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We provide a wide range of online high-quality security products to the people who protect us. At "Security Pro USA" you can easily find a wide variety of ballistic plates, ballistic shields, ballistic armor and much more.

Pepper Spray: Protect Yourself From a Distance – Security Pro USA. This year has brought one unexpected event after another, with no end in sight.

Pepper Spray: Protect Yourself From a Distance – Security Pro USA

From the panic caused by the novel coronavirus to the civil unrest caused by racial tensions, 2020 continues to surprise us, and not in a good way. Many Americans feel uneasy and insecure. In times like this, people look for ways to control their environment and protect themselves when they can. Gun and ammunition sales are skyrocketing. But carrying a gun with you at all times may not be a practical or even a wise idea. Sec Pro Armored Cars Built for Extra Security – THE SECURITY PRO USA. We live in an imperfect world, having an armored car is one of the biggest sense of security you can give your clients.

Sec Pro Armored Cars Built for Extra Security – THE SECURITY PRO USA

Armored cars are not a status symbol or something, but in fact, it is vital to possess such kind of car. Armored vehicles are specially designed to resist bullet or resist damage. Their aim is to make damage as little as possible. These kinds of cars are an asset for the army and for law enforcement workers. How People Are Suffering In Lack Of PPE Infographic. UVC Disinfectant Gate: How it Can Help Protect Your Children This Fall – Security Pro USA. The novel coronavirus pandemic has put everyone into a state of constant vigilance.

UVC Disinfectant Gate: How it Can Help Protect Your Children This Fall – Security Pro USA

The rate of infection has gone down in some parts of the country. But still, new cases COVID-19 infections persist. Like all viruses, the coronavirus is invisible to the naked eye. People can carry the virus without any noticeable symptoms. Sec Pro Brings You Best Self-Defense Spray Pepper – THE SECURITY PRO USA. What Is Self Defense?

Sec Pro Brings You Best Self-Defense Spray Pepper – THE SECURITY PRO USA

Self-defense is important- it is the training and techniques necessary which comes handy when targeted by any crime or violence. There are thieves who want to take what is not theirs, and predators who want to hurt others. When you train in self-defense, you gain the tools to keep safe from any danger that may fall upon. It is very common to be nervous when you first think of training. There will be a lot of awkwardness with new movements, soreness from muscles that are seldom used, and exhaustion as you start a new routine. An Armored Car Timeline Infographic by Security Pro USA. Best Nitecore Headlamps by Security Pro USA. Nitecore Lumen USB Rechargeable Headlamp NU25 360 This is one of the most versatile and compact Nitecore Headlamps.

Best Nitecore Headlamps by Security Pro USA

The NU25 headlamp packages three outputs (white/high CRI and red) into an ultra-lightweight body you can wear comfortably for hours on end. A primary CREE XP-G2 S3 LED emits up to 360 lumens of light with up to 88 yards throw which can be used for running, cycling, setting up camp and so much more. For up-close tasks, reading, and photography, there is a secondary high CRI LED which produces a warm 20-lumen beam and renders colors and details better than cool white outputs. Last but not least, the NU25 Nitecore Headlamp features a secondary red LED for preserving night vision, map reading, and hunting. Pepper spray needs to be part of your everyday carry – Security Pro USA. When I first started in police work we were issued a small can of mace, with the idea that we could use it to defend ourselves from a violent attacker.

Pepper spray needs to be part of your everyday carry – Security Pro USA

Mace was the only easily portable chemical agent in use with law enforcement and its effectiveness was severely limited. People rarely used it as intended. News – Tagged "pepper spray" – Security Pro USA. Armored Cars, the Often-Overlooked Aspect of Personal Security – Security Pro USA. Having grown up in Southern California I had the opportunity to embrace the car culture during my formative years.

Armored Cars, the Often-Overlooked Aspect of Personal Security – Security Pro USA

I was obsessed with all types of cars and so were many of my peers. I had the good fortune to attend high school with the son of one of America’s most famous custom car makers. On a regular basis this lucky young man drove to high school in one of his father’s creations. I took every auto shop class available and modified several of my own cars. So, when I see people of means purchasing fine automobiles of an exotic nature, I can completely understand their financial choices. As I grew up and embarked on my life’s work, I came to value the security of an armored car. One of the duties from my prior life was the assignment to protective services details. 72 Hour Bug Out Bag Guide - Advice for Surviving 3 Days – Security Pro USA. The Top 10 Items to Keep In Your Bug Out Bag No matter how prepared you are for an emergency situation, you must face the fact that your home may not always remain a safe place for your family to be.

72 Hour Bug Out Bag Guide - Advice for Surviving 3 Days – Security Pro USA

When faced with the prospect of bugging out, you may find yourself needing to make the decision on a moment's notice. Importance of PPE for covid 19 Infographic. How to Choose the Right Pepper Spray: All You Need To Know – Security Pro USA. SecPro Advanced Police Strength OC Pepper Spray w/ Lighted Ballistic Stream (Level III) In a perfect world we would have no need to defend ourselves from outside aggression.

How to Choose the Right Pepper Spray: All You Need To Know – Security Pro USA

Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. Here are some grim facts: Rape occurs every 5 minutes. 1 out of 3 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Assault occurs every 10 seconds. This also lessens the chance of the weapon being taken away and used against you. Tactical Boots Uses in Different Fields – THE SECURITY PRO USA. Tactical boots variants are available in the market in different size, functionality, types, and color.

Tactical Boots Uses in Different Fields – THE SECURITY PRO USA

You should try and find a boot that fits your size and situation, whether it is for recreation or work. There are main three categories in tactical boots, there is one for everyday or recreational use, and then there are the military and law enforcement. Each category has their unique properties that fit well with the intended purpose. We through this blog will introduce you to Security Pro USA tactical boots collection and tell you differences between the boots so that you can make an informed decision on what pair of boots will be suitable for you. Law Enforcement Law enforcement personnel utilize tactical boots as a part of their uniform. First, they require boots that allow them to run comfortably and quickly. Military Now comes the turn of military need for tactical boots, boots for the military have a total different set of needs. 1. Difference Between a Pepper Gun Spray and a Mace – THE SECURITY PRO USA. Pepper Gun Spray is common to see in movies, when a woman grabs pepper spray and uses it to spray on their attacker’s face, rendering the attacker clutching his face, and staggering to the ground, helpless.

Pepper spray is also known as oleoresin capsicum, a sort of oil that produces tears when sprayed directly on the face. The element responsible for the heat, pain, and momentary blindness is the capsicum present in the spray, which is a chemical commonly found in peppers. Face Shields vs. Face Masks: Here’s the Difference – Security Pro USA. In the United States, nearly 3 million have been diagnosed with coronavirus. While 1 million have recovered, around 130,000 have unfortunately passed away. Many states have made it mandatory to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) in the form of a face mask or face shield.

What Is PPE? Personal protective equipment (usually referred to as PPE) is specialized equipment that works to protect an individual against infectious materials. Personal protective equipment can include respirators, medical masks, face shields, bodysuits, gloves, goggles, and aprons/gowns. Uses of a Face Mask A face mask is used to protect the mouth and nose from aerosols (droplets in the air that can cause infection). Uses of a Face Shield A face shield can be used to protect the entire face, meaning that the nose, mouth, and eyes are all covered. Despite the growing popularity of face shields, the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) encourages Americans to wear a cloth face mask in public. CloWhy we Need Safe and Efficient Protective Clothing.

As we are aware of the fact that the entire world is struggling through the coronavirus pandemic. The risk of catching the virus can present itself anywhere the scary part is the person infected can be totally unaware of it. People who have started going to work or who come in contact with different people each day or work in a government job must wear protective clothing. Protective Face Shield Medical Masks for Full Coverage and Protection. Due to the Coronavirus known as COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, Security Pro USA has partnered with manufacturers of some of the leading safety equipment designed to keep people safe from the virus and its spreading.

We bring you medical face shield masks that will provide you a 100 percent protection from any form of contact. Anti-Fog Epidemic Prevention Public Protective Mask How to use this face shield medical mask? Wash your hands before wearing the protective mask to check whether the product is damaged or not.Open the package, take out the protective mask, and remove the protective film.Place the protective mask on the facial area around the eyes, pull the webbing back to the head and place it on the head.

You can adjust for the desired comfort level.While in use, try not to touch the center of the lens with hands.Removal of protective mask: wash hands after removing the protective mask. 4 Benefits of UV Sanitizing Wand - Security Pro USA - Medium. It is no surprise that people are panicked during these times and are willing to do anything they can to protect themselves. A UV sanitizing wand does work when it comes to killing bacteria that lay around on things/furniture or etc. What does UV light do? Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation.

It is capable of damaging viruses and bacteria (and human tissue) by disrupting their DNA/RNA, rendering them unable to replicate. Security Pro USA Covid-19 Protective Clothing. As we know that the world is facing pandemic COVID-19 and almost every country is going through the lockdown. But health care workers still have to do their job of protecting and treating patients.

COVID 19 PANDEMIC SUPPLIES Infographic. Tactical Boots Infographic_new - by Manoj Sharma. Check Out – Security Pro USA Amazing Training Equipments. Why Bulletproof Whiteboards in Schools Should Be Made Compulsory? Each day 8 children die from gun violence in the USA alone! Shocking isn’t it? Such episodes of gun violence in schools have made the safety of children a priority. Bulletproof whiteboards offer traditional versatility of teacher instrument with a guarantee that it will absorb ammunition from handguns, shotguns, or assault rifle at point-blank range. Check Out – Security Pro USA Amazing Training Equipments. How Do Pepper Gun Works? Pepper guns are used by law enforcement and correction agencies across the United States to arrest or subdue dangerous, violent, or uncooperative subjects in different scenarios. Women Self Defence – Security Pro USA. Shop Proven Self Defence equipments for women and kids.

Easy to cary handheld self defence tools for any unexpected situation. When it comes to self-defense, many are not always prepared for the unexpected and/or don’t have the right tools at the right time. Self-defense starts with awareness and the best way to be prepared is to know how to choose the right tools for you. You may need a simple pepper spray or, depending on your lifestyle and profession, you may need a taser or a baton.

Either way, the goal is to prevent an attack on you and in order to be prepared to protect yourself effectively, you will need dependable tools. Climbing Gear – Security Pro USA. Survival & Outdoor Equipment Shop the Best Quality Survival Tactical Gear. 4 Benefits of Security Apparels – THE SECURITY PRO USA. Duty Gears – Security Pro USA. Climbing Gear – Security Pro USA. Bomb Disposal Equipment – Security Pro USA. Two Best Surveillance Devices – THE SECURITY PRO USA. A surveillance device is that captures photos, does video- recording, audio recording, or videotaping, data mining, and the monitoring of data on the internet. Surveillance includes different methods to obtain information or establish an individual’s location.

A surveillance device can be used to monitor activities of a person, a place outdoor or indoor operations or an object such as it is used in a museum. Tactical – Security Pro USA. Original SWAT Tactical Police Force 8" Side Zip Boots - 155201 – Security Pro USA. For those uniformed professionals that are looking for the most valuable duty boot, the Force 8” Side-Zip is for you.

Built on our latest slip-resistant outsole platform and outfitted with many technical performance features including a YKK® side-zipper for easy on and off fit, this boot is ready to keep you looking sharp and comfortable on any shift. How Walk-Through Metal Detectors Work? - Security Pro USA - Medium. Security Pro USA Mission: 3 Super-Cool Spy Gadgets - Security Pro USA - Medium.

Lavi 13-Foot Magnetic Retractable Belt Barrier – THE SECURITY PRO USA. Ultra Smart Fisher Metal Detectors. All-in-one Anti-surveillance Devices - Security Pro USA - Medium. Super Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers. Benefits of Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers - Security Pro USA - Medium. Different Types of Body Armor Panels and Which One Should You Buy? Security Pro USA Communication Devices Making Communication More Convenient. High Quality Body Armor Available For Sale. High Security Surveillance Devices. BulletProof Vests & Body Armor – Security Pro USA. Ballistic Body Armor For Special Forces. Ballistic Helmet. Shop Lightweight Ballistic Plates. Get Complete Security against Ballistic Threats with Bulletproof Body Armor.