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Post-Capitalism: Rise of the Collaborative Commons — Basic income. Technological Disruption The Internet of Things The Internet of Things is the foundational intelligent infrastructure of the new economy — integrating a Communications Internet, Energy Internet and Logistics Internet into a single IoT operating system.

Post-Capitalism: Rise of the Collaborative Commons — Basic income

Hundreds of billions of consumer products will eventually be connected to the internet and to one another, feeding real-time data to an integrated global neural network. Corporations around the world are already beginning to develop and distribute “smart” appliances and products that are capable of being connected to the internet and controlled by consumers via Wi-Fi. One of the most powerful effects of this global network of things will be the comprehensive energy efficiency and productivity gains across society, largely afforded by big data analysis.

“The Internet of Things will connect everything with everyone in an integrated global network. Distributed Renewable Energy. Building Soulful Organisations. What’s common in Zappos, one of the largest online shoe and clothing shop, the CIO of Washington State in the US, and Buurtzorg, the Dutch neighborhood nursing organization?

Building Soulful Organisations

They all are pioneering changes inspired by the next stage of consciousness needed to meet increasingly complex challenges. Join George Pór, a leading practitioner in the work of creating high performing organizations, to look into these changes. He is making a rare visit to Montréal, from Europe, where he is working with the Future Considerations team and with Frederic Laloux, the author of Reinventing Organizations, on developing an organizational prototyping workshop based on the book, which they will open source. In this workshop you will learn : The workshop will combine hands-on group exercises, teaching, videos, and collective intelligence practices with methods inspired by Reinventing Organizations, the best-selling management book that started this revolution.

Katie Goodman - Last chance to join me in an applied. Potluck du Jour de la Terre. Quantité non valide.

Potluck du Jour de la Terre

Veuillez entrer une quantité de 1 ou plus. La quantité choisie excède la quantité disponible. Veuillez entrer votre nom. Veuillez entrer une adresse de courriel. Veuillez entrer une adresse de courriel valide. Veuillez entrer votre message ou vos commentaires. Veuillez entrer le code comme illustré sur l'image. Veuillez sélectionner la date à laquelle vous souhaitez participer. Veuillez entrer une adresse de courriel valide dans le champ À :. Veuillez entrer l'objet de votre message. Veuillez entrer un message. Vous ne pouvez envoyer cette invitation qu'à dix adresses de courriel à la fois. Co-création d'un espace d'apprentissage collaboratif. Le CCA et E-180, en collaboration avec moitié-moitié et Espaces temps, vous invitent à la co-création d’un prototype d’espace d’apprentissage collaboratif dans le cadre de l’exposition ABC: MTL.

Co-création d'un espace d'apprentissage collaboratif

L’objectif: vivre et penser un véritable espace de collaboration qui verra le jour à l’automne 2013. Dans les dernières semaines, l’équipe de E-180 a interrogé ses membres sur les éléments favorisant le succès de leurs rencontres d’apprentissage par les pairs. Global_Montreal. Videotron Commits $2.5 Million to Support Project Notman House in Montreal. Quebecor Media’s Videotron and the OSMO Foundation announced a major partnership today at a news conference, appropriately held at Montreal’s Notman House.

Videotron Commits $2.5 Million to Support Project Notman House in Montreal

As founding partner, Videotron has pledged an initial 10-year commitment, including $2.5 million, to back the creation of a hub of technological innovation and enterprise in Montréal. "This is a big day for Notman House,” said Alan MacIntosh, president of the OSMO Foundation. “Videotron’s significant support will give entrepreneurship in Montréal a major boost, helping an entire community achieve its full potential and giving some of its amazingly talented members a chance to shine.” Quebecor CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau noted that the assistance will directly benefit creative, young entrepreneurs and startups in Quebec. “More than a generation ago, leaders mobilized and created Québec Inc. This day has been in the works for some time. Montreal Mini Maker Faire. Global Futures.

Research Involves Examining the social and ecological sustainability of alternatives to a US-dominated global economy.

Global Futures

Research Relevance Contributing to our understanding of problems associated with globalization, providing insight on emerging power centres like Latin America, and offering ideas for socially and ecologically sustainable futures. A Different Future: Looking at Alternatives to Neo-Liberal Globalization When Soviet Russia fell, there seemed to be little doubt about the course the future would take—socialism was dead, and market economies would spread around the world. In recent years, the picture has become even more unclear, with the rise of India and China, emerging superpowers that do not always fit into the western economic mould. As Canada Research Chair in Political Sociology of Global Futures, Dr. Map of sebpaquet. » Startup Festival’s amazing lineup. Poutine: What restaurant serves the best poutine in Quebec. Montreal Python » Montréal Open Data Hackathon. We live in Montréal and we hack Python code; this is who we are.

Montreal Python » Montréal Open Data Hackathon

Right now, it just got event more exciting to be a hacker in this city. We hack code, but when our code interacts with cool data, the dance is a lot spicier. Twitter Trends in Montreal, Canada. Forum des Artisans du Changement. The Demon Storm. International Conference on Degrowth in the Americas. A Man Lost In Musical Time.


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