business services. Some of our services are listed below: Concierge Services: Centurion’s concierge service is here to help you with your day to day tedious tasks so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Executive Office Suites Washington DC. Centurion is setting a new direction in the industry through superior customer service, a collaborative and transparent approach, and first class infrastructure.

Executive Office Suites Washington DC

With access to state of the art infrastructure and high quality business center in a prime location, Centurion can help companies of any size operate on a large scale without the upfront costs and investments required to do it alone. We believe that we have invested in the best so you don’t have to. We are able to offer custom solutions for larger clients from our corporate division as well as accommodate the needs of smaller or start-up businesses. Your Suite should reflect sophistication & the quality your clients have come to expect. Included in every suite: Executive Virtual Offices Washington DC. Virtual Office solution is an ideal way if you are looking to set up a company, or are working from home but need a professional front office at a prestigious address.

Executive Virtual Offices Washington DC

You can rest assured that you will never miss a call with all of your phone calls professionally answered by our staff. Virtual Business Address: With a prestigious business address without an office, a virtual package is a great solution for a new business. You can use your virtual address as your registered business address, on your business cards, and on your website. Use of our center address as your business address, incoming mail handling, mail forwarding and storage services.

Telephone Answering Services: As part of the Virtual Office you will be allocated dedicated business lines. Conference Room Services: Centurion will provide you with the access to the ultimate professional environment to enhance your corporate image. Fashion Industry Networking, Fashion Designers Network. Facilitating Fashion Designers Get Better Exposure Online provides fashion designers an opportunity to achieve better exposure and enhanced sales through online fashion industry networking.

Fashion Industry Networking, Fashion Designers Network

We help connect industry professionals with the buyers. Executive Virtual Offices Washington DC. Executive Office Suites Washington DC. 5 Ways to DIY Your way through the Latest Fashion. Stunning Fashion Trends — 4 Most Stunning Fashion Trends of 2016. Fashion Trade Shows NYC : Apparel Trade Shows. Round up of fashion trade shows and industry news for designers and retailers FashionEdits is an online networking portal for professionals from the fashion industry, such as designers, retailers, resellers, etc.

Fashion Trade Shows NYC : Apparel Trade Shows

In addition to providing a convenient platform for industry professionals to come together, we also keep them updated with important updates about fashion trade shows, industry news, merchandizing advice, and the latest fashion trends. America's True Colors-The Top 3 Best Color Preferences of Americans. Blue states wipe Red off the map in study revealing America’s True Colors: Blue, Black, Gray.

America's True Colors-The Top 3 Best Color Preferences of Americans

Based on interior décor purchases made in the US. The West Coast likes black décor, the South prefers gray, and the North & East blue , as reveals top color in each state, city. There are also strong regional differences in color preferences, reveals the study, conducted by Spoonflower. California and the West buy black décor most; the South likes gray; the Northeast, Midwest and the Plains prefer blue.

The top six colors nationally are blue, black, gray, pink, white and green. The study’s most surprising findings for color experts include: the dismal ranking of red, in just seventh place; the high ranking of neutral colors, with black, gray and white all in the national top five; and the popularity of pink, named the most purchased color in no less five U.S. cities. Related posts: Fashion Industry's Latest news and Blog @ Fashionedits. We picked some of our favorite festival styles for the 2016 season and matched them according to the concert being attended.

Fashion Industry's Latest news and Blog @ Fashionedits

Here is some of our favs HPC baseball cap Leather Jacket By HPC Coachella Music and Arts Festival commonly referred to as Coachella where fashion and style migrates east to the Indio desert for back to back weekends of the biggest names in music. ALICE + OLIVIA Embroidered maxi dress GIGI BURRIS head band. NYFW Finale - Fashion Industry's Latest news and Blog @ Fashionedits. Hallie Sara NY Redefines Luxury at New York Fashion Week New York Fashion Week ended with a glamorous finale at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Event Space.

NYFW Finale - Fashion Industry's Latest news and Blog @ Fashionedits

FashionEdits - Perk Up Your Sales through Fashion Trade Shows. Have you ever heard the term 'trade shows' at the corporate gatherings and business meetings?

FashionEdits - Perk Up Your Sales through Fashion Trade Shows

Do you know exactly what these shows are all about? Well, this piece of writing will make you informed about what the trade shows are and what is the need to exhibit at the trade shows. What the trade shows are all about? A trade show, which is also named as 'trade fair', is a massive, industry-specific event utilized by the businesses to advertise, promote and demonstrate their services and products. The primary objective of showing up the products is to generate leads, make new connections and contacts together with growing the distribution channels.

The trade shows occur in virtually all the sectors and industries. FashionEdits - Perk Up Your Sales through Fashion Trade Shows. Oscar Fashion By Chic Sketch - Fashion Industry's Latest news and Blog @ Fashionedits. Charlize Theron wore a sexy deep v -custom creation with train by Dior.

Oscar Fashion By Chic Sketch - Fashion Industry's Latest news and Blog @ Fashionedits

The fit was like a glove, with plunging neckline, the perfect platform for her Harry Winston 48.8 carat diamond necklace. Margot Robbie gleamed in gold snakeskin with 70’s padded shoulders by Tom Ford. Cate Blanchett exude femininity in sea-foam green, by Armani Prive with floral embellishments. Jennifer Garners‘s look was hollywood glam in Atelier Versace. Click and buy with Tommy Hilfiger - Fashion Industry's Latest news and Blog @ Fashionedits. NEW YORK: Tommy Hilfiger has been breaking the rules his whole life. So it’s no surprise he’s revolutionizing fashion by gearing up to sell clothes straight from the catwalk at the click of a perfectly manicured finger. The 64-year-old dapper American designer, effortlessly charming with a precise attention to detail has turned his eye for style into a multi-billion-dollar brand sold in more than 90 countries worldwide.

One of the first to master the art of celebrity endorsement in the fashion industry, he learned from mentor Andy Warhol to marry fashion, art, music and entertainment or F.A.M.E as he likes to spell it out. Buzz Talks Powered by ListaPost at SoHo House NY. Valentines Day Lip Pucker - Fashion Industry's Latest news and Blog @ Fashionedits. If you are 25 and under, all you need is a luscious lippy. Resist the urge to go all Kylie Jenner as IRL that is freakish. Ok, I’m the only one who feels this way but I was distracted this past week in yoga to the point of falling out of half-moon by the weirdly large permanent pucker on the woman directly behind me. Fashion Industry: Career, Trends, Clothing, Trade Shows & Events. Fashion Industry's Latest news and Blog @ Fashionedits.

Call it our 2015 S/S look! We've updated the site with new colors, new functionality, new departments and more of the cutting edge content you've come to expect. Feel free to poke around, but remember: If you're not a member, you only have access to half the info. Fashion Industry: Career, Trends, Clothing, Trade Shows & Events. Get to know our people who find the latest in shopping and fashion trends today! MICHELLE HENLEY / EDITOR IN CHIEF Michelle Henley is Founder and Editor in Chief of FashionEdits. She oversees all aspects of the website's featured informational articles on trade shows, designer interviews, the latest retail news, and trend forecasts. Ms. Henley received a Bachelor of Science from the Fashion Institute of Technology, after which she secured a sales representative position at Cherokee clothing.

Current Fashion Trends for Teenagers 2016. Fashion Industry Networking: An Essential Tool to Survive In Fashion Industry. An Overview A face to face interaction is crucial whether it is a filmmaker, a comedian or fashion designer or a model to work with all kinds of people so that the networking gets intense and gets maximum exposure. This is the best possible networking tool that can’t be replaced by anything else. Apart from this, there are other modes of networking like the website, blogs, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

The face to face networking is essential to building a trust and utmost credibility. The ability to communicate clearly for the career goals with people face to face shows that a person is dangerous about the crafting and designing.