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SearchNative is a 360 degree IT solutions and Digital Marketing service provider with thorough expertise in Mobile app development and Web development technology.

SearchNative to be a part of CeBIT 2017 @ Germany. March 10, 2017 SearchNative is ready to engage with the world at CeBIT 2017, from 20 March to 24 March at Hannover – Germany.

SearchNative to be a part of CeBIT 2017 @ Germany

Offering wide range of IT solutions for Mobile App Development and Digital marketing, SearchNative would be available for meetings and discussions with the business development professionals and IT enthusiasts from across the globe. – Gautam Sharma, CEO. The world awaits 20th March when CeBIT 2017 would be inaugurated in Hannover Germany. Contact Us for Web Design and Software Development. Web Design and WordPress Development Portfolio. Web Development, Web Design Company India. Mobile App Development Company in Ahmedabad. Six Benefits of Wire-framing that You Need to Know. A wireframe is a blueprint to an idea, like skeleton, is to a human body.

Six Benefits of Wire-framing that You Need to Know

It creates a 2D model physical structure upon which any website can be built. Wire-framing is essential for communication between the web designer, the web developer and the client. It is always advisable to freeze the wireframe first, in order to minimize waste of time, efforts and money. While developing User Interface and enhancing User Experience, not opting for a wireframe would turn disastrous, as doing several revisions would end up in a complexity and limitations. Top IT Outsourcing Trends for 2017 – What’s on the anvil? 1.

Top IT Outsourcing Trends for 2017 – What’s on the anvil?

Hybrid Cloud is the way to go Commodity cloud platforms increased their reach significantly in 2016; public clouds offered by Amazon, Microsoft & Google are the most sought after platforms for non-core processes. But fearing a breach in security, the organizations would still prefer private cloud. Enterprises might employ Hybrid Cloud, a private cloud for core processes and the public cloud for other tasks at the same time, and hire people to integrate them. How Important the Technology is for New Age Start-ups? The thrill and pain of being a start-up are the uncertainty of the environment.

How Important the Technology is for New Age Start-ups?

Despite the greatest innovation and thorough strategy, many of the start-up ventures fail because of some reason or another. One of the reasons is not embracing the right technology at the right time. Starting from an idea to pilot project and actual foray into the market, technology is the key that opens up newer dimensions of the business. And Tech Start-ups are most crucial segment of all the Start-up ventures because most of the other ventures also require support of technology, at every stage of the business.

Experience Unlimited Possibilities with Ionic & Firebase. At CeBIT 2017, the talk of the town is the next generation of mobile computing and new apps which are making our life more connected.

Experience Unlimited Possibilities with Ionic & Firebase

Some of the biggest technology players like Google is making its move towards providing high-speed database services via “Firebase”. Similarly, open source SDKs like Ionic makes it easier for the coders to create high-performance mobile apps with ease, on various platforms. To cater to the demand of high-end apps, SearchNative offers hybrid Apps development using the Ionic and Firebase together.

Enterprise Mobility and 10 reasons to go for IT! The mobile devices have penetrated in our lives to such an extent that today; we can’t imagine life without it.

Enterprise Mobility and 10 reasons to go for IT!

But apart from our personal lives, mobile devices have also become the chief source for business leads and promotion. Though informal, this reliance on the mobile devices is effective, that’s for sure. B2B E-Commerce is growing fast, and how? B2B e-commerce is hugely different from the B2C e-commerce, because of the different models of business where stock size and prices are different from that for the customers.

B2B E-Commerce is growing fast, and how?

But the evolution in technology and the preferences of people have changed it drastically from that of two years back. From $5.5 trillion in the year 2012, B2B E-Commerce is expected to grow to $12 trillion worldwide by 2020. The time has changed, indeed! For long, B2B sales had been through traditional practices on the field, but now the technology and E-Commerce revolution have made a significant change in the B2B marketing. Needless to say, the offline mode of B2B sales works for a definite timeframe of the day but B2B E-commerce model creates the opportunity for the wholesalers to be active 24×7. Quick Guide to Choose the Right CMS Platform. Content Management Systems or CMS are instrumental in making the technologies easily accessible to the common folks.

Quick Guide to Choose the Right CMS Platform

By simplifying and streamlining the website development processes, CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have made web development and upgrade amazingly easy. Web Content Management Systems are used extensively to create, publish and update website content. There are 5 types of CMS: Enterprise CMS, Website CMS, Mobile CMS, Component CMS and Portal CMS. CMS can give your website the unique functionality and features which can take your business to the next level.