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Swift - Overview. Playgrounds and REPL in Xcode Much like Swift Playgrounds for iPad, playgrounds in Xcode make writing Swift code incredibly simple and fun.

Swift - Overview

Type a line of code and the result appears immediately. You can then Quick Look the result from the side of your code, or pin that result directly below. The result view can display graphics, lists of results, or graphs of a value over time. You can open the Timeline Assistant to watch a complex view evolve and animate, great for experimenting with new UI code, or to play an animated SpriteKit scene as you code it.

Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL). Fast and Powerful From its earliest conception, Swift was built to be fast. Swift is a successor to both the C and Objective-C languages. Text to Speech. Zenorocha/voice-elements. History - Alan Turing (pictures, video, facts & news) MongoDB University. BrainStorms - Ed Lunnon's Blog. ©2012 Edward C.

BrainStorms - Ed Lunnon's Blog

Lunnon Leap Year’s Day: Wednesday 29 February 2012: 5 years 5 months on … Deuce Whether it’s called Leap Day or Leap Year’s Day, yesterday was that extra day we get every four years. It’s name may be in contention but the leap reminds me of that July day way back in 1969 when I was twelve years old and in standard five, and we listened to Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon: “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind”. What we do with those extra 24 hours is up to us. Talking about things school, I had arranged to visit Michiel and Noelene Ackermann at five thirty. Noelene was first known to me as “Miss” Theunissen. Noelene became Mrs Ackermann when she married Michiel Ackermann who had been my mathematics teacher in standard nine and ten. Michiel took over teaching me maths from David Harper, to whom I pay tribute for inculcating my love for mathematics and computer science. Educastellano/qr-code.

Vanilla JS. Pen. Blog // entity framework executing stored procedures. Let's start with the code... public IEnumerable<T> ExecuteStoredProcedure<T>(string name, object parameters) { if (parameters !

blog // entity framework executing stored procedures

= null) { var _parameters = parameters.GetType().GetProperties().Select(x => new SqlParameter() { ParameterName = x.Name, Value = x.GetValue(parameters, null) }).ToArray(); var sql = name + " " + string.Join(", ", _parameters.Select(p => "@" + p.ParameterName)); return Database.SqlQuery<T>(sql, _parameters); } else { return Database.SqlQuery<T>(name); } } Visitor Pattern. Motivation Collections are data types widely used in object oriented programming.

Visitor Pattern

Often collections contain objects of different types and in those cases some operations have to be performed on all the collection elements without knowing the type. A possible approach to apply a specific operation on objects of different types in a collection would be the use if blocks in conjunction with 'instanceof' for each element. This approach is not a nice one, not flexible and not object oriented at all. At this point we should think to the Open Close principle and we should remember from there that we can replace if blocks with an abstract class and each concrete class will implement its own operation. We want to create a reporting module in our application to make statistics about a group of customers.

MadEye. Synergy Enterprise. Ohloh, the open source network. Ohloh, the open source network. Simple Layout Demo. ASP.Net TreeView - Handle node onclick event client side using JavaScript. What's New for Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2013. This document introduces new and enhanced features in Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2013.

What's New for Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2013

Getting Started. This tutorial will teach you the basics of building an ASP.NET MVC 5 web app using Visual Studio 2013.

Getting Started

Download the completed project. This tutorial was written by Scott Guthrie (twitter@scottgu ), Scott Hanselman (twitter: @shanselman ), and Rick Anderson ( @RickAndMSFT ) You need an Azure account to deploy this app to Azure: You can open an Azure account for free - You get credits you can use to try out paid Azure services, and even after they're used up you can keep the account and use free Azure services.You can activate MSDN subscriber benefits - Your MSDN subscription gives you credits every month that you can use for paid Azure services.

Getting Started. Durandal extension. OWIN — Open Web Interface for .NET. WebGrease - Home. TreeView Class (System.Web.UI.WebControls) In this topic: Introduction The TreeView control is used to display hierarchical data, such as a table of contents or file directory, in a tree structure and supports the following features: Nodes A node that contains other nodes is called a parent node.

TreeView Class (System.Web.UI.WebControls)

The node that is contained by another node is called a child node. A node can be both a parent and a child, but root, parent, and leaf nodes are mutually exclusive. Although a typical tree structure has only one root node, the TreeView control allows you to add multiple root nodes to your tree structure. Static Data Binding to Data. Walkthrough: Displaying Hierarchical Data in a TreeView Control.