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Should We Ever Believe the Police? In fact checking Alice Goffman’s On the Run, I sometimes referred to police reports and interviews with members of the Philadelphia police department (as did Paul Campos in his recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education).

Should We Ever Believe the Police?

Who Won Science Fiction's Hugo Awards, and Why It Matters. Since 1953, to be nominated for a Hugo Award, among the highest honors in science fiction and fantasy writing, has been a dream come true for authors who love time travel, extraterrestrials and tales of the imagined future.

Who Won Science Fiction's Hugo Awards, and Why It Matters

Bending Light. How New, Modernized Diaphragms Are Trying to Make an Old Birth Control Method Relevant Again. Health How the new, very purple “Caya” is trying to make an old-fashioned birth-control option relevant again Please consider disabling it for our site, or supporting our work in one of these ways Subscribe Now >

How New, Modernized Diaphragms Are Trying to Make an Old Birth Control Method Relevant Again

Cat Tree. City-denies-pregnant-police-officer-a-makeup-date-for-sergeants-exam. Ajpmonline. Figure 1 CONSORT Flow Diagram depicting recruitment/enrollment schematic.


Introduction Office employees are exposed to hazardous levels of sedentary work. Interventions that integrate health promotion and health protection elements are needed to advance the health of sedentary workers. This study tested an integrated intervention on occupational sedentary/physical activity behaviors, cardiometabolic disease biomarkers, musculoskeletal discomfort, and work productivity. How Should the Supreme Court Determine Whether a Group Has Political Power? « Settlement in Hood County, TX | Main | Coming: A "Tilted" List of Recommended New Titles in Law and Religion [WITH UPDATE] » Tuesday, August 18, 2015 How Should the Supreme Court Determine Whether a Group Has Political Power?

How Should the Supreme Court Determine Whether a Group Has Political Power?

The starting point for this post is my view (not original to me) that the Supreme Court should step in to provide special protection from democratic politics to groups that lack political power. These politically powerless groups are the discrete and insular minorities that the Court in Carolene Products footnote four expressed concern about being the target of harmful laws animated by antipathy. These groups are unable to protect themselves from such laws because they cannot vote, they are unable to build coalitions with other groups, or they otherwise lack representation in the democratic process. We tested the relationship between congressional roll call votes on favorable democratic actions and the demographic makeup of the congressional district. Our Ultimate Vancouver East Village (aka Hastings Sunrise) Brewery Tour.

My grandfather's hidden past is wrapped up in his complex relationship to World War II. I always thought I knew my grandfather’s story.

My grandfather's hidden past is wrapped up in his complex relationship to World War II

After all, he lived 98 years, plenty of time to get to know him. Morio Ikeda, was born on Hawaii’s Big Island, raised by immigrants from Fukuoka, Japan. He was petite, even by Japanese standards, and meticulous to the point of insanity. He was a serious guy, but loved Japanese baseball, especially the Yomiuri Giants. When World War II broke out, grandpa was in Tokyo working as an engineer and unable to return to America. Even after the war, grandpa stayed in Japan. Welder Scott Raabe Places Interlocking Patterns of Molten Metal Between Pipes. For Scott Raabe, his craft lies is in the very fine details—the intersection between pipes and other cuts of metal one might typically glance over without a second thought.

Welder Scott Raabe Places Interlocking Patterns of Molten Metal Between Pipes

It’s in these fine crevices that Raabe welds layered patterns, using his seven years of expertise to create interlocking designs that seem to glow a metallic rainbow sheen after being welded. For the layperson, typical welding this is not. Raabe started out as a small parts and custom welder for a production company after graduating from Texas State Technical College. In addition to creating unique patterns during his day job as a pipe fitter and welder, he also creates more elaborate commissions including large roses and butterflies on his site Clean Cut Metal Works. #CannabisClaims - International Centre for Science in Drug Policy.

#CannabisClaims is a campaign by scientists and academics to set the record straight on thirteen of the most oft-repeated claims on cannabis use and regulation, none of which are strongly supported by the scientific evidence.

#CannabisClaims - International Centre for Science in Drug Policy

As more and more jurisdictions reconsider their cannabis policies, the public discourse is filled with conflicting evidence about the impacts of cannabis use and regulation. Cannabis causes schizophrenia. Regularly sleeping too long may indicate a health problem. We get it: Sleep is good for us.

Regularly sleeping too long may indicate a health problem

The National Sleep Foundation regularly campaigns “to celebrate the health benefits of sleep,” and experts have been boosting sleep’s values as no less important than proper diet and exercise. Insufficient sleep has been linked to stroke, obesity and heart disease. But sleeping too much may also be risky: It, too, is associated with a higher risk of heart disease and obesity, not to mention diabetes and depression. Stuart Palley Photography. The Curious Case of the Suspect De-Classification of Wealth. « History of satire | Main | Middle ground on departmentalism » Monday, August 10, 2015 The Curious Case of the Suspect De-Classification of Wealth The last episode left off with a cliff hanger of sorts: a foreign LLM student in my Con Law class asked me why we never discussed economic class and the poor?

The Curious Case of the Suspect De-Classification of Wealth

I followed up with a question in the last blog asking why we as legal scholars do not engage class and the poor more than we do now. One response is that legal scholarship tends to follow what the Supreme Court does. Things Organized Neatly. Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things. The Moped Diaries — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER. The Bitter Southerner is proud to bring you the first honest-to-God narrative short film we’ve run in our “Moving Stories” section: Tyler Nilson’s “The Moped Diaries.”

“The Moped Diaries” tells the story of a young man named Levi, the son of a fisherman on Colington Island in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, who learns about love and loss and how both can, quite literally, make you feel like you’ve been whacked in the head with a shovel. Nilson is a filmmaker from North Carolina who, after a few years of adventure in the South Pacific, headed to Los Angeles to tell stories on film. Like every aspiring filmmaker in L.A., he makes his living in a variety of ways — from bit parts in movies (he's in Judd Apatow’s “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”), making films for corporate clients, acting in commercials and even hand modeling.

The Real Black Lives Matter Wants Activists To Apologize to Bernie Sanders. Black Lives Matter wants the two women who shut down a Bernie Sanders event in Seattle on Saturday to publicly apologize to the Senator and Presidential Candidate. Jason Easley wrote about Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford shutting down Bernie Sanders’ rally in Seattle. They led organizers and the media to believe they are part of Black Lives Matter. How Ukraine’s New Memory Commissar Is Controlling the Nation’s Past. Since the Maidan uprising and the subsequent attacks on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territory by Russia and Russian-backed rebels, there has been intense debate on how to interpret not only Ukraine’s dramatic present, but also its complex and difficult past. Against the background of military and diplomatic struggles, the representation of Ukraine’s history is also embattled, especially the period of World War II. Russian elites have labeled anything and everything they do not like about past and present Ukraine as “fascist.”

Attack on the pentagon results in discovery of new mathematical tile. In the world of mathematical tiling, news doesn’t come bigger than this. In the world of bathroom tiling – I bet they’re interested too. If you can cover a flat surface using only identical copies of the same shape leaving neither gaps nor overlaps, then that shape is said to tile the plane. 70 Years Later, We Still Haven’t Apologized for Bombing Japan. “Never, never waste a minute on regret. It’s a waste of time.” — President Harry Truman. The US and Canada are in a protracted dispute over their border. And it all comes down to lobsters.

Review: 'The Fifth Season' ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Is AMC's Worthy Successor to ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Mad Men’ Culture. The Water in Rio Is Full of Sludge and Rotting Fish—And Olympians Are Supposed to Swim in It. Bird-4.jpg (JPEG Image, 967 × 1220 pixels) - Scaled (82%) 10 Books You Pretend to Have Read (And Why You Should Really Read Them) Futurism Needs More Women. Unsanctioned Web Tracking is Harmful. Could Special Eyedrops Replace Night-Vision Goggles? Health. Lightning at 2000 fps. Women and Girls Raped in Conflict Need Abortion Care—but the US Is Standing in Their Way. In 1973, Jesse Helms, a newly elected United States senator and an ideologue contemptuous of the United Nations, dismissive of international treaties and completely devoid of compassion for the world’s poor, put his name on an amendment to the landmark 1961 United States foreign assistance act banning any use of US funds to support abortion in family planning globally.

Over more than four decades, the Helms amendment has been reinterpreted, reinforced, and expanded in American aid policy to the point of rising to a violation of internationally recognized rights of women. An international campaign is now urgently demanding that the United States put an end to this policy, saying that the Helms amendment defies the Geneva Conventions on the rules of war, which the US has pledged to uphold since the 1950s. “The US abortion ban is a major reason that female war rape victims around the world are being denied abortions in humanitarian medical facilities,” the letter said.

Low Salaries and High Housing Costs Are Shutting Teachers out of Silicon Valley. The Certiorari Grant in Fisher - Concurring Opinions. Self-control forecasts better psychosocial outcomes but faster epigenetic aging in low-SES youth. Author Affiliations. ZsSfx69.jpg (JPEG Image, 1404 × 992 pixels) - Scaled (72%) Imgur. Wes Anderson Palettes. Imgur. Un justified. Confessions of a hobbyist black belt. 'Aurora' Journeys In A New Direction. The New Science Behind Our 'Unfair' Criminal Justice System. Kwame Anthony Appiah: The Complexities of Black Folk - The New York Times. Minimalism For All - LifeEdited.

Ted Cruz, Tennis, and the Chief. The Mad Max Furiosa comic, created entirely by men, is terrible about women. A Texas clerk cited religious objections to deny same-sex marriages. It failed horribly. A Hallmark of an Opinion: Justice Kennedy's Writing Style and How Much. Untitled. French MPs vote to scrap special identity papers for travelling people - FRANCE. In USA Network's 'Mr Robot,' the Hacker Drama Grows Up. In Two Cases, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Corporate Personhood. Why Snowden Won’t Get the Public Interest Defense He Deserves. Someone in Florida snapped a picture of a raccoon riding a gator at the Ocala National Forest. The untold story of Chinese restaurants in America. What Tim Hunt's Resignation Should Teach Us About Sexism in Science. Eclipse from a plane. 'El Bronco,' elected without party backing, makes history in Mexico.

Twitter anger over Indian PM's 'gaffe' in Bangladesh. Monkey Light Bike Lights. What No One Is Saying About the Cleveland Police Shooting Case: It’s Legal Nonsense. hGrg7um.gif (GIF Image, 480 × 480 pixels) Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google. 24 Images That Prove Cats Are Liquid. THIS IS NOT MY CAT! (24 pics) Astronomy Picture of the Day. The Production of Inequality: The Gender Division of Labor Across the Transition to Parenthood - Yavorsky - 2015 - Journal of Marriage and Family. Guy goes ham. Dancing T-handle in zero-g, HD. Shit People Say to Women Directors. A zero-gravity cup lets astronauts get a handle on their coffee. Mackenzie Dern Vs Gabi Garcia Abu Dhabi World Pro 2015 Open Class Semi Final. For Pregnant Marathoners, Two Endurance Tests.

Untitled. How the Beer Garden Came to Be. Hs-2015-12-a-hires_jpg. Photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson Captures the Joy of Young Afghan Skateboarders. YR4ygZY.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 640 pixels) Police Abuse Cases Forced NYC To Pay $428,000,000 in False Arrest and Civil Rights Settlements. Purvi-patel-could-be-just-the-beginning. Texas State Trooper Ordered to Get Counseling for Posing With Snoop Dogg. Did Comcast Ghostwrite Rahm Emanuel’s Letter to the FCC? Purvi Patel faces 20 years in prison for feticide and child neglect. Scientists have discovered a simple way to cook rice that dramatically cuts the calories. The Laws of Library Science. Department of Justice Ferguson Report Revealed. Gender and the Law Blog. Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines policy owes $170,000 in unpaid taxes.

7 emails reveal signs of racial bias among Ferguson officials, DOJ says. Ronda Rousey judo workout in Brazil. Grandfather visiting Alabama from India stopped by police while taking walk, left partly paralyzed. Missoula lawmaker: Yoga pants, Speedos should be illegal in public : Politics. Scientists: We Cannot Geoengineer Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis. Which Element Would You Bend? The Shame of America’s Family Detention Camps. Nancy Grace, Pot Expert, Takes on 2 Chainz Over Marijuana Legalization. Spiral Art Maker. The Onion’s Guide To Gym Etiquette.