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SearchNative is a 360 degree IT solutions and Digital Marketing service provider with thorough expertise in Mobile app development and Web development technology.

2018 Is The Year Of Bots - SearchNative. Do you have a Facebook page, website or mobile app?

2018 Is The Year Of Bots - SearchNative

Real Estate Mobile App Development: Create Your Own Real Estate App. What is Cambridge Analytica Incident and How Facebook is Going to Prevent Such Data Breaches In The Future. Facebook has 2.2 billion active users and 600K active advertisers, but the Social Media Giant faced a big conflict recently.

What is Cambridge Analytica Incident and How Facebook is Going to Prevent Such Data Breaches In The Future

Regarding the issue with Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg confessed that, “The personal data of about 50 million Americans had been harvested and improperly shared with a political consultancy.” 5 Web Development Trends To Look After In 2018 - Searchnative. On demand Service App: How Much Does It Cost - Searchnative. Mobile App Uninstall Rate: 5 Effortless Tips to Reduce It - Searchnative. Hundreds of apps are published on Google play store and iOS app store daily.

Mobile App Uninstall Rate: 5 Effortless Tips to Reduce It - Searchnative

So, there are so many apps in the app store that now find it difficult to acquire new users. Not only that: It is also hard to retain the existing app users. Moreover, research shows that 80% of the app users uninstall the mobile app after its first use. On-Demand Food Delivery App Development: How Much Does It Cost? Do you own a restaurant or any food delivery business?

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development: How Much Does It Cost?

Or have you just started on-demand food delivery business? Mobile App Development Lifecycle: Every Developer Must Follow 2018. By seeing the statistics, we all can say ‘mobile apps are the future’.

Mobile App Development Lifecycle: Every Developer Must Follow 2018

Nobody likes to power on the PC, just to order pizza or to book a cab. When all can be done with a 5-inch small smartphone. But: To make a good mobile app, one needs to establish the consumer trust and understand the app market very well. Here, mobile app developers should establish and follow the mobile app development lifecycle. Definitely, developers can adopt any model available out there but there are several key steps present in all of them. How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will Change Human Lives.

Virtual reality and Augmented reality are going to be a part of our modern lives!

How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will Change Human Lives

Why do I say this? Well, soon the time will come when you can actually attend the meetings from your home (without going anywhere), which are happening miles away, just with the help of VR. In fact, companies like Facebook and Google have already started working on advance VR technology with Oculus (Facebook) and Google Cardboard (Google).

Outsource Mobile App Development: 5 Key Reasons You should Know. 7 (Actionable tips) For Building Successful Android Apps 2018. Google playstore is the most popular place to launch your Android app.

7 (Actionable tips) For Building Successful Android Apps 2018

Do you know? There are over 3 Million Android apps on Google playstore. But the fact is only 0.1% apps are widely successful. Why? Innovation and creative idea with successful launch makes the app successful. So you must be wondering how to create the widely successful android app? Fitness App Development: How Much Does It Cost (2018) - Searchnative. Healthcare/fitness apps are quite popular these days.

Fitness App Development: How Much Does It Cost (2018) - Searchnative

There is the constant boom in the healthcare industry and people are creating new fitness apps and uploading it to the Playstore/App store. By seeing fitness app development popularity we can say, it becomes an excellent source of income for app owners. Apps like Runkeeper, Strava, Runtastic, 30 days workout challenge are very popular fitness mobile apps and they got millions of downloads. In our last post we saw, How Much Does It Costs To Develop A Taxi Booking App Like Uber. So in case if you missed reading it. [Infographic] How Bitcoin Works: A Step-by-Step Guide. Bitcoin is the first virtual currency of the Internet.

[Infographic] How Bitcoin Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can also call it Cryptocurrency. It has existed for several years now but many people wonder, “what is bitcoin” and “how bitcoin works”. It is also the most hyped and least understood technology today… …First Bitcoin came into existence in 2009 and the price is continuously fluctuating on the international market. You can check the current price of bitcoin in dollars. What are Bitcoins? Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency/digital currency invented and until now, nobody knows who invented it. Why to Implement Bitcoin Payments into Your Website & App. What is Bitcoin and how does virtual currency work?

Why to Implement Bitcoin Payments into Your Website & App

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that was first generated in 2009 by a computer expert or a group of experts with a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It was released as open-source software and provides an exciting opportunity to delve into an entirely new asset class. Being open-source, any developer around the world can modify, review and make the modified version of the bitcoin software. This digital public money is created by computer code; thereby it is not generated or controlled by any central bank or a single regulatory body. SearchNative Success Story: Facebook Chatbot ‘AKIN’ for Points Live. Needless to say, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots have already been integrated by a huge number of businesses, especially the eCommerce segment.

Even the largest social media site in the world Facebook now allows sellers to directly do business with their customers using Facebook. This feature is particularly helpful for the small businesses and artists because this gives them a direct link to their target customer base. The only question that remains is, how can businesses ever manage so many inquiries and questions of the customers over Facebook? An opportunity seized, a revolution begun!

SearchNative commands immense trust and respect from their clients because SearchNative is always learning new trends and technology. Hence when Points Live put forth their idea of setting up an online eCommerce business exclusively on Facebook, we suggested them ‘developing a chatbot’ as the best solution to manage huge no. of conversations with the customers. Chatbot development in India: This is the future! Did you CHAT with a BOT today? Think again! Chatbots are programs that employ Artificial Intelligence to manage communication with the people. With the huge amount of data regarding the consumer preferences and spending habits available, the chatbots are all set to empower the businesses to scale up further in the online market. Chatbots can be easily deployed on websites, customer care centres, as well as social media platforms using a variety of inputs including Text, Audio, Video, and Rich Media.

Since past couple of years, chatbots have been adopted in almost every way possible in various digital platforms and web technologies. Also, the growing number of mobile internet users naturally strengthens this phenomenon. The global perspective. iOS 11 vs. Android 8.0 – Which is better? iOS 11 vs. Android 8.0 New year is here and one more version of iOS and Android has arrived.

Why is Net Neutrality Important for Small Businesses? Net Neutrality Explained Net neutrality is the virtue by which all the network data gets equal importance. It does not discriminate between the traffic that is being loaded or run on the internet freely. Every kind of content like videos, websites, blogs, pages or platforms are given the same preference and can be accessed without any restrictions or charges. Moreover, it enforces Internet Service Providers to maintain the speed limits for all kinds of websites (whether they prefer or not) and also restricts them from taking advantage of their rights. Net neutrality promotes openness and transparency in internet accessibility and ISP cannot implement extra charges for certain websites, under this agreement. Chatbot: Giving A New Dimension to E-commerce. Chatbot Trends in 2018 In a century, where technological advancements have reached a new zenith, e-commerce chatbots are the next big thing! And with time, the only thing promised to be constant in the e-commerce business is CHANGE.

E-commerce Chatbot Development is one such phenomenon that is soon going to take over the e-commerce arena. Prepare Your Website for Google's Mobile-First Indexing. With the advent of mobile technology, mobile web browsing has now overtaken desktop web browsing. A research carried out by StatCounter in 2016 showed that the global mobile and tablet browsing accounted for 51.3% against the desktop browsing that accounted for 48.3%. SearchNative to be a part of CeBIT 2017 @ Germany. March 10, 2017 SearchNative is ready to engage with the world at CeBIT 2017, from 20 March to 24 March at Hannover – Germany. Contact Us for Web Design and Software Development. Web Design and WordPress Development Portfolio.

Web Development, Web Design Company India. Mobile App Development Company in Ahmedabad. Six Benefits of Wire-framing that You Need to Know. A wireframe is a blueprint to an idea, like skeleton, is to a human body. It creates a 2D model physical structure upon which any website can be built. Top IT Outsourcing Trends for 2017 – What’s on the anvil? 1. How Important the Technology is for New Age Start-ups? The thrill and pain of being a start-up are the uncertainty of the environment. Experience Unlimited Possibilities with Ionic & Firebase. Enterprise Mobility and 10 reasons to go for IT! The mobile devices have penetrated in our lives to such an extent that today; we can’t imagine life without it. But apart from our personal lives, mobile devices have also become the chief source for business leads and promotion. Though informal, this reliance on the mobile devices is effective, that’s for sure.

B2B E-Commerce is growing fast, and how? B2B e-commerce is hugely different from the B2C e-commerce, because of the different models of business where stock size and prices are different from that for the customers. But the evolution in technology and the preferences of people have changed it drastically from that of two years back.

From $5.5 trillion in the year 2012, B2B E-Commerce is expected to grow to $12 trillion worldwide by 2020. Quick Guide to Choose the Right CMS Platform. Content Management Systems or CMS are instrumental in making the technologies easily accessible to the common folks.