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Blogsvertise Blog Advertising - Advertise on Blogs Ad Service. Finding and Using Niche Blogs. The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.

Finding and Using Niche Blogs

When I talk about 'niche blogs', I mean blogs that are regularly updated and focus mainly, but not exclusively, on a certain subject area like, for example, crocheting or tea. More often than not, a blog with a specialty will be of a much higher quality than your average 'rambling and musings of x' site. However, with a zillion new blogs published per hour, it's getting increasingly difficult to ferret these quality blogs out, particularly if they're not in the business of being found. That makes it sound like I'm talking about underground crochet blogs. I'm not. Why do you want to find niche blogs? There are a few good reasons but the main one is . There is almost certainly a blogging community around something that your site offers (granted, you might have to get a bit creative here).

A second reason is plain old simple traffic. How to find them. Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » biz ladies 09: advice from design. Today i’m thrilled to share a special biz ladies post brought to you by some of my favorite bloggers: allan of core77, joy of oh joy!

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » biz ladies 09: advice from design

, joanna of cup of jo, amy from apartment therapy, jen from indie fixx, harry from moco loco, jan from poppytalk, julie from remodelista, jean from notcot, and jill from inhabitat. they’ll be sharing their expert blogger opinions on getting your work published on design blogs. with a tough economy, it’s more important than ever to reach out to any and all press outlets about the products and services you offer. but what’s the best way to contact them?

What do they want to see (and not see)? What sort of outreach stands out to them? Today they’ll be answering these and other important questions (i’ll weigh in on a few, too). between our 11 blogs, we represent close to 300,000 daily readers who are looking for your goods and services, so i hope you’ll take their advice to heart. thanks to all of our bloggers for taking the time out to share their tips! 1. 2. 100+ SMB Blogging Ideas to Kick Start 2010. With so many social media studies showing that companies are looking to up their involvement in social activities this year, I thought I’d help cure that age-old “what should I blog about today?”

100+ SMB Blogging Ideas to Kick Start 2010

Question. Or at least give you a healthy head start for the year by providing 100+ potential blog topics for your small business blog. Consider it my contribution to your yearly editorial calendar. I know you’re creating one, right? So, here are some potential topics. Focus on your Industry Write 10 ways your industry will change this yearBreak down the new laws that will affect your niche in the coming yearCreate a list of the best industry resourcesTalk about why things are better today (or not) than they were 10 years agoAttend industry events and blog about themYour best marketing tipsHow your industry is like Your Favorite TV Show [I suggest using Glee. Go Social About your Business Highlight Your Customers Get Personal What have you read lately that inspired/angered you?

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