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Gamification - I videogiochi nella vita quotidiana - Blog di Fabio Viola. Social Game Studies · Social Game Studies: A Workshop Report. As social games represent a very new hybrid game genre, research on them is still few and far between.

Social Game Studies · Social Game Studies: A Workshop Report

Therefore, the Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research convened a one-day academic workshop with selected researchers at the 2010 Games Convention Online in Leipzig, Germany to build a solid overview of the current state of the field, and to identify promising areas and methodological approaches of future research. The report firstly summarises the background, motivation and proceedings of the workshop to then elaborate emerging observations and themes, touching on the technology, economics, design and usage of social games, as well as the general discourse about social games and research opportunities. Together with the growing bibliography and research map on this site, the report presents the results of this workshop. Recommended CitationDeterding, S. (2010): Social Game Studies: A Workshop Report. With contributions by S.

Download link (PDF) Gamification Q&A. Groupe Compas. Gametuned Weekly Newsletter. Gaming the system: how rewards affect performance. April 28th, 2011 by Tommaso De Benetti Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to define.

Gaming the system: how rewards affect performance

Everyone knows what a game is, but agreeing on a definition is another story. Wikipedia’s no-nonsense entry defines a game as: “structured playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment…with goals, challenges, rules and interactions.” Jesse Schell is somewhat more fun, saying it is simply “a problem solving activity, approached with a playful attitude”.

Although not mentioned in these definitions, a key part of many games is rewards. While such reward systems seem straightforward, the rationale behind them can be incredibly complicated. It’s not about the money Common sense (and free market economics) suggests that the relationship between productivity and rewards should be simple and linear. Dan Pink argues that increasing rewards only increases productivity when workers are performing repetitive, mechanical tasks (and even then you can run into problems). Mr Pink makes a compelling case. Userinfuser - Open Source Gamification Platform. What is UserInfuser?

userinfuser - Open Source Gamification Platform

From the makers of AppScale comes the most popular open source platform that provides customizable gamification elements designed to increase user interaction on websites. The project involves badging, points, live notifications, and leaderboards. Additionally, the platform provides analytics to track user participation. Visit for more information or sign up at Source code is available for git checkout, allowing for you to host it yourself on AppScale or visit CloudCaptive for additional hosting options.

Get the Code Code can be located on Github. Mailing List. Google tests game-mechanics strategies with Recyclebank. It looks like Google has taken an interest in a start-up called Recyclebank, which offers points and rewards for "green" actions like joining curbside recycling programs and installing eco-friendly appliances--it's using it as a test bed for a new beta version of its Google Analytics tracking tool .

Google tests game-mechanics strategies with Recyclebank

More specifically, along with a consumer research company called ROI Research, Google Analytics will be parsing the progress and results of Recyclebank's impending "Green Your Home Challenge," and then releasing a research paper about the whole process. The contest in question is taking place over the course of April for "Earth Month. " It's the first time that the Google Analytics team has done a partnership like this, product marketing manager Sophie Chesters told CNET. How the World's Biggest Brands Are Gamifying Our World - Walletpop Canada. Retourner au plaisir de jouer.

Par Hubert Guillaud le 16/02/11 | 7 commentaires | 5,634 lectures | Impression La gamification (Wikipédia, que certains traduisent par “ludification”), c’est l’idée que les règles et techniques de jeux peuvent être transférées dans d’autres domaines, rappelle Nicolas Nova, l’un des organisateurs de la conférence Lift qui se tenait il y a peu à Genève.

Retourner au plaisir de jouer

Ce qui n’est pas sans limites… ni critiques. Game guru Jane McGonigal says “gamification” should make tasks hard, not easy. Gamification, or making a non-game application more engaging by making it game-like, should not make tasks easy for the people undertaking them.

Game guru Jane McGonigal says “gamification” should make tasks hard, not easy

It should make them harder, says Jane McGonigal, game research director of the Institute for Future and author of a new book on gamification, “Reality is Broken: Why games make us better and how they can change the world”. McGonigal says Web site owners — including those of major corporations — should make tasks challenging, so that the sense of achievement upon completing them is greater. The assertion is related to McGonigal’s definition of a game, which she talked about at the Gamification Summit today in San Francisco. She said that “games are unnecessary obstacles that we volunteer to tackle.”

When people play games, they are trying to achieve a feeling of “eustress,” a kind of positive stress that motivates us to perform our best, she said. The good feeling you get when you play an engaging game is what she calls “gamefulness.” Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world. HomoLudens. Johan Huizinga. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Johan Huizinga

Johan Huizinga Biographie[modifier | modifier le code] Huizinga a fait ses études de lettres à Groningue, et a passé ensuite quelques mois à Leipzig, où il a suivi les cours du linguiste allemand Karl Brugmann. Durant ses études, il s'intéresse à l'Inde et apprend le sanskrit. Il soutient en 1897 une thèse sur le rôle du bouffon dans la dramaturgie indienne. Son fils, Jakob Huizinga, est l'auteur d'un livre sur Jean-Jacques Rousseau: L'homme qui s'est fait saint. Automne du Moyen Âge (1919)[modifier | modifier le code] Gamification Summit 2011 - Game Mechanics, Gamification, Gamify Your Business. Gamification Platform. Game Mechanics Resource. Portail:Jeu vidéo. Ceci est un jeu. Le double jeu de la gamification » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism.

Glisser du challenge dans chaque interstice du quotidien ?

Le double jeu de la gamification » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism

Gamification Blog. Gamification. You found me. Notes sur le séminaire : « Jeu vidéo et médiations des savoirs : regards croisés sur le serious game » » Ceci est un jeu. Parcours-jeu au musée des confluences. 10 Lessons in Creativity From the ArtGame Weekend in Paris. ArtGame weekend is a creative and collaborative challenge that brings together developers, game designers, and artists to create mobile artgames.

10 Lessons in Creativity From the ArtGame Weekend in Paris

The first ArtGame weekend took place in Paris, France last month. By combining art plus gameplay plus open collaboration, nine ideas became nine artgames - and more than 40 artists, developers, and video game professionals an intense teamwork experience. Gamification : Quand la culture se prend au jeu. Comment la dynamique du jeu gagne aujourd’hui le monde de la culture ?

Gamification : Quand la culture se prend au jeu

Tel était le sujet auquel les cinq participants de la conférence organisée par l’Atelier Français ont du répondre. Les discussions étaient animées par Julien Dorra (@juliendorra), co-organisateur du ArtGame weekend, un des membres de l’équipe du Dorkbot Paris. Les Fusibleus: l’ARG de Monet. Mozilla Firefox. Décembre 2010. Le colloque international sur la réalité virtuelle se poursuit à Caen.

Serious Games : quelques perspectives pour 2011. Les jeux virtuels prolongent l'expérience de la marque.