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[32x32] [1.2] SummerFields v21.a -Added jungle wood & jungle leave [20/01/2012] [+350K Download] [64x64][1.0.0] Soartex Fanver Community - HD & Smooth Texture Pack !


▲ ALBION 64x texture pack ▲ V 2.48 24/9 ▲ 1.9 ready▲ MC Customizer ▲ 2 pack variants ▲ Millenaire, BTW, Aether and more ▲ Wow, my account was hacked...XD Most of the information in the OP is lost, here is a quick substitute.

▲ ALBION 64x texture pack ▲ V 2.48 24/9 ▲ 1.9 ready▲ MC Customizer ▲ 2 pack variants ▲ Millenaire, BTW, Aether and more ▲

Cheers...C: In the last 2 years or so (regrettably with a biggg hiatus though) I've been working on a 64X64 pack, loosely based on a 1995 RPG game called Albion. Here are some screen-shots and a couple of videos (the pack is a work in progress, the actual look might change from those)...C: This pack consists of two different variants, one light and royal, one dark and more sinister. Kenget AlbionDark and sinister, this suits survival players more Kantos Albion Light and royal, this suits creative players more Art and some alternate textures DOWNLOADSKenget Albion v3.10Kantos Albion v3.10 All alternate textures are now in a separate zip so that they don't inhibit download times for both packs.

Of course, a lot remains to be done. MODS THAT ARE FULLY SUPPORTED IN THIS PACKTerrafirmacraft, always the latest build I generally tend to support mods that I actually play ingame. 32x32 MLP:FiM Texture pack WIP. UPDATEI no longer have the .png for this.

32x32 MLP:FiM Texture pack WIP

I had to reformat my computer and I lost everything. And since then, I've just not had the heart to restart. I finish university in 3-4 weeks, once I no longer have any work, I will look into restarting this, and the .png will be available from alpha. I'm sorry about it all guys, I wanted to release this, but coursework, then having to reformat just got in the way.See you soon guys. So it is very much a WIP atm, but I thought I'd start posting pictures so I can get feed back. I'm not much of an artist, but I thought, what the hell. So this is based off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I decided to do the ore as the elements of harmony, but I will do another version where the ores are ores. I am doing this over the top of the Tyodoku pack, so anything you see that may look familiar, that's why. So, any constructive feed back, anything nonconstructive will be ignored. [16x] (1.8.1) Pony Craft. MLP FIM based pack that's fan made, packs a WIP but will probably be that in till MLP is finished airing but is completely usable and is compatible with MC 1.2.5.

[16x] (1.8.1) Pony Craft

I'm probably not going to add updates for prereleases or snapshots. I'm hoping to add some mod support and higher resolution versions some time but may not be any time soon. It's a brighter texture pack so if you dont like bright packs this may not be the pack for you .If you don't like MLP please don't parasprite or hate about it just don't download it......if that's ok I mean... Some News It's bin a long time guys. The 2 mods should still work but I took out the horses for mo creatures due to it being so outdated. Pictures and a video. Also feedback would be nice if you like the pack or even if you don't so much. Compatible with 1.6 now! Downloads 1.6 - Mods textures Tiny bit of mo creatures - ***My Little Pony Inspired Textures -WIP -Feedback really appreciated*** Hi everyone!

***My Little Pony Inspired Textures -WIP -Feedback really appreciated***

Ok so after seeing so many awesome packs, I decided to give it a go. My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic inspired me:)