My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Equestria Daily German company NICI has released some information and images on their new plushies and various other things coming out in March. The big two are the Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle decked out in the whole princess thing.. Fluttershy in particular comes in a few different sizes, including a keychain, 20cm, 30cm, and whopping 50cm variants. Aside from these two, they have a few new pillow designs on the way, and a snow globe. Head on over here if you want to check out the full catalogue. Thanks to Mathias for the heads up. Equestria Daily
My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic Season 2 Stuff: Spoiler: Atkana, on 17 September 2011 - 12:27 PM, said: Season 2 Alrighty then, this post is serving as the place to look for all your Season 2 related... stuff. Most Recent episode Lesson ZeroVideo posted here on: 15th Meaning you can discuss it without spoilers at: 18thSeason 2 episode list Episode 1:The Return of Harmony Part 1The Return of Harmony Part 1 (AlphaWolfKodi) Episode 2:The Return of Harmony Part 2The Return of Harmony Part 2 (AlphaWolfKodi) Episode 3:Lesson ZeroThe rule of common courtesy In order for everypony to have a chance to watch the newest episode without having the plot or details spoiled, you may not discuss the episode until 3 days of it being added to this post without appropriately labelled spoilers e.g: My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic
Equestria Daily: Game: Equestria Tales Equestria Daily: Game: Equestria Tales Cell shaded pony game?! Do freakin want! This is a mixture of an RPG and a platformer being worked on by someone named Byrpheros. The premise of the game is to hunt down and defeat the evil that possessed Luna during the pilot episode. So far its literally just one guy doing everything.
It's DVD cover time! Thanks to everyone that entered! There are some pretty freakin amazing ones in here. The next event will be a much longer, so I apologize to everyone that complained about the deadline. I kind of did this spur of the moment. Equestria Daily: DVD Cover Compilation Post! Equestria Daily: DVD Cover Compilation Post!
Equestria Daily: Equestria Flags Event Post
To enable screen reader support, press CTRL + ALT + Z. To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press CTRL + FORWARD SLASH. The following is a list of the feelings and actions a Brony feels and takes in certain situations. If you are a non-Brony and you have a Brony friend who feels these symptoms and they annoy you, please do not hate on him. Medical Brony Terms - Google Docs Medical Brony Terms - Google Docs
Celestia Radio | Streaming Pony Radio Celestia Radio | Streaming Pony Radio Hey there, loyal Canterlot TV viewers! DJ Calcos here letting you know of a recent schedule change. After tonight, I will no longer be able to stream Game of Pones on Sunday, so the show has been moved to Thursday at 8PM EST, and extended by one hour, ending at Midnight EST. Tonight’s show is still happening at 6PM EST, however, so be sure to join in for some laughs and fun times! Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you all tonight!
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