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ACG Security Solutions

ACG Security Solutions specializes in offering a vast range of highly advanced and complete security systems, electronic security systems, alarms, CCTV surveillance system security cameras and more with the proper installation for all sized organizations at the incredible price in Cumming GA area.

Biometric Security System in Atlanta. As mentioned on our thermal image page, analytics combined with thermal image cameras provides some of the most powerful protection in the market place; this is exactly what Sightlogix does and we are one of the newest dealers for Sightlogix in the Southeast.

Biometric Security System in Atlanta

Sightlogix has been though extensive testing in real world scenarios. The latest testing was for the TSA at the Buffalo airport with 100% accuracy. Please see the Sightlogix web site and press release. We also offer VideoIQ. VideoIQ has a very strong and unique place in the market with their Analytics and IP cameras with built in storage, up to 500 gig.

Below describes what Analytics is and does. Q: What exactly is video analytics? A: It’s the use of software algorithms for the analysis of CCTV images to detect alarm conditions, such as an intruder moving into a restricted area. Q: Isn’t that the same as motion detection? Q: So what does video analytics do? Q: Where are sophisticated video analytics likely to be used? CCTV Intelligent Video Analysis In Atlanta GA. Best And Affordable Alarm System In Atlanta. Biometric Security System In Atlanta. Certified Biometric Security Engineer (CBSE) There is no doubt the Biometric market is growing rapidly. ACG Security Solutions has been involved with Biometrics for many years. Certain employees have kept up with the industry by becoming CBSP and CBSE certified, and continuing education in the Biometric field.

We have implemented many Biometric solutions on a LAN/WAN based infrastructure. ACG Security Solutions has the products and resources for a complete Biometric security solution. Below are some key points why to consider Biometrics: * Increased security – Provide a convenient and low-cost additional tier of security. * Reduce fraud by employing hard-to-forge technologies and materials. * Eliminate problems caused by lost, stolen or “borrowed” proximity cards or forgotten passwords by using physiological attributes. * Reduce password administration costs. * Replace hard-to-remember passwords which may be shared or observed. Thermal Imaging Camera In Atlanta GA. Thermal imaging has a broad range of applications including commercial security, industrial applications and of course law enforcement.

Thermal Imaging Camera In Atlanta GA

Currently we are implementing thermal image cameras for a national auto auction customer. The car lot’s consists of many acres of cars and the customer is including thermal image cameras as part of the security plan. It has taken literally dozens of standard cameras to monitor each site. Today’s thermal image cameras can cover a fence line up to two thousand feet long and in any weather condition day or night. This not only provides superior security but reduces a number of costs factors, not to mention down time because of the weather.

Industrial applications include monitoring electric motors, generators and hot spots for overheating and potential fire hazards. Fence Detection System In Atlanta. Fiber Security, AFL’s fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system, enhances a security team’s ability to detect and respond to fence line intrusion events while reducing existing system and new construction costs.

Fence Detection System In Atlanta

The system employs a fence-mounted fiber optic sensing cable for vibration detection and a central sensing device analyzes both the magnitude and pattern of the vibration signatures, resulting in a system that is: Responsive: Low false positive rate due to noise generated by environmental factors Reliable: High reliability for detection of intrusion events (extremely low frequency of false negative) Accurate: +/-2.5% accuracy of intrusion event locations over continuous fence line lengths of up to 5 kilometers Flexible: Stand-alone system or integrated with pan-tilt cameras and other technologies like infrared systems An excellent value.

Biometric Home Security Systems In Atlanta. Security Camera Installation In Atlanta. In the late 80’s, as a subcontractor, ACG Security Solutions started in the security industry installing large CCTV systems for the major security companies.

Security Camera Installation In Atlanta

We were one of the few that could handle fiber optic installations. We were also one of the few who would provide a proper installation using dark filters for back focus, adjusting phase so the picture would not roll when switching, correcting ground loops when there was a tear on the screen. If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The industry has come a long way since then and ACG Security Solutions is keeping up with the pace. The latest buzz is IP cameras and Hybrid DVR/NVR’s, large LCD flat screens with Video Walls, RAID 5 server disk arrays for storage, MEGA Pixel cameras for extreme detail and resolution.