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Alas, all good things must come to an end. When I began Dinosauria On-Line in 1995, it was the dawn of web-kind. I was newly introduced to the science of dinosaurs, and was disappointed by the lack of scientific content on the web. I decided to fix that, and DOL was born, quickly becoming a web cause-celebre. However, times changed. Many of the mysteries of dinosaurs were solved to my satisfaction, so my interest began to wane. Dinosauria On-line Dinosauria On-line
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies A registered educational charity. Registered under the Charities Act, 1960 - registration no. 286264 The oldest and most up-to-date Society for information and research into cosmic catastrophes Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
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Welcome to the new profile editing interface for Pivot! Login to your Pivot account and if you have already claimed a profile, click through to your profile and click on the "Update your profile" link to begin updating and adding information to your profile. ProQuest Pivot™ Pivot has been recognized as a global leader that provides unmatched tools for discovering funding opportunities and supporting collaboration in the research development field. Community of Science Web Server Community of Science Web Server
Up at Six Aviaries
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While an employee at CAST Stephan Pollard created two GIS data resource guides which were for several years CAST's most accessed web pages. They were: Starting the Hunt Japan GIS/Mapping Sciences Resource Guide These provided links to a wide range of data including GIS, remote sensing, geospatial data products, maps, activities and information sources. GIS And Base Map Data For The U.S GIS And Base Map Data For The U.S
The JSE is the quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of the SSE. Since 1987, the JSE has published original research on consciousness, quantum and biophysics, unexplained aerial phenomena, alternative medicine, new energy, sociology, psychology, and much more. The journal also contains book reviews, letters to the editor, and peer correspondence. Submit a Manuscript Order Back Issues Robert G. Jahn, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ Society for Scientific Exploration Society for Scientific Exploration
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Junk Science

Junk Science

Yale Survey of American Attitudes on Warming Still a lot of people convinced that warming is happening. Guess they’ve been agit propped pretty well.
National Geographic
The USGS Earthquake Hazards Program is part of the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP), established by Congress in 1977. We monitor and report earthquakes, assess earthquake impacts and hazards, and research the causes and effects of earthquake. Significant Earthquakes Past 30 Days Current Seismicity Current Seismicity
More Insight into the Tesla Car Tesla's Electric Car - another version Subject : Telsla's Electric Car Date : Mon, 07 Apr 1997 02:15:31 GMT This is an excerpt from the book, "Secrets of Cold War Technology - Project HAARP and Beyond", by Gerry Vassilatos. - ISBN 0-945685-20-3 For more information please email, write or call: info@borderlands.com or click on the Borderlands website. Borderland Sciences Research Foundation Post Office Box 220 Bayside, California 95524-0220 U.S.A. Phone: (707) 825-7733 / FAX: (707) 825-7779 Tesla's Electric Car - from page 91 Tesla had already considered the condition of charged particles, each representing a tightly constricted whorl of aether. The force necessarily exerted at close distances by such aetheric constrictions was incalculably large. More Insight into the Tesla Car
National Oceanographic Data Center
At Rainforest Action Network (RAN) we believe that a sustainable world can be created in our lifetime, and that powerful action must be taken immediately to leave a safe and secure future for our children. With the help of thousands of concerned supporters around the world, RAN has won dozens of landmark environmental commitments from America's largest corporations, including Citi, Home Depot, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Kinko’s, Boise and Lowe’s.

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Action Network
Talk.origins is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins. Most discussions in the newsgroup center on the creation/evolution controversy, but other topics of discussion include the origin of life, geology, biology, catastrophism, cosmology and theology. The TalkOrigins Archive is a collection of articles and essays, most of which have appeared in talk.origins at one time or another.

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“Ich bin ein Berliner.” -John F. Kennedy The Hand of Glory is one of those stories you hear of when you’re running around with PROFESSIONAL occultists.
Free Backup Software for Hard Drive System Backup and Restore. Backup freeware for data backup and disaster recovery in Windows 7/XP/Vista and Linux - EASEUS
Cambridge Astronomy
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The Logics (PD) Rembrandt - Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer Logic is the act of comparing information. Only information that agrees with Natural laws is valid.
Myths, Facts, and Lies About ProdigiesA Historiography of William James Sidis Public domain photographs plus Norbert Wiener courtesy of Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT Just because a newspaper reporter wrote an article, it does not mean that the news must be true. Larry Neal Gowdy Copyright©2007-2013 - Updated October 19, 2013 The Logics - Myths, Facts, and Lies about Prodigies : A Historiography of William James Sidis
Bio of William Sidis
The Animate and the Inanimate
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The Apology of Socrates : Plato
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Man Robs Bank For $1 To Get Health Care in Jail
Saturn Death Cult | The link between planetary catastrophe, ancient mythology and occult ritual
The History of The Discovery of Cinematography - 1895 - 1900
Witches burned alive in Kenya, Africa **GRAPHIC!**
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Aurora Sky Station - Live Camera
Civil war veteran soldier footage, captured between 1913 and 1938
Dinosaur casts Dinosaur replicas Taylor Made Fossils Dinosaurs casts replicas skulls skeletons museum exhibits displays TaylorMadeFossils.com dinosaur fossils for sale dinosaur casts dinosaur replicas
Mark of the Beast part 1
American Sign Language Activities - Printable ASL Fingerspelling Flash cards
Bible Prophecy Numbers: 1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 days, 1260 years
Anti Illuminati Songs
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
How to survive. - thedeerskinner. survival is in the mind.
Hathi Trust Digital Library - Holdings: An Universal history, from the earliest account of...
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Jordan - History - Disengagement from the West Bank
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Sighted Moon » the Month of Abib; Vernal Equinox or Tekufah; California’s Drought and the Great Depression #2 The Panic Begins
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