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Graffiti Story. Vocabulary BANK .docx. JR (artist) JR: My wish: Use art to turn the world inside out. Sqon è un noto writer, artista italiano di Pordenone. Famose le sue opere che ritraggono un gattino molto affettuoso. Recentemente ha cambiato il suo stile passando dalla classica street art su muro a opere realizzate in campi e boschi. Correlati Pawel Kuczynski - Il re dell'arte satirica mondiale Pawel Kuczynski è un artista polacco che si specializza nelle immagini che fanno riflettere sul mondo in cui viviamo. 13 ottobre 2014 In "Opera" Icy And Sot - Quando l'arte è contro le armi ICY e SOT sono artisti di grande talento (fratelli) nati a Tabriz (Iran), attualmente residenti a Brooklyn, NY.

Sqon. Graffiti and the law. The street art of JR | Art and design. The Parisian photographer JR is a man routinely touted as the hippest street artist since Banksy. His work has sold at Sotheby's and been plastered 100ft high on the wall of Tate Modern. His celebrity admirers include Trudie Styler and Damon Albarn. But regardless of his undoubted artistic pedigree, it seems inevitable, given his name, to ask him about Dallas. So is his two-letter moniker a tribute to the fictional 80s oil baron JR Ewing? "No," he laughs when we meet in his Paris studio, a bright, airy space filled with video-game consoles and designer chairs.

"It's just my initials. " And they stand for? "I can't say. " The deliberately enigmatic reply is more than mere artistic pretension. As a teenager, he started out as a graffiti artist but began taking photographs when he found a camera on the Paris Métro. "The fact that I stay anonymous means I can exhibit wherever I want," he explains with a broad grin, a plate of microwaved lamb tagine balanced precariously on his knees. TED 2011 TALK - ENGLISH SUBTITLES.