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5 perfect weekend ideas for working women. Remember those amazing slumber parties from your early teens.

5 perfect weekend ideas for working women

Those were undoubtedly the most cherished times of growing up and some of us really miss them. For most working women, weekends are either spent under pile of files or sleeping away in the bed. Weekend plans have somewhere disappeared from our busy lives. If you are feeling bogged down due the hustle-bustle of everyday life and the monotony of routine is almost killing you then its high time you plan something nice over the weekend. Here are some amazing weekend getaways that working women can take to break free over the weekend. Malls- a wonderland for everyone – selectcitywalk citywalk – Medium. In an age where we all are running to make ends meet and working constantly, we often lose out the various activities happening around the like Delhi.

Malls- a wonderland for everyone – selectcitywalk citywalk – Medium

Delhi is one eclectic city that has a rich culture that must be explored. What if we could get all of it under one roof? With the global times, malls have emerged in big and small cities both giving extra taste of the diverse culture and happenings! From food to shopping, malls are like the wonderland for all age groups. Selectcitywalk: Tips To Shop Efficiently At A Mall. The recent upsurge in the mall culture in metropolitan cities like Delhi has resulted in the all types of shopping being done from the malls.

Selectcitywalk: Tips To Shop Efficiently At A Mall

Due to the grand convenience that malls offer in terms of buying various things, majority of people now prefer to shop from these one stop destinations for all their needs. But with everybody rushing to the malls, it might become quite a tiring and exhausting experience for some. Why Ladies Need To Buy From Best Brands? “Shopping” is a wonderful eight lettered word that can make any woman go weak in her knees.

Why Ladies Need To Buy From Best Brands?

For women, shopping is not about splurging big bucks on clothes, makeup, shoes, and jewelry, It is more like a de-stress therapy that every women requires at a regular interval of times. After all, what’s wrong in pampering yourself with best clothes and accessories with your hard earned money and later, chilling out with friends at some nice restaurant in Delhi? Since we are talking about shopping then we must also elaborate why it is important to buy stuff only from the best brands in the market.

The Best Features Of A Flourishing Mall. Malls- A Complete Centre For Total Amusement – selectcitywalk. The culture of malls in India has definitely grown over the past few years.

Malls- A Complete Centre For Total Amusement – selectcitywalk

One can spot this multi-faceted mall in every corner. These big buildings are surrounded by top most brands that are famous around the globe. Providing persistent convenience to all, malls are seriously a complete centre for total amusement and leisure that one needs in life every now and then! How have the malls been helpful? The Weekend Things One Must Do – selectcitywalk. After a stressful and tiring week, we all need to detox ourselves from the usual vagaries of life.

The Weekend Things One Must Do – selectcitywalk

The two days of the weekend are the only days that we wait for. Reasons For The Growing Popularity Of Shopping Malls In India. Select CITYWALK — Planning A Perfect Weekend Getaway! Plan A Perfect Birthday Bash For Your Boyfriend – selectcitywalk citywalk – Medium. Birthday parties are always a great time but what if you are the only person planning it?

Plan A Perfect Birthday Bash For Your Boyfriend – selectcitywalk citywalk – Medium

Kids are not the only ones who love birthday parties, adults love them too and if your boyfriend’s birthday is around valentine week then you must plan something special to make it memorable. The most difficult questions of all are where do you start with the preparations. Best Of Both Worlds For You And Your Kid – selectcitywalk. Always feel anxious and worried about your weekend plans because of your kids and lack of options?

Best Of Both Worlds For You And Your Kid – selectcitywalk

Confusions always plays a spoilt sport while you try to figure out how to incorporate your kids in your plans? Don’t fret and let confusion and anxiety take a backseat as plenty of options are now available for you to choose from which will allow you to make your kids an essential part of all your fun plans. Busy schedules and hectic work lives of parents often reduce their leisure time merely to the weekends. And meanwhile, along with the parents the kids too are restricted from spending quality time with their parents.

This kind of lifestyle often results in stress that keeps increasing and leading too discord between the families. Look At The Latest Fashion Forecast For 2017. Pink is going to be the trendsetter With major beauty products going ga-ga over pink, make sure that this colour covers most of your wardrobe this summer/spring.

Look At The Latest Fashion Forecast For 2017

The softer tones of pink are going to reign supreme. The cheap strings Many fashion trends come and go, but cheap strips are one thing you could always rely on, season after season, year after year. Ladies Be Fashion Ready Upcoming Spring! We are still in the midst of chilly winters and enjoying every bit of winter fashion but with springs just a month away, it is time to re-shuffle your wardrobe once again.

Ladies Be Fashion Ready Upcoming Spring!

This summer and winter, we witnessed lace and frills topping the fashion charts and we are expecting the same for the spring fashion but with much more variations. Talking about spring fashion, from shades to dresses to footwear and evening outfits, there is so much more to know. As far as colors and shades are concerned, yellow and orange are going to be the color of the season. Bright red shades will be a perfect selection for a formal evening dress but royal blue is also worth giving a thought. Selectcitywalk: Mall Culture In Delhi: Reasons Of Upsurge. Delhi NCR being one of the largest metropolitan cities in india, similar to other tier one cities doesn’t provide much opportunity to the residents to have an outing. People find their best refuge are the malls in delhi, especially on weekend or holidays. Flamboyant retail outlets, Gaming arcades and amazing restaurants make the malls the choicest option for a hangout.

Select CITYWALK — Delhi’s Center Of Fun And Entertainment. Have A Fabulous New Year! - Select Citywalk. Make Your New Year Celebrations Extra Special – selectcitywalk. The New Year eve is just a few days away and it’s your duty to make it extra special with sparkling décor, hilarious selfies, crazy games, and lip-smacking appetizers. As you are soon going to welcome the Year 2017, try to make the celebrations a little different.

Organizing a party, going out for movies, or watching some random New Year programs on Television is just too mainstream. Make it a bit different by thinking out of the box by doing the following interesting things. Try BYOA—Bring Your Own Appetizer. Select CITYWALK — Select City Walk Mall- Hub Of Entertainment! Tips For Best Friend’s Birthday. Cakes, balloons, friends and gifts – birthdays are just so special. Irrelevant of age, everybody rejoices the day they were born. While the birthday boys or girls are high over celebrations, the real burden is felt by best friends. You undergo a major upheaval – what to buy, what to leave, how to surprise him/her to make this birthday stand out in comparison of past ones.

Trust me, all of us have been grilled over this task for years, and the drama never stops. So here are a few tried and tested ideas that will never backfire, ever! • Keeping a close watch – This is certainly the best idea you can try. Enjoy Christmas Time With Family And Friends. With the advent of December, comes the vibrant season of thanksgiving and Christmas. Primarily loved by kids, this season has a unique charm of its own. This is perhaps the most right time for family get- together and reconnecting with friends. In the hustle-bustle of this celebrative season, let’s explore the unique ways to celebrate some quality time with family and friends. Caroling together Heavy partying and class-role reversal is the tradition of Christmas season. Singing some nice Christmas carols with family and friends will ignite a spirit of celebration in everyone’s spirit. Selectcitywalk_citywalk - For The Love Of Shopping, Food And Movies!

Be it a huge mall or a small one, it gets popular by products and services it provides. Earlier, malls were not very accessible, but with the technical innovations such as electric lighting and escalators that were introduced from the late 19th century, many people started visiting malls more often. Moreover, from the late 20th century, entertainment venues such as movie theatres and restaurants came up, making malls an entertainment hub. Modern malls feature architecturally important constructions, enabling comfortable patrons to buy products in spaces protected from the weather.

Hence, it becomes very convenient for customers to shop at malls. People are usually busy during the week and prefer to relax on the weekends by doing recreational activities. . • Not everyone is interested in buying international brands. . • Apart from shopping at Select City Walk mall, you can also pamper yourself with a relaxing body and foot spa session at your favorite spa outlet. Select City Walk Mall- Hub Of Entertainment! Enjoy Your Weekends Just The Way You Like! How to Make the Most of a Weekend Alone in Delhi. Delhi attracts tons of tourists towards itself especially in the time of winters.

Fun Things You Can Do With Your Girl-Gang Over The Weekend! – Medium. Selectcitywalk: How To Make The Most Of A Weekend Alone In Delhi. Make Your Holiday Count – Things To Do In Delhi – selectcitywalk. “I asked my soul: What is Delhi? She replied: The world is the body, and Delhi its life.” ~ Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib Delhi, the political hub, has always attracted visitors from all over the globe. Its historical monuments, magnificence of culture and art, spell binding architecture from Mughal era to modern age, street food, and frolic of nightlife at pubs and bars has always kept people on their toes. Selectcitywalk_citywalk - Enjoy Shopping In The Best Way Possible! Selectcitywalk: Revive Yourself This Festive Season!

Festivals mark the start of the auspicious period. The Growing Demand For Shopping Malls. People love to shop - clothes, accessories, footwear, home goods, electronic gadgets and so on. Break Away From The Monotony This Weekend – selectcitywalk. How To Spend Quality Time With Your Friends A Little Different... Malls — A Great Place For A Family Outing – Medium. Select CITYWALK — Thinking Of A Weekend Activity? The Mall Is The... Selectcitywalk_citywalk - Tired Of Ecommerce Shopping? Go Old School. Stress Buster: A Guide To Beat … How to Make the Most of Your Weekend in Delhi? Planning A Fun Outing? Here Are Some Tips. How To Chill Out On Weekends? Selectcitywalk_citywalk - How To Chill Out On Weekends? Untitled — Few things that make a coffee shop different from... Make Your Date A Little Extra Special This Time. Recreate Your Time! – selectcitywalk. Back To Basics: Why Shopping Malls Are Cool – Medium. Manage Stress To Stay Focused. Best Place To Shop & Eat!

The Life In The Capital City – selectcitywalk. Malls Are Not Mere Shopping Destinations Anymore - [node:field_title_reedit] Selectcitywalk: Why Do We Go To Malls? Ultimate Hangout Destinations In Delhi. Chilling In Delhi - Select Citywalk. The Shopping Mall Culture. Malls Stepping Up Their Game – selectcitywalk. Select Citywalk: A Successful Vacation Always Involves A Good Movie. Untitled — How To Make The Most Of a Leave? Selectcitywalk_citywalk - Celebrating Your Sweet 16. Relive Your Childhood Through a Fun Sunday - Select Citywalk. Retail Therapy and beyond- Why malls are mushrooming rapidly.