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Flowics sur Twitter : "How to leverage Owned, Earned and Paid media with social content for marketing success: 30 post para desarrollar el emprendedor que hay en ti. Se va 2014 y con él los propósitos que nos hemos planteados ¿Has conseguido alguno? Lo bueno de comenzar un año nuevo es la ilusión con lo que planteamos objetivos, lo malo es que algunos son tan poco atractivos, otros tan poco realistas que nunca se concretarán. Si quieres avanzar, es necesario hacer balance, un serio autoexamen para desterrar aquello que no nos permite crecer en lo personal y profesional, y por otro lado resaltar aquellas cosas maravillosas que nos hacen únicos.

Así que toma lápiz y papel apunta qué ha ido bien este año y que no. No te mientas y plantea objetivos específicos, medibles, alcanzables, realistas y muy importante que tengan tiempo, trabajar con plazos es la única forma de mover un objetivo eterno, ese que año a año vienes postergando. Aquí van los 30 artículos que he seleccionado para ti que te ayudarán a tener ese 2015 que tanto deseas: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #140. LinkedIn considers tweaking its censorship policy in ChinaWhen it expanded into China this year, LinkedIn adopted the country’s censorship rules. As a result, when a user in China shares a post that is deemed to be in conflict with these rules, the post is blocked not only in China but globally as well. LinkedIn is said to be reconsidering this, so that content that is censored in China can still be viewed by its users worldwide. Chat App Kakao has launched a mobile payments systemMakers of Korea’s top chat app Kakao Talk has launched Kakao Pay, a mobile payments solution that’s integrated with its chat app.

Kakao Pay lets users virtually store up to 20 credit or debit cards. This service, currently available in Korea on Android phones, will be made available for iOS users in November this year. Social is increasingly important for marketersThe CMO Survey was released last week. However, as you can see below, ROI is still proving tricky. How cost efficient is social advertising?

Report Reveals The Social Media Management Tools For The Fortune 100 | The LeadSift Blog: social media, social leads, social selling and social insights for your business. We’ve all seen the studies showing that nearly 70% of Fortune 100 CEOs have no social media presence whatsoever. We also know that for their businesses to survive and thrive in today’s market, it’s extremely important that their brands have a presence that is well maintained and used. We wanted to take a closer look at what the top brands were using to connect and share their messages across social media. In our most recent study, we investigated some of the most socially active Fortune 100 companies to see what tools they used to communicate with their fans and followers online. Our findings quickly show that the majority of Fortune 100 brands are using very similar platforms as one another. We also found that a handful of Fortune 100 brands are using niche services that are created in house or simply a hidden gem that could be on cusp of disruption.

Our research found that 36% of the Fortune 100 companies use Hootsuite followed by Exacttarget. Quality Social Media Marketing Research. I have a Google Alert set up under the title, “social media study” and it’s always amazing what shows up on that alert. Everybody has a social media study these days. But some of it is not as reliable as you might think. All social media marketing research is not created equal. Marketers who make data-driven decisions are always on the lookout for good data. Dr. If the study is exploring the same audience and sample you are trying to reach, that is a good sign.

Before you put together any kind of marketing goals or decide if you want to use a particular social media platform, you’ll want to do some basic research about your audience and who is using what, where, when, and why. Audience baseline research is a fairly simple process if you have a good email data base. When looking at marketing research, it’s always important to understand methodology. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but these are companies whose research is respected in marketing circles. Dr. Quality Social Media Marketing Research. Ebd0933a-caca-11e3-8fd7-12313d02a8cf-large. Breaking Down Pinterest’s Updated Policies and What This Means for Marketers. On January 31, 2014 Pinterest came out with an updated Acceptable Use Policy and this is going to directly impact how a brand presents itself on Pinterest.

Pinterest’s ultimate goal is to make the site a place where users come for inspiration and share their thoughts and ideas. So I sat down with Noah Abelson, CEO of ShareRoot, a leading Pinterest marketing company, to discuss what this means for brands. 1. Paying Pinners “The biggest update to Pinterest’s updated policy is that brands are no longer allowed to directly compensate users for pinning, following or unfollowing,” said Abelson.

Pinterest came out with the rule because the company wanted people to Pin authentically, because of its belief that “people should be able to find things on Pinterest that actually interest and inspire them.” Brands need to be careful moving forward and ensure they are in compliance with the Pinterest policies. 2. This means that brands temporarily will not have as much access to data as they once had. [Video] ¿Mucho tiempo en Facebook y Twitter? La nueva publicidad de Coca-Cola trae la solución - Mundo - Por Norberto Sica 21-02-2014 La vida cotidiana parece estar teñida de forma constante de un mayor tiempo conectado a distintos dispositivos móviles (tabletas, celulares, notebooks y hasta teléfonos inteligentes) y a través de ellos, con las redes sociales.

Postear en Facebook, Twitter o Instagram, pinear en Pinterest o consultar propuestas laborales o profesionales en LinkedIn, nos llevan a estar cada vez más vinculados con otras personas de forma virtual. Por tal motivo, Coca-Cola se aleja de sus tradicionales publicidades emocionales y apuesta a una campaña de tono divertido en el que “lanza” (literalmente entre comillas) un nuevo producto llamado “El Guardián de las Redes Sociales”, para protegernos de la conectividad y traernos de vuelta a la vida real. En el spot, la marca de gaseosas resalta: “Las redes sociales son geniales. En su canal de YouTube, Coca-Cola dice que “si estás mirando este video en tu teléfono celular, es tiempo que lo dejes.

Unify Your Social Media Brand Profiles. Today, if you want to have a successful brand or business, you need to be present and consistently engaged wherever your audience invests their time and attention. And more than ever, that’s being given to social media. Yet with so many platforms, so many graphical formats, and so much continual change in social media, it’s more than a bit confusing for the average Jane or Joe. What’s clear is the rewards of a consistent and successful social media brand presence can be significant—even if the route to get there isn’t. More than ever, every platform and every impression matters. Study after study and post after post of best practices by leading experts informs us that the social channels a business participates in need clarity in message and consistency of brand image and personality.

But let’s get real. If you’re a mega company with deep pockets and lots of resources, developing and maintaining a consistent brand presence on all of your social networks is within reach. Algunas reglas de. 3 Huge Mistakes Most Business Make on Social Media. I see it time and time again, business dipping their toes into the Social Media Sea only to find it isn't working for them.

They send me emails, they PM me on Facebook and DM on Twitter ... "Annie what am I doing wrong? " Here are your answers - the 3 biggest mistakes most of you are making: 3. You are focussing on getting your message out, rather than building relationships and hearing what your customers and prospective customers need and want from you. Almost every time I check a social media profile to answer you, I see loads of posts and comments leading back to your links, your products, your services and the benefits of using your business and nothing about helping your audience solve their challenges and problems.

When was the last time you found out exactly what is keeping your customers and audience up at night with regard to your niche? 2. So your next question needs to be, "How can I create 'insanely great experiences'? " 1. Whoa! Connect: Authored by: Annie Infinite. “The Washington Post” se disculpa públicamente por intentar vender periódicos a través de Twitter. Twitter le ha jugado una mala pasada al prestigioso diario estadounidense The Washington Post y lo curioso del caso es que se ha visto en el ojo del huracán por el simple hecho de intentar vender periódicos a través de la famosa red de microblogging.

The Washington Post hizo que muchos de sus seguidores en Twitter montaran ayer en cólera tras publicar un tweet aparentemente inofensivo: “Nos encantan vuestros retweets, pero ya sabéis, podéis leer también muchas de estas noticias pagando simplemente 75 céntimos en el quiosco de la esquina”. Tras la airada reacción de algunos seguidores a este tweet, The Washington Post emitió públicamente una disculpa sólo siete minutos después de publicar el primer mensaje: “Mis disculpas a todos. No tenía la intención de ser grosero con el tweet en el que proponía que comprarais el periódico”.


Web2.0. Business. Web. Trends. Media. Proyecto2015. 5 Big Social Media Questions from Small Business Owners. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. There are a lot of buzz words on the social web these days: group buying, location-based services, SEO, just to name a few.

Sorting through the information to figure out what's just hype and what your business can actually work with can be a daunting task — it uses up resources, including time and money, and sometimes leads you and your social media strategy in the wrong direction. With technology adoption rates skyrocketing among small businesses and small business social media success stories popping up all around the web, it's likely that more SMBs will be joining the social revolution in the near future.

But how does your business decide which social venues are right for your company, customer base and goals? It's a tough call, but it all boils down to doing your research and creating a clear-cut strategy. 1. 2. Herramientas para escuchar lo que se dice de tu empresa y medir tu reputación corporativa. 8 Easy Twitter Monitoring Ideas | Social Media Examiner (via @tcreativo) You’ve likely heard stories about how big companies are using Twitter as a powerful listening tool. And although Chris Brogan has been telling us to grow bigger ears for a while, what are you actually doing about it?

Do you want to improve your Twitter listening skills? Here’s a closer look at how to monitor your brand, yourself or your competitors using Twitter (and you don’t need to be a big business!). Why Is Twitter an Ideal Listening Tool? Here’s why Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for listening: Real-time results. With these points in mind, simply follow these guidelines to grow bionic listening ears. #1: Decide What You Want to Monitor Decide which information you want to monitor. A daily listening routine gives you more value over time.

. # 2: Find the Best Real-Time Monitoring Tools Real-time market information is valuable to many businesses today. Twitter Monitoring Tools. A good place to start looking for the right people to monitor on Twitter is Twellow. Profile of the Social Media Manager | brandpilgrim (via @schuschnt) Glad you liked it.

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