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SFR Régie lance sa place de marché publicitaire mobile, avec 65% du revenu reversé aux éditeurs. Greystripe Makes CPA Offer To. CPA - Cost Per Action - is a relatively new type of ad pricing that is starting to make some headway in the mobile world.

Greystripe Makes CPA Offer To

In CPA, there is no risk for the advertiser, as they only pay when a consumer completes an agreed transaction. Recently Greystripe ran a special CPA ad program for mobile app developers, where they charged $0.99 per download, regardless of how many impressions or clicks it took to get the download. For some developers, paying to advertise a new mobile app can sometimes be a risky business. Optimisez vos campagnes pour mobile avec Google Analytics. Could Apple Actually Beat Google in Mobile Advertising? The Social Analyst is a weekly column by Mashable Co-Editor Ben Parr, where he digs into social media trends and how they are affecting companies in the space.

Could Apple Actually Beat Google in Mobile Advertising?

On Thursday, Apple will unveil iPhone OS 4.0. It's not the only thing the company is expected to reveal, though. As we wrote last week, Apple is slated to launch its iAd mobile advertising platform, based off of its acquisition of Quattro Wireless in January. AdMob Metrics. Google: the Future of Mobile Advertising? : Sparxoo.

What made Google a multi-billion dollar company today will help the search giant pioneer the next revolution in mobile advertising: hyper-relevancy. Google AdWords enabled advertisers to target users with unprecedented precision. Google’s acquisition of mobile advertising platform, AdMob, signals the next evolution in advertising. Google will deliver advertising content consumers actually want — making it lucrative for all parties involved. Mobile adds a new layer of relevancy to target users with even greater accuracy: location. While Google’s mobile ad platform takes a backseat to Apple today, many experts predict the combination of Google’s ad targeting technology and Android growth positions the search giant to jump in the drivers seat and take the lead in what is projected to be a $3.3 billion dollar market by 2013.