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Out of Bed Beard - Scruffy Beard. Men need to understand that it is not always about perfection.

Out of Bed Beard - Scruffy Beard

Women swoon over the rugged look and the most convenient option to get a rugged look is – Scruffy beard! There is nothing cooler than a rugged bearded look. It has the charm of a leather jacket guys! The scruffy beard is basically a beard that is effortless. You woke up one morning and decided to just relax it out? Macho Gunslinger Moustache. This Gunslinger is a very rugged and raw moustache style that charms many women.

Macho Gunslinger Moustache

It a very beastly look with raw sexuality and grabs the limelight like no other! This style requires a nice full grown and thick stache that has been allowed to grow out naturally. Know How to fix your patchy beard - Experts Guide. There are basic quick steps to fix a patchy beard which can easily be followed as a drill and requires a quality trimmer which can be adjusted, a razor maybe.

Know How to fix your patchy beard - Experts Guide

Now, most men cannot grow out a full beast beard and the beard you grow out is usually patchy. This is because a patch of your hair grows slower than the rest or a patch just doesn’t grow out enough beard hair. In this case, you can fix the patchiness by creating the illusion of an even growth till the beard grows out in the slacker areas! Is Van Dyke the Style for you? Van Dykes are really cool beard styles.

Is Van Dyke the Style for you?

There is a wide variety of styles in Van Dyke look and these styles are easy to learn as well as easy to carry off. Most men can carry off a Van Dyke with much elegance and sexiness. Let us find out if this look is the right style for you. This look requires a goatee and a moustache. Identify The Perfect Beard For Your Face Shape.

Beards can help accentuate your best features and at the same time can also help to cover up or make up for your insecurities.

Identify The Perfect Beard For Your Face Shape

Different styles represent different age groups and also the overall look of a person. Here is the beard guide for different face structures. Thicker beards are more so for the mature men and similarly the scantier styles are for younger college going men! 1) Beard For Round Face Shape. 4 Unbelievable Tricks to Cover up the Patchy Beard! Beard is pretty much the soul of your look even if you chose to just carry off a short stubble.

4 Unbelievable Tricks to Cover up the Patchy Beard!

But most men face the patchy beard situation and that can potentially affect your whole look. These are 5 tricks that can help you cover up the patches in the best way possible. Let us also keep in mind that these tricks can work up to a reasonable extent only! 1) Growing out thicker beard can really help you out in this case. 4 Steps To Achieve The Cool Balbo Beard Look.

If you wish to go for the smart and sexy yet rugged style statement, the balbo is perfect for you.

4 Steps To Achieve The Cool Balbo Beard Look

It is a bit complicated style because of the intricate and precise shape of the beard but these 5 steps will help you achieve the look. Balbo is a very old western style with a hint of charisma and sophistication. Check out the 5 easy steps to achieve this style. 4 Moustaches For Your Goatee Look. Goatee is a considerably young style but pair it up with the right moustache and bam!

4 Moustaches For Your Goatee Look

You have the style quotient of the charismatic and irresistible man! Here are the three moustaches i.e. El Bandito, Handlebar and Petite handlebar that will elevate your goatee style! 3 Versions Of The Mutton Chop Beard. Mutton chop beard style is very aggressive and overly masculine at times.

3 Versions Of The Mutton Chop Beard

Also the standard style is for older men only. Here are three versions of the same style with more subtle options for the right look. The three versions of mutton chop beard will help you find your perfect variation for the same and identify your unique style. 3 Step Verdi Beard Maintenance Guide. The Verdi beard is a strong and aggressive beard style and with the perfect daily routine you can easily master this look.

3 Step Verdi Beard Maintenance Guide

It is the easiest and most hassle free routine that will keep your beard in shape as well as strong! The Verdi beard is aggressive and strong beard that has to be well maintained. This daily routine will help you master just that. Reasons Why You Need To Start Paying More attention To Your Sideburns. Sideburns are the two stripes of hair right in front of your ear and connected to your hair. What is the importance of your sideburns and does it impact your look at all? Well, yes! Beard growing mistakes you must be knowing! There are not many tasks that require as much patience as growing a beard simply because it requires effort and facial hair grows out in phases which means that you may have to carry around a patchy look for first few months which is totally worth the end result!

However, several times men damage their own beard due to certain amount of ignorance and lack of knowledge. This blog will essentially help you identify the same! Few Beard Grooming Mistakes To Avoid. Grooming is the art of managing your beard right, taking care of it and treating it the way it deserves to be. 1) Maintain your beard and moustache! Don’t let there be flyaways and hair just poking out randomly. Even a scruffy beard needs to be brushed down. Acceptable Beard Styles for your Workplace. There are different types of beards. Apart from the basic French styles, the popular styles are designer stubble, professional bearded look, hipster beard, van dyke etc. 1.

The designer stubble is acceptable in several organizations so for all the working men who wish to rock a beard, this is your safest bet.With the growing importance on men’s beard, several work places have become a bit more liberal with allowing their employees to flaunt some facial hair and designer stubble is pretty acceptable. 2 Simple Beard Styling Hacks You Must Remember. For instance when you are growing a beard start with basic stubble, designer stubble, van dyke (short, medium and finally long), full beard (trimmed), full beard in the same order as your hair grows.

Once you decide to shave, starting with the full beard leading to full beard kastro, van dyke (long, medium and finally short), French beard, goatee and finally the petit goatee. This way you can try on almost every popular look and decide which style suits you best as your beard grows or as you trim it instead of growing it out each time to try particular styles. 2. Another trick is to find a celebrity whose face shape resembles yours.

Although it may or may not be a 100% match but close resemblance will work as well.