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Select Security Systems Ltd. is a full-service security company. We believe that our clients’ premises are truly secure only when expert knowledge and experience meet top-of-the-line technology. From initial consultation to installation to monitoring and response, we’ve earned our reputation in Edmonton for unparalleled service and care for our clients safety and security.

Top 4 Preventive measures to protect Wireless Security System against Hackers. Embed Code Embeded for hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Tips to Protect Wireless Security System against Hackers' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_530620'></script><p> From <a href=' Embeded for

Top 4 Preventive measures to protect Wireless Security System against Hackers

Three units of wireless security camera system. This is Why You Want to Have Your Home Pre-Wired for Your Security System - Select Security Systems Ltd. We get it.

This is Why You Want to Have Your Home Pre-Wired for Your Security System - Select Security Systems Ltd.

It’s not always possible to have your home pre-wired to accommodate your home security system – after all we’re homeowners too. In fact, if you’re reading our blog from Edmonton, it’s possible that we’re neighbours. So we understand that if you buy or rent an existing house, then simply tearing it down and starting from scratch in order to pre-wire your security system is so far out of the ballpark that it’s not even in the parking lot.

A little Telus Field joke between neighbours never hurt, right? However, what about a new build? Anyways, let’s get serious. Home Video Surveillance Systems. Alarm/Intrusion Systems Alarm or intrusion security systems work by creating a continuous connected ‘loop’ around your house that includes doors and windows.

Home Video Surveillance Systems

If the loop is interrupted without disarming the alarm panel first, an alarm will sound. Through the use of our 24-hour monitoring station, or through our smartphone integration, Select Security can provide our customers with the comfort of knowing their loved ones and valuables are being protected at all times. Top 3 Tips to protect your Baby from Electrical Threats. Install a Multi Room Audio System to Enjoy the Following Benefits! There is hardly a single person in this world who does not like listening to music.

Install a Multi Room Audio System to Enjoy the Following Benefits!

Music is such a powerful and soothing tool that not only it helps you relax but also enable you to enjoy at the same time through its beats and engaging lyrics. No matter what music you choose to hear, the best way to experience the feel of the music is through a top quality multi room audio system. We recommend going for it greatly as it comes with a lot of benefits as explained below. Top 3 cameras for video surveillance. On Vacation? These Things Will Help Keep Your Home Safe - Select Security Systems Ltd. Going south during the cold season (and lets face it, in Edmonton, Alberta where Select Security is based, that’s 6 months of the year), we see friends, family, and neighbours give a lot of thought to where they’re going for vacation, arranging for childcare, pet care, travel insurance, and researching the best prices on fares, hotels, and attractions but little or no attention paid to properly safeguarding their home for while they’re gone.

On Vacation? These Things Will Help Keep Your Home Safe - Select Security Systems Ltd.

Before you go on vacation, we would like you to consider the following list of ‘look fors’ that criminals may see in your house when you’re on vacation. The easiest to scope out on a casual drive around the neighbourhood are what are known as occupancy cues – does your house have lights that go on and off at certain times? Are your papers and mail collected or sitting vacant?

In the right season, are there tire tracks or foot prints in the snow? DVR, NVR or Cloud Storage, Which One Storage Option Is Right For Your Security Camera System. Home security cameras are of no use when the footage is not being recorded.

DVR, NVR or Cloud Storage, Which One Storage Option Is Right For Your Security Camera System

These cameras are not only for monitoring. These cameras have helped in collecting evidence and solving criminal cases on numerous occasions. Top 3 tips for maintaining home security system. 5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Home Theatre Systems. If you are an audiophile and want a superior sound quality from your entertainment system, a home theatre system is a perfect option for you.

5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Home Theatre Systems

A home theatre system provides a high definition viewing and listening experience. From lighting to speakers, there are plenty of things you need to consider when buying home theatre systems Edmonton. There are different kinds of home theatre system available in the market. You can buy a home-theatre-in-a-box system, a sound bar, a –inch LCD TV or a custom-built system with a video projector and in-wall speakers. No matter what type of home theatre system you purchase, you should have a good knowledge about it. Top 4 points you should know before installation of multi room audio system. Installation of Home Security System. Top 3 Unusual Uses for Surveillance Camera. What do you think when you think of home video surveillance system?

Top 3 Unusual Uses for Surveillance Camera

If you think security cameras are only used for preventing vandalism and other crime activity around your home or office. Then you are not absolutely right. The majority of our blogs are about topics which can be described as being on the more common and positive side of the surveillance system. Keep an Eye on Your Home & Business With High Quality Surveillance cameras. Hi-Tech Security Systems to Keep Your Property Safe & Secure. Why You Need Professional Installation to Your Home Security System. 17 Best images about Low Voltage Wiring on Pinterest. The best ways to create multi-room audio systems. If you are a music lover then you definitely would like to purchase a brand new multi-room audio system.

The best ways to create multi-room audio systems

The popularity of multi-room audio system has been increasing day by day. With a little bit of planning and hard work, you can control the music for your entire home. There are various methods and technologies for distributing audio in each room. You can use them as per your choice and need. Select Security Systems Ltd: Installing Home Video Surveillance Systems? Leave Everything on Professionals. Home video surveillance systems are installed for two simple purposes.

Select Security Systems Ltd: Installing Home Video Surveillance Systems? Leave Everything on Professionals

The first purpose is to monitor internal and external threats to the safety of business, family members and possessions. And, the second purpose is to record activities inside and outside of the house or office. Get high quality hidden surveillance cameras in Edmonton. Select Security Systems Ltd: How to Protect Home Video Surveillance System from Harsh Winter Weather. Installing video surveillance systems is the most common security measure for ensuring the safety and security of any property be it your home, office, warehouse or shop.

We know that this system keeps running throughout the year. However, we hardly realize that this system needs regular maintenance and we have to prepare cameras and other components for upcoming weathers. When the summer, winter, monsoon or any other weather is at its extreme, the camera may fail in recording high quality video consistently. In this blog, we have highlighted some maintenance tips that will keep your security system running efficiently in the winter season. Top 6 Six Easy Maintenance Tips That Will Increase the Life and Video Quality of Surveillance Cameras. Maintenance of CCTV camera or other investment is essential. If a well-maintained system can do its job for ten years then why curtail it’s life to 6 years with poor maintenance practices. Proper and timely maintenance keep the security system in excellent running conditions.

Therefore, protect your investment, maximize its performance and keep technical issues at the bay. Always remember following six tips: Inspect the Entire Semi-Annually Inspect all outdoor and indoor cameras. Clean Camera Lenses after Every Six Months Check lenses for smudges, water spots, dust and other elements. The signs of dust or water spots on the lens can be easily seen while watching the video. Select Security Systems Ltd: How to Use Webcams as CCTV Surveillance System! Currently, even hi-tech CCTV security cameras are available at affordable prices. The reason is simple. The demand for these cameras is increasing in leaps and bounds and so is the production.

The increase in production has also increased competition which is ultimately good for the wallet of the customer. Protecting Wireless Security System with Encryption, Protected Router and Changed SSID and Password. Got a security camera to keep an eye on and record actions of intruders? Good, this will keep them at bay. However, there is another kind of threat that is posed by someone your camera cannot capture. There are some disadvantages of living in this interconnected world. Three Units of Wireless Camera Systems.

Select Security Systems Ltd: 9 Pitfalls to Be Avoid While Installing Hotel Security Cameras in Edmonton. A hotel that cares about the comfort, safety and security of guests is never reluctant to investing significant funds on the camera security systems. A guest never forgets to give one star and write terribly bad reviews if her 1,095 $ Versace is stolen during the stay. And, no one is going to stay in your hotel after reading that bad review of the extremely angry guest. No security camera guarding the entrance of the hotel or the parking area is going go to leave a bad impression in the mind of guests. Therefore, in the hospitality industry, it is extremely important to install high-quality cameras to make guests feel safe and comfortable.

Apart from this, there is a right and wrong way of installing cameras. Select Security Systems Ltd: How to Protect Kids from Electrical Threats At Home. Be at home or in office, we are living with dependency on electricity. How to Evaluate Specifications to Buy the Right CCTV Camera. CCTV cameras are usually installed for one purpose, round-the-clock surveillance to protect people and properties. Have Less Money To Invest In Video Surveillance? Bullets Cameras Might Meet Your Needs.

Bullet, Dome, cube-shaped and there are several other types of cameras that are said to do the same job, video surveillance. If you are a buyer, you should know that it is not a wise move to install a bullet camera where you actually need dome camera. What to Consider While Installing Security Cameras in Hotels. Reputation is very important for a business. Once it is earned, it has to be maintained. The reputation becomes more important when it comes to restaurants and hotels.

When a guest writes a negative review about your hotel because his expensive Rolex watch was stolen during the stay, your reputation is literally killed. When you are given one star and the title of the user’s review is “No Security”, you have to consider the reinstallation of security cameras. Edmonton Wireless Security System on Pinterest. Commercial & Residential Low Voltage Wiring Edmonton.

Home Theatre & Multi Audio System Edmonton, CA. Video Web-Camera Surveillance Edmonton. Wireless Systems Wireless alarm/intrusion systems function in much the same way as wired systems – if the circuit is broken, that information is relayed to the panel, and a loud or silent alarm results. However in a wireless system, security information travels via continuous radio frequency. This type of system requires that the batteries be replaced on a regular basis but may be ideal for your commercial building.

Our team is happy to advise you. Select Security Systems Ltd: STRENGTHEN SECURITY WITH CHEAP VIDEO WEB CAMERA SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM. The changing technology is offering fast, efficient and cheap solutions of almost all of our problems. Now, homeowners, small and middle sized businesses can thank the modern technology for the latest development in the security camera industry. Video Web-Camera Surveillance Edmonton. Select Security Systems Ltd — WORKING OF INTERNET HOME VIDEO SURVEILLANCE...