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Custom Blog Posts Design Inspiration - 50 Amazing Examples. Rounded Corners and Why They Are Here to Stay. You see them almost everywhere these days.

Rounded Corners and Why They Are Here to Stay

It’s difficult to think of them as a trend, as they’ve essentially become an industry standard. We see them in hardware, in user interfaces and on the web. Rounded corners are here to stay, and it’s not just because they’re pretty. There’s more to them than meets the eye. Why, then, do we love rounded corners? Rounded Corners are Easy on the Eyes (and the Brain) How To Create a Featured Post Layout in WordPress. Earlier this week I launched a redesign of my personal blog over at

How To Create a Featured Post Layout in WordPress

The new design showcases a featured post in the header, before listing out the rest of the archives in a standard layout. It took a fair bit of customising to get everything working as I wanted, so I thought I’d share the process to hopefully help others out. Follow this overview post to see how a mix of query posts snippets were used to create a custom featured post layout in WordPress.

The plans for my own blog layout was to showcase a featured post in the blue header area on the homepage, then have the rest of the archives listed as typical excerpts. In my case I would only ever showcase one featured post (no slider functionality) and it would always be a video post. WordPress already has a sticky posts feature built into its core that provides the basic functionality of featuring select posts at the top of the loop.

Designs Well with Others: Collaboration for Designers (Part 1) “And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against…” – poor design, typographic crimes and the threat of confusing interfaces!

Designs Well with Others: Collaboration for Designers (Part 1)

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Successful teams can feed off each other’s creative drive to push innovative ideas forward resulting in amazing work. Poor team dynamics, however, can lead to Frankenstein creations. Iron Speed Designer - Video Demo. 33 Great Examples of Web Design Sketches. How Colors in Web Design Help in Making Websites Successful. You might not realize how important colours are in web design.

How Colors in Web Design Help in Making Websites Successful

If a website is green, it might as well be blue; it doesn’t matter. And while I thought this myself for a long time, I recently came to the conclusion that the color is actually going to make a huge difference and express something different to your audience. There are psychological effects behind each color and tone, therefore I decided to tell you more about them today. Human senses get excited about lots of stuff. One of the most effective ways to excite somebody is to project a red hue color onto the walls of their room. Colors Stimulate Senses Colors can stimulate and excite people, increase their appetite, make them feel warm or make them feel tranquil.

Image Source: StockLogos. 10 Commandments for Freelance Web Designers. Do you ever compare your work to the work of other designers?

10 Commandments for Freelance Web Designers

Are you afraid to ask clients for money? If you are a freelance web designer, you know how difficult this lifestyle can be. From scheduling, to dealing with crazy clients, to managing your own work/life balance—there is a lot to juggle! So to simplify your life a little, I am letting you in on my 10 Commandments of Freelancing that have helped me through many tough times. I hope they help you too! 1. Pricing Your Digital Work: Everything You Need to Know! Do you ever feel unsure about pricing your services as a freelance designer?

Pricing Your Digital Work: Everything You Need to Know!

We're running a fantastic series of articles on our FreelanceSwitch newsletter, focused on how you can effectively and easily price your services. It's relevant to graphic designers, digital illustrators, Photoshop specialists, and any freelance professional interested in improving their bottom line. Getting started with RESS. Posting a price list on your web site: does it work or fail? When I first saw a web site designer who had posted a laundry list of prices on his site, I gasped in horror.

Posting a price list on your web site: does it work or fail?

It created some buzz in the design circles in which I traveled. No one agreed with the concept. Take Charge of Web Design Projects by Teaming Up With a Copywriter. The Problem: you just had a meeting with a new web design client.

Take Charge of Web Design Projects by Teaming Up With a Copywriter

It went great. You asked all the right questions, and have a good sense of the client’s goals. Before wrapping up, you ask them where the content for the site will be coming from. Cloud storage: a pricing and feature guide for consumers. Cloud storage services are cropping up left and right, all enticing their customers with a few gigabytes of storage that sync seemingly anywhere, with any device.

Cloud storage: a pricing and feature guide for consumers

We've collected some details on the most popular services, including Google Drive, to compare them. Below, we've compiled some charts showing each service's free tier sizes, file size limits, and pricing, as well as some of the perks and drawbacks of each service. .:Hablamos Juntos :. Universal symbols are an important new innovative tool for health facility wayfinding systems.

.:Hablamos Juntos :.

Universal symbols help create dynamic systems where patients and visitors feel more comfortable and confident while navigating in a health care facility.


Learning LESS: An Introduction. Today, I’m proud to start a series of posts that will focus on LESS , the dynamic language that takes your CSS and puts it on steroids. LESS let’s you use variables, mixins, nested rules, and even functions your CSS. It’s extremely powerful and can dramatically speed up your development. CSS. UI. Helpful Code Paradigms for Frontend Web Developers.

23 Inspiring Examples of Contact Pages. When designing a website we need to think about every aspect, from header to footer, from landing page to about us page, and even the contact page. It’s important to make sure the design is great all the way through. So today we decided to gather a few examples of how websites are displaying their contact page. Some dedicate a complete page to make the user get in contact. Others use a section inside the about page, while some have the contact information on the sidebar or footer. Whatever way you decide to display your contact space, make sure to take good care of this specific section because it can get the user’s attention or scare them away (and this could cause you to loose your next client/user). Planoform Studio8169 Academy Denise Chandler. 20 Free E-books For Web Designers. E-books are great way to learn more about web design. E-books can truly provide you a fountain of knowledge of information and there’s a lot to be learnt.

The beauty of ebooks is that there short and insightful not as a long as a book but not as short as a blog post. This blog post we have collected a personal collection of well of thought out web design related ebooks, which can be downloaded and read all for free. If your a tablet owner i would certainly recommend putting them on your ebook to read. There’s not too many great ebooks currently out their which are available for free, you should certainly take advantages of this post and read one of the ebooks listed in the post. - Turn Images Into Text. Top 20 Uses for Wordle.

Beautiful Word Clouds. Tag cloud generator - create on the fly html and flash tag clouds. 10 Secrets to Writing Well. Infographics for Web Designers: Information You Ought to Know. Infographic is a great way to turn the most boring data into the most comforting graphic, which is much easier for reader to digest. As web designers have to deal with pixels and code almost everyday, it would be overwhelming to look at more data and references which are filled with hypnotic words and numbers. We understand how your eyes feel when they are suffering from sleep induction, and this leads us to compile 43 informative infographics that are relevant to web designers.

While some of them are data like current state of the internet or social media, others contain useful knowledge which can also be used as a great reference sheet. So come take a glimpse, enjoy them and grab them! Digesting data and knowledge has never been so fun with infographics! Recommended Reading: More Infographic related posts. 21 Inspiring Examples of About Pages. Free-webdesign-ebook. Meteor. 40+ Useful Free Online Books for Web Designers. Today, Web site Design is a very important part of current Graphic Design.

To keep up with the fast-paced web design industry you must look out self education sources, such as books, books are very important, helps us to build our spirit, give information, helps us to write and think better, help us to chose right or wrong. Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley. Prototype Composer — Serena Software. WFD085: Figure 6.9.

WFD030: Figure 3.3. 3 Fantastic & Fresh Tools for Web Designers. Design Trends: The Present, The Future, and You. Whether you agree with them or not, design trends can teach us important lessons on what works and what doesn’t for users. They’re popular for a reason. The true value of a trend, however, lies in its longevity.

65 free design kits: Box of Bundles Number 2 has been released !