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Ars Guide: How to ruin your PC port in five easy steps Ars Guide: How to ruin your PC port in five easy steps It's hard to be a PC gamer these days. This is true even though many independent developers are cranking out great games. Success stories are common, and there are new games released almost daily that play with gaming tropes and conventions like they're toys. It's not just indies; when you look at EA's accounting on its latest earnings call, the company has the PC earning more money than the 360 or PS3, at least when looking at the non-GAAP accounting figures.
4.3 Preview: Warrior Tier 13 Colossal Dragonplate
Video Galleries : The Big Picture
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Game Developers Choice Awards Press Room | Photos | Sponsors Finalists for the 14th annual Choice Awards have been announced! View the 2013 Awards Ceremony Game Developers Choice Awards


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