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23 Crazy-Fine Asian Dudes Who Don't Conform To Western Standards Of Hotness. Graveyard Shift Sisters. « Comment rémunérer les réalisateurs qui accompagnent leurs films » : le guide pratique est en ligne ! Le guide pratique « Comment rémunérer les réalisateurs qui accompagnent leurs films« , conçu par Addoc et ATIS et diffusé avec le soutien de la Scam, vient de paraitre !

« Comment rémunérer les réalisateurs qui accompagnent leurs films » : le guide pratique est en ligne !

Parce que l’accompagnement des films par leurs réalisateurs lors de projections-rencontres avec le public représente un travail, encore trop rarement rémunéré, Addoc et ATIS ont créé un outils à l’usage des réalisateurs aussi bien que des programmateurs et des organisations qui les invitent : exploitants de salles de cinéma, responsables de médiathèques, associations, etc. Il délivre des informations fiables et validées par l’Urssaf et l’Agessa et apporte des informations pratiques sur les différentes possibilités de rémunération d’un réalisateur qui intervient pour un échange avec le public, autour de la projection de son film.

Le guide est téléchargeable dans sa version numérique ici, faites le circuler autour de vous ! #FemmeInPublic project disrupts Cape Town’s heteronormative gaze with live fashion protest. #FemmeInPublic is a glorious visual project and conversation piece about femme solidarity in places where we’re most vulnerable—in public.

#FemmeInPublic project disrupts Cape Town’s heteronormative gaze with live fashion protest

Cape Town-based creative director and stylist, Gavin Mikey Collins, and US performance artist, activist, and poet, Alok Vaid-Menon, teamed up with queer and gender non-conforming artists for a “live fashion protest”. A space-taking, look-serving march through the streets of Cape Town “disrupt[ing] the heteronormative and colonial gaze with their unwavering celebration of femininity.” “With the recent advent of the ‘transgender tipping point,’ representation of trans people in the media continues to be of people who are binary (identifying as a ‘man’ or a ‘woman,’), white, and conventionally attractive,” said Vaid-Menon. “My work is about creating more representations of gender non-conforming people of color who have been and continue to be at the front of the movement for gender liberation.” SD Holman’s Intimate and Groundbreaking Portraits Of Female Masculinity In BUTCH: Not Like The Other Girls.

Talented Photographer SD Holman uses her talent as a portrait photographer to capture a very important section of society who are often forgotten/ignored, women who fall outside of the traditional gender binary.

SD Holman’s Intimate and Groundbreaking Portraits Of Female Masculinity In BUTCH: Not Like The Other Girls.

In her series “BUTCH: Not Like the Other Girls,” masculine women are not oddity or other. These are photos of women who identify as butch captured by a butch woman—they are women defining themselves. In this way, Butch has much in common with the current social campaigns stripping women of makeup, enhancements, and retouching and declaring them more beautiful without the artifice. This is part of Holman’s intent with the show—to use the Butch identity as an example of one of the classifications through which women are objectified.

The difference though is the hate and fear that Butch women have faced as transgressors of societal constructs of femininity.Holman says: “Butches and all gender variant folk walk in a world that is really hostile to them, so we tend to look inward. Browse Exhibits · Herstories: Audio/Visual Collections of the LHA. Butch Is Beautiful: Exploring Queer Masculinity, in Photos. Gender diversity and fluidity are more accepted than ever, but for many people who identify as butch, their masculinity can still feel taboo.

Butch Is Beautiful: Exploring Queer Masculinity, in Photos

There are lingering assumptions that butch-ness is synonymous with aggression, ugliness, and loneliness; the "old butch dyke" trope writ large. One person seeking to smash these stereotypes is Australian photography curator Esther Godoy, who leads an ongoing project titled Butch is Not a Dirty Word. Comprised of candid images by a range of photographers, the latest instalment explores what it means to be butch within a "family"—in every sense of the word. Broadly caught up with Godoy ahead of its launch, to talk identity, childhood, and finding acceptance through community.

BROADLY: You have a background in bringing photographers together to reclaim butch identity—how does this new collection do that, with its focus on family? Photo by Georgia Smedley You say the family is often the initial place of rejected masculinity for young butches. Les 13 meilleures chansons sur la masturbation féminine selon Pitchfork - Les Inrocks. Lors d’une interview accordée à l’émission de radio Zach Sang & the Gang, la chanteuse Carly Rae Jepsen a “admis” avoir écrit une chanson concernant la masturbation, en semblant penser que ce genre de sujet était encore tabou en 2015.

Les 13 meilleures chansons sur la masturbation féminine selon Pitchfork - Les Inrocks

En réaction, Pitchfork a établi une liste des treize morceaux concernant le plaisir solitaire féminin afin de prouver que certaines artistes avaient déjà pleinement assumé ce sujet à travers leur musique. Collectif Jeune Cinéma. Collectif Jeune Cinéma. Each year, What's Your Flavor?

Collectif Jeune Cinéma

Seeks out experimental films dealing with LGBTIQ issues in order to showcase them by including them in bold programs of works built on sharp political and aesthetic proposals. Founded in 2014, What's Your Flavor? Is an open invitation to intersex, lesbian, gay, trans, queer and bisexual artists and filmmakers in the shape of a call for entry. A call for them to send us their works so they can be distributed by Collectif Jeune Cinéma, a French cooperative dedicated to experimental cinema, historically built around “Cinéma du corps” (physical cinema), a different cinema, exploding mainstream cinematic formats and subjects.

These last years, without any obvious reason, a gap appeared between these LGBTIQ practices and CJC. As for the situation in France, though there are fortunately some spaces where these films are being shared, none of them are exclusively dedicated to the specific area of LGBTIQ experimental films. Attika Trabelsi dit qu'elle a choisi de porter son voile librement, Valls lui répond oui mais les femmes en Iran #LEmissionPolitique. Lallab - Des rêves à la réalité VOST. La laïcité est la neutralité de l'Etat, pas la neutralisation des individus #LEmissionPolitique #Lallab @AssoLallab. Look at this cast! The 'Black Panther' movie is going to be lit af□□□□□□. 2018 hurry up. «Ouvrir la voix», le documentaire qui laisse enfin parler des femmes noires - BuzzFeed News.

Sihame Assbague on Periscope: "Médine - Concert #JusticePourAdama" Sartre et le « racisme antiraciste » MALCOLM X: "I Am Not a Racist" (May 21, 1964) La Condition noire (Pap Ndiaye) MRAs and GamerGaters rejoice after Minecraft guy mansplains mansplaining, uses c-word. Markus Persson: Mansplaining intensifies Another HUGE VICTORY for Men’s Rights!

MRAs and GamerGaters rejoice after Minecraft guy mansplains mansplaining, uses c-word

Some guy on the internet told a woman that the term “mansplaining” is mean to men! And then he used the “c-word” a couple of times! At first glance, this might not be seen as the HUGE VICTORY that it truly is, men’s rights-wise, but get this! The guy in question is the guy who made Minecraft! Super pouvoir noir. Priscila Rezende - De l'usage de son corps pour se dire au monde. 21 Movies You Need To Watch During Black History Month.

28 moments LGBT qui nous ont fait chaud au cœur en 2016 - BuzzFeed News. Collectif des créatrices de bande dessinée contre le sexisme. 17 femmes lesbiennes, bi et trans incroyables qui ont dit «merde» à la société. Kiss My Wonder Woman: Strong Female Character Friday: Gazelle (Kingsman) Kiss My Wonder Woman: Strong Female Character Friday: Tzipporah (Prince of Egypt) When I decided that not only would Kiss My Wonder Woman celebrate Black History Month but we would also hit all the big heritage months this year, I didn't realize until the ball was well rolling that Arab-American Heritage Month, celebrated in April, was going to be such a freaking challenge.

Kiss My Wonder Woman: Strong Female Character Friday: Tzipporah (Prince of Egypt)

Despite how much I like to think of myself as a liberal aware human being, in preparing for these articles, it came to my attention that I really can't think of many non-stereotypical Arab-American characters in American popular culture. I mean, I came up with a few, sure, and you'll certainly see my research showing in these next few weeks*, but in general, I was saddened to realize that there just plain isn't a lot of representation for Arab-American characters.

Or even Arab/North African characters who appear in American media. Unfortunately, most of what we get is really really frustratingly stereotyped. Kiss My Wonder Woman: Strong Female Character Friday: DS Shahara Hasan (Bodies) 'Monstress': Inside The Fantasy Comic About Race, Feminism And The Monster Within.

Monstress, a new comic book series from Image Comics which launches this week, is all about hidden depths.

'Monstress': Inside The Fantasy Comic About Race, Feminism And The Monster Within

Not only for the title character — a teenager who literally has a monster living inside her — but for the series itself, which uses the fantasy genre to explore real world issues in a new and fascinating way. Writer and series creator Marjorie Liu (Marvel's Astonishing X-Men, the Hunter Kiss series of novels) talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the origins of the series, and why Monstress is even more than she anticipated. "I didn’t realize how massive it was until I started writing it, and realized I had totally underestimated both the size of the project, and my own ability to wrap my head around it," Liu says of the series.

"I wanted to write about girls and monsters, which has been a theme of mine from almost the start of my career — girls and giant monsters, and the supernatural. The Art of Monstress – thenerdsofcolor. By Marjorie Liu Well, last Thursday was a big day.

The Art of Monstress – thenerdsofcolor

I took the stage at Image Expo to discuss my new creator-owned title, Monstress, which I’m working on with Sana Takeda (who is brilliant and kicking ass). I gave an extensive interview at Newsarama, so check that out — but in short, it’s a privilege and honor to be creating this book with her at Image, where we can finally stretch our wings. 10 rappeuses qui se battent pour les droits des femmes. Former Journalist Sabaa Tahir Writes Dystopian Fantasies Inspired By The News. There's an insatiable appetite, it seems, for books about young people killing each other in made-up militarized societies. And according to author Sabaa Tahir — whose new book, A Torch Against the Night, continues that trend — if you look at today's headlines, the genre's popularity makes sense: After all, the news is where she found her inspiration. Ces rappeuses qui n'ont plus peur du mot « gouine »

Kalae, coupe 1. Le rap et les sectes de l'Islam. Ces rappeuses qui n'ont plus peur du mot « gouine » Pitié les mecs, arrêtez d'expliquer le rap aux filles. Pitié les mecs, arrêtez d'expliquer le rap aux filles. Pitié les mecs, arrêtez d'expliquer le rap aux filles. Young Thug n'est pas le premier à avoir défié l'hyper-masculinité du rap. Young Thug n'est pas le premier à avoir défié l'hyper-masculinité du rap. «Ma Chérie», un court-métrage poignant sur la transphobie. The smartest Marvel superhero is now a 9-year-old black girl from New York. Meet Marvel’s smartest new superhero: a 9-year-old black girl from Manhattan, New York. Marvel comic writers Brandon Montclair and Amy Reeder announced that the character of Lunella Lafayette — star of the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comic — will now officially be the smartest superhero in the Marvel Universe. Lunella is described as a super genius and carrier of the Inhuman gene in the comics.

The previous heir to the “smartest superhero” throne was Reed Richards, the Fantastic Four’s Mister Fantastic. 'Bad feminist' Roxane Gay to write new Marvel Black Panther series. Feminist critic Roxane Gay is to co-write the new Black Panther comics series, saying that “the opportunity to write about black women in a Marvel comic was an opportunity I could not pass up”. Gay’s first venture into comics, Black Panther: World of Wakanda, will see her working alongside Ta-Nehisi Coates, another newcomer to comics whose Black Panther story debuted in April. Coates’s comic, set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, following the adventures of the superhero Black Panther, or T’Challa, has gone on to become a bestseller. It sold more than 250,000 copies in the first month after its release in the US, and sold out completely in the UK. Gay’s story, drawn by Alitha Martinez with covers by Afua Richardson, will follow the lovers Ayo and Aneka, former members of the Black Panther’s female security force, the Dora Milaje.

Black intellectuals, white audiences: searching for tales of authentic blackness. Sometime last fall, I received an email from a Harvard colleague inviting me to join a reading group of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me. “I just had an image this morning of a room full of white people discussing the book,” she wrote, before clarifying in the next line: “I certainly don’t mean to say, ‘come explain what it’s like to be black to us.’” But of course, in some way, that is precisely what she meant.

Amid protests against racialized police violence and debates over the limits of free speech on increasingly diverse college campuses, a good many (often, white) progressives have been left scratching their heads. What explains the current upswell of black Americans’ frustration, just eight years after the election of the nation’s first black president? Next Iron Man will be a black woman, reveals Marvel. We’ve seen a female Thor, a black Spider-Man and a Muslim Ms Marvel. Now move over Tony Stark: Marvel has announced that the next Iron Man will be a black woman. In its latest move towards increasing diversity in its print output, the comic book giant has released details about new character Riri Williams.

A science genius who enrols in MIT at the age of 15, Williams was glimpsed in Invincible Iron Man #7, seen reverse-engineering one of Stark’s older Iron Man suits. Ta-Nehisi Coates's Black Panther is superhero success story. Hip-Hop : Reflexions Sur Une Musique Populaire. Femmes ingouvernables. Femmes ingouvernables: (re)penser l'irrévérence féminine dans l'imaginaire populaire contemporain. 31 Trans* Women You Should Know (Besides Caitlyn Jenner & Laverne Cox) Roz The Diva Pole Dancer Fitness Trainer. Lesbian Movies on Netflix: Everything Streaming and What's Worth Watching. The Best Moments In African Sci-Fi 2015 Okayafrica. #BlackGirlMagic: These Women United for One Badass Superhero Photo Shoot. Open Letter To Aziz Ansari and Other Anti-Black People of Color - BGD.

Black 'Harry Potter' Characters Aren't Just Beautiful. Hermione_granger_in_harry_potter_is_she_white. What A "Racebent" Hermione Granger Really Represents. Pas hétéro. Femmes, femmes: mode d’emploi. Sexisme et jeux-vidéo. Réflexions féministes. Sexualité. Halle Berry and the Myth of the Black Man-Eating Bitch. Niquons les idées reçues ! — Le dessin de Cy.(prine) 84 Films By and About Women of Color, Courtesy of Ava DuV. Monde arabe : « L’homophobie est vraiment arrivée avec la colonisation », selon Ludovic Zahed. Comment les "fils et filles de..." ont pris le pouvoir sur la culture en France. La leçon de piano : Comment tomber amoureuse de son agresseur sexuel. DENNIS LIU - WRITER/DIRECTOR. Islamo-racailles contre beurettes émancipées : la recette de « Certifiée Halal » Se découvrir asexuel.le. Intersectionnalité et féminismes arabes avec Kimberlé Crenshaw - The Postcolonialist.

Les 10 meilleurs documentaires par/pour/sur les lesbiennes. 30 Bisexual Women Discuss Their Long-Term Relationships With Men. (SPOILER) « Dear White People , du rêve d’un cinéma afro politisé au cauchemar d’un ciné new afro dépolitisant. #2 CORDELIA AIME... la littérature LGBT+ (1) Asexual Science. Color Outside the Lines: A Tattoo Documentary (2012) Virginie Despentes : le cinéma “une industrie inventée, manipulée et contrôlée par des hommes“

Stars du rap callipyges : des chanteuses à pleines lunes. Bell hooks = Black Feminist Scholar ≠ "Owner" or "Sole Leader" of Black Feminism and Black Women's Sexual Politics (with tweets) · thetrudz. Hip-Hop et stars callipyges : quand le talent seul ne suffit plus. Sexual Objectification, Part 1: What is it? Les chemins de la beauté. Noirs, rappeurs, queer, fièrEs et divers ! (partie 1) Polyamoureux et polyfidèle à l'amour - lutinages et sensualités. The 25 books every woman should read. Pourquoi il faut croire au féminisme pop. Bande-annonce Certifiée Halal - Certifiée Halal Bande-annonce VF. Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon Dieu ? (2014) : le racisme, c’est rigolo. Céline Sciamma: «Les grands films libèrent des territoires plutôt qu’ils ne les occupent»

Céline Sciamma : «J'ai filmé la banlieue et des filles qui se cherchent» Flickr. Les “Noirs de France”, les oubliés de l’histoire officielle. Les Rôles féminins dans les textes de JdR. Joueurs contre la misogynie. Jeu De Rôle.