Modules and plugins Modules and plugins Moodlerooms is proud to share the ILP Integration package, which enables the exchange of data between Moodle and Datatel's Portal and Colleague systems. Features include: The ability to synchronize user, course and enrollment data from Colleague using Moodlerooms' Web Services (included).The ability to send retention alerts, mid-term and final grades, and attendance information to Colleague from Moodle.The ability to provide a user's course listing (My Classes), upcoming calendar events (My Week) and due assignments and quizzes (My To Do) through the Datatel Portal. Installation instructions can be found in the ZIP file containing the package. Moodlerooms' combines the benefits of open-source Moodle with enterprise-level services including hosting through the Dell Services Cloud, dedicated technical support, robust Moodle training, needs-based platform implementation, and Moodle customizations delivered by our experienced development team.
Course: Personal Learning Plans
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eLearning Blender I am working on a software training project developed with Articulate where the eLearning course transitions from a branching scenario into a software simulation and I wanted to create a smooth transition from the scenario into the simulation. The scene transitions from the character sitting at a desk in front of the computer to a full screen software simulation developed with Adobe Captivate. I thought it would be cool to zoom in over the characters shoulder for a smooth transition into the full screen simulation but I wasn't quite sure how to approach this "Zoom and Pan" effect using Powerpoint animations. After a little playing around I discovered that by grouping all objects on the slide and using the "Grow/Shrink" animation I was close to achieving this effect. I figured out the Zoom but I knew there was room for improvement. eLearning Blender