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New Video of (Alleged) Gadhafi Capture - 10/21/11
Birth defect weapons used in Libya
HAARP Technology
Failure to Yield: Evaluating the Performance of Genetically Engineered Crops (2009) Failure to Yield: Evaluating the Performance of Genetically Engineered Crops (2009) Evaluating the Performance of Genetically Engineered Crops For years the biotechnology industry has trumpeted that it will feed the world, promising that its genetically engineered crops will produce higher yields. That promise has proven to be empty, according to Failure to Yield , a report by UCS expert Doug Gurian-Sherman released in March 2009.
The Film Archive
The Illuminati Movies Welcome to Straight Talk about God. I’m jack. We’re going to the Movies today. The Illuminati movies. If you had an agenda for social change and you controlled all the major movie studios, wouldn’t you use the movies to promote your agenda? The social change agenda behind the DaVinci Code is the destruction of Christianity. The Illuminati Movies
Report: Tunnel linking US to Russia gains support - World news - Europe LONDON — A train could someday make a journey from New York City to London if a plan to build a 65-mile tunnel between North America and Asia comes to pass. The Times newspaper in the U.K. said that idea to construct a $60 billion tunnel under the Bering Strait was this week backed by some of President Dmitry Medvedev’s top officials. The paper described the idea as "the greatest railway project of all time." Report: Tunnel linking US to Russia gains support - World news - Europe
Knights Templar Knights Templar rotten > Library > Conspiracy > Knights Templar According to legend, the Knights Templar was founded in 1118 to protect tourists headed for Jerusalem. There the small band of warrior monks established a headquarters. In due course, they somehow managed to gain possession of the Ark of the Covenant, which they hid for safekeeping.
Blavatsky Study Center:  Website on H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy including Blavatsky Archives. Blavatsky Study Center:  Website on H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy including Blavatsky Archives. "We came into contact with certain men, endowed with such mysterious powers and such profound knowledge that we may truly designate them as the sages of the Orient. To their instructions we lent a ready ear. The work now submitted to public judgment is the fruit of a somewhat intimate acquaintance with [these] Eastern adepts and study of their [esoteric & occult] science." H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, 1877. "Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is surely among the most original and perceptive minds of her time.
The New Group of World Servers The New Group of World Servers The New Group of World Servers Let us drop our antagonisms and our antipathies, and think in terms of the one family, the one life, and the one humanity. Humanity is not following a haphazard or uncharted course--there is a Plan. Humanity determines the speed of its own evolution and the fulfilling of its own destiny under the Plan.The success of the Plan depends upon the intelligent co-operation of all men and women of goodwill everywhere in the world. Men of goodwill who co-operate form part of the New Group of World Servers which is working to implement the Plan.
The Daily Sheeple - News, Commentary, Headlies and Truth
The Earth Charter - Agenda for Totalitarianism
The truth news and information they dont want you to know about If you want to know the truth, not just the media news, the research tools are here to find it. This website will motivate you and give you the opportunity to learn what is impacting our everyday lives. The research is here to aid you in forming a relevent, fact- based, honest, opinion. It should take a well - rounded knowledge of what occurs and not just the interveinous feedings we all get from the media. The truth news and information they dont want you to know about
Facebook, the CIA, and You. // Brainsturbator Facebook, the CIA, and You. // Brainsturbator After over a decade of being immersed in the conspiracy theory culture—and I’m still there wether I like it or not—my core beef remains the same. It’s not something unique to conspiracy research. It’s a universal problem with all true believers: exaggeration for dramatic effect. Subtlety is interesting. Details are brainfood.
Jeremiah Bonds - Customer Development
New Years (Pagan)
Shocking Truth About Valentines Day!
Two Wolves
Julian Calendar History
Tail Chasing - Pt.6: Alex Jones Jesuit Connection
Sam the Eagle
Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich the EU Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich the EU By Adam Lebor Updated: 21:30 GMT, 9 May 2009 The paper is aged and fragile, the typewritten letters slowly fading. But US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 is as chilling now as the day it was written in November 1944. The document, also known as the Red House Report, is a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. There, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for Germany's post-war recovery, prepare for the Nazis' return to power and work for a 'strong German empire'. In other words: the Fourth Reich.
| Illuminati News | The Secret Order of the Illuminati | Illuminati News | The Secret Order of the Illuminati {*style:<b> </b>*} his whole thing with the Illuminati and a Shadow Government may be unreal to many people, but stay with me for a while and give it a chance. I encourage you to read this introductory, over-viewing article before you read anything else from this website, unless you are already familiar with the Illuminati. Even then it would probably be refreshing to read it. This article is exactly just that - an overview.
Secrets of the Founding Fathers 1/9
By Dr. Harrell Rhome With the exception of illustrations, this is Copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved. n spite of the ready availability of information found online as well as in libraries, like other neglected topics in so-called “history books”, the real origins of the United States are ignored and/or misrepresented. One must have the skills (now rare, no longer taught in the schools) of critical thinking to research, find the facts and separate them from outright lies and misstatements. THE OCCULT ORIGINS  OF THE AMERI
The Order | Literature | Gematria | What's New | FAQ | Links | Contact Established in London in 1888, the Order of the Golden Dawn (or "Golden Dawn", as it is commonly referred to) is an extension of a mystical tradition that goes back to antiquity. The Golden Dawn is an outer fraternity providing a tradition of magical theurgy and spiritual development. The Golden Dawn was probably the single greatest influence on 20th century western occultism. Concepts of mysticism, magic and ritual were taught in the Golden Dawn or its Inner or Second Order called the R.R. et A.C. From this Hermetic school in the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Inner Order came the seeds that became core elements of many other traditions, including many Christian mystical practices, Wicca, and even modern holistic philosophies that are popular today. Golden Dawn Online Encyclopedia Resource
NWOSurvivalGuide About "The Truth, when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears."- Hunter S. Thompson, Kingdom of Fear; pg. 220. This information was originally posted in a desperate attempt to quickly teach my friends and family how to prepare to survive the disintegration of the global economy and the difficult and scary times that will follow. These hard working, tax paying Americans are too busy putting their children through college, paying for weddings and becoming grandparents to notice the dark clouds of the "perfect storm" of tyranny forming on the horizon.
Garden Grove UFO SIGHTING POLICE ESCORT, AMust See UFO Sighting thats
SHOCKING Police State Shoot to Kill Utah Man served with warrant in the form of bullets
Top 20 Lies of the World
Libya ,things you should know.
‘Gaddafi death reports a hoax’
THE EMPIRE OF "THE CITY" (World Superstate) part 1.avi
How is Big Brother watching you???
Your Childs Schooling And ARK
Egypt protests organized by CIA
Secrets of the CIA, part 1
Lucis Trust for An One World Religion
Google is Watching you
Mobile Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Walmart near You! Unbelievable.
2015:Google Takes Over The World!!(DOCUMENTARY)
Google GMail Privacy
A Poisoned World - Pt1 - Big Pharma & the FDA
maps home page Down to: 6th to 15th Centuries | 16th and 19th Centuries | 1901 to World War Two | 1946 to 21st Century The Ancient World ... index of places Aegean Region, to 300 BCE Aegean Region, 185 BCE Africa, 2500 to 1500 BCE
U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time
Evidence Indicates Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster Was Engineered And Prolonged By Design | New World Order Fighters Published on 07-10-2010 Source: – By Lee Rogers The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is obviously a situation of unprecedented proportions. Even worse is that there is a great deal of evidence to indicate that this event was an engineered conspiracy. Even if one is not convinced of a conspiracy it is at the very least obvious that the U.S. government and the corporate media are not giving the general public a full picture of what’s going on. First, a number of powerful players conveniently had the foresight to dump large numbers of BP shares prior to the event which began on April 20th 2010.
Smart Dust - Project Oxygen XΩX (OX eYe GEN)
The Saturnalian Brotherhood pt.13/13 - Message Received
The Oldest Written Melody in History c.1400 BC!!!