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Death by Architecture. Stair Porn .org – Stairs and nothing but. Architecture and design. L'actualité du Btp et de la construction. Actualités, Emploi, Moteur de recherche BTP & Immobilier. Batiweb, le site des professionnels du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics. Archicool.

Design Observer. Dezeen architecture and design magazine. TREND HUNTER - #1 in Trends - Fashion Trends, Technology, Style, Architecture. Over the past seven years, at our creative agency, Access, we have worked with a number of residential and commercial property developers from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, helping them with development and strategy.


Yet we see so often the sad sight of yet another mediocre building going up. We see city councils approving mediocre design and we see cities looking uglier because of it. We see property developers rushing to get their building up, wanting to make a quick sale and profit, and not really caring or thinking about the aesthetics of the building. Does the building enhance the surrounding area or make it worse? Fusher Design fun fashion art trends technology (page 50) Luxury Issues - Ultimate Luxury Guide. Boiteaoutils. BLDGBLOG. Pruned. PYTR 75. (NDLR) Le magazine du design graphique.

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